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About FlexiSpot

A standing desk is a wise purchase. Depending on how it was used and maintained, it may survive for years. The durability of the desk is also significantly influenced by its quality and structure. As a result, be careful to only buy from reputable and legitimate companies. The process of buying an office desk might be frustrating if you’ve never done it before.

FlexiSpot Review: About
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At FlexiSpot, you may get standing desks of top quality ranging from a few hundred dollars. With its assurance of satisfied customers, FlexiSpot is a reliable option. To discover more about this company, keep reading our FlexiSpot review.

Overview of FlexiSpot

Selling height-adjustable standing workstations, FlexiSpot provides ergonomic solutions to assist customers to modernize their home offices. Their goal is to provide innovative solutions aimed at improving working conditions that encourage effectiveness, productivity, and wellness. They provide a vast selection of ergonomic furniture for your home and workplace, including desks, exercise equipment, seats, and accessories.

The company, which debuted in 2016, has provided desks to several well-known companies including IBM, Google, and Starbucks. Lane Sharon, the current CEO, oversees a group of engineers that work to improve everyone’s quality of life via their desktops. Despite having offices in China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan, Germany, the UK, and the UK, FlexiSpot’s primary headquarters are in Livermore, California. Continue reading this FlexiSpot Review to learn more about this brand.

FlexiSpot Reviews

FlexiSpot is a leader in ergonomics and offers more than simply workstations. Ergonomics, a phrase that every office worker is aware of, forms the basis of this company’s products since they don’t focus on creating fashionable goods but rather ones that are functional for your body.

By producing standing workstations that are excellent for both sitting and standing while you work or play, FlexiSpot has discovered its niche. They all feature simple designs that prioritize utility while minimizing the amount of area the desk occupies in your room. Additionally, you may pick from a range of wood, glass, or textile treatments.

The business also sells a series of motorized workstations that you can place in your bedroom or home office in place of the conventional four-legged desks. These workstations are elevated platforms with a lower area for a keyboard and an upper area for your display. Any desk may be transformed into a standing one.

Flexispot E7 Review

A standing desk is one of FlexiSpot’s primary offerings. The Pro Series E7 desk is one of the most desired items. The innovative lifting mechanism and improved construction of the E7 Desk increase its loading capacity and guarantee optimal stability even at the highest setting. Even with the maximum weight capacity of 125 kg, strong twin motors allow for a maximum lifting speed of 3.8cm/s. All of this may be done quickly and simply by pressing a button.

FlexiSpot Review: Flexispot E7 Review

The E7 desk frame is made of powder-coated steel tubing and is stain- and scratch-resistant. Even at the highest level, the dual-motor lifting system and the improved frame could provide optimum stability. By keeping the desktop from being harmed or stifling other items and gadgets while it is in motion, the anti-collision feature provides safety.

A clever cable management system on the desk arranges cables. For a neat workstation, you may tuck the connections and cords within a sizable groove that is included in the frame. By doing this, you may prevent slips and falls that might be caused by a cluttered floor with loose wires. Additionally, having well-organized cables will make it easier for you to identify the proper cords for the devices you have on your desk.

Flexispot E8

The E8 is another FlexiSpot best-seller. The innovative lifting mechanism and improved construction of this desk increase its loading capacity and guarantee optimal stability even at the highest setting. For all of your desktop demands, the dual-motor lifting system offers a larger weight capability of 125KG.

The sophisticated keypad provides you with a first-rate operating experience thanks to its LED touch screen. The Kid Lock feature on the keypad may lock the height position until you disable it. Additionally, you have access to the four memory presets, which you may use to store your ideal working height when sitting or standing.

The natural surface is twice as strong and elastic as regular wood. The tabletop is treated with a water-resistant 2H lacquer using the carbonized process, making it moisture-proof, insect-resistant, and scratch-proof.

Flexispot EF1 Review

Consider using the FlexiSpot EF1 classic standing desk as your new setup concept if you’re seeking a workstation that can make the most of your limited office space. With simple controls, this traditional standing desk provides a fully adjustable standing experience from 71 to 121 cm. The traditional standing desks from Flexispot let you personalize your workstation. You have a lot of options for desktop colors and frames, so you may personalize your workstation any way you want.

Built with a single motor that can raise and lower the desk’s two legs, which may be anywhere between 71 and 121 cm in length, quietly (under 50 dB). In terms of adjustability, it works well. The desk is stabilized and doesn’t shake thanks to the SPCC steel used for vehicle construction in the legs.

Pick from a variety of colors for tough chipboard and MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). Choose the one that is the exact match for your room. The strong chipboard tops come in a range of wood textures and solid colors. If you want durability, symmetrical designs, and constantly coordinating colors at a cheap price, chipboard is a fantastic option. Most significantly, these desktop computers have been certified as safe for use by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Flexispot Chair Review

This BS9 office chair includes a soft, high-density sponge seat that is wrapped in a strong, breathable mesh fabric that is both supple and tough to deform, allowing for comfort over an extended period of time. After spending several hours playing a game or working at home, you can stay comfortable thanks to the height-adjustable GAS LIFT CHROMED, heavy-duty base, and nylon smooth-rolling wheels.

FlexiSpot Customer Service

You may get in touch with customer service right away if you ever have any issues with FlexiSpot products. Live chat is available for contacting customer service; to begin a live chat, just click the message button in the bottom right corner of the page. Alternatively, you may submit your request by completing the form on this page. The following addresses may be used to contact FlexiSpot customer service.

Where to buy FlexiSpot?

FlexiSpot offers a variety of furnishings that might enhance your workstation. You may browse various marketplaces to buy their items if you’re interested in purchasing one. The following online stores sell FlexiSpot products: Amazon, eBay, LionsHome, Office Depot, and Overstock. You should buy FlexiSpot items from the official website if you want to receive the best price. The reason for this is that FlexiSpot’s website offers a variety of bargains.

FlexiSpot Review: Where to buy?

FlexiSpot Promo Codes & Coupons

To guarantee that its customers have the best possible shopping experience, FlexiSpot offers a variety of bargains on its website. The shop offers FREE SHIPPING on all purchases as part of the bargain. Additionally, FlexiSpot regularly features a deal section where you may buy a variety of things at discounts up to £100. In addition, FlexiSpot offers students and key workers a 12% discount. If that’s not enough, you may use the coupon codes in the section below to receive even more of a discount.

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FlexiSpot Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for FlexiSpot. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

FlexiSpot Review: Questions & Answers

Are height-adjustable standing workstations from FlexiSpot as durable as conventional desks?

Absolutely! The robust steel used in FlexiSpot height-adjustable standing workstations supports the maximum load that may be placed on the desk. FlexiSpot has effectively reduced gaps and improved the overlap between the casings via meticulous engineering. High-quality glides were also added by FlexiSpot to increase stability even further. Add strong, premium feet below both legs after that. All of this makes sure that FlexiSpot workstations are solid and easily adjustable at all heights.

What is the durability of FlexiSpot standing desks?

The firm has the durability testing to back up the claim that FlexiSpot workstations are made to last. The business raised and lowered the desks more than 20,000 times while developing and testing them, yet there were no signs of a malfunction. Additionally, the firm offers a hassle-free 5-year guarantee on the frames and a 3-year warranty on the electrical parts.

How simple are FlexiSpot standing desks to assemble?

Yes, although it differs, most individuals find that setting up a FlexiSpot standing desk only takes them 30 minutes or less. With thorough, easy-to-follow construction instructions, FlexiSpot takes the guesswork out of assembling the frame. Additionally, FlexiSpot comes with all the necessary hardware already installed.

Can I revoke my purchase?

Within an hour after making your purchase, you should get in touch with customer care if you wish to cancel it. If the order is terminated and the product has not yet dispatched, Flexispot will give a complete refund. Orders cannot be canceled after one hour since they will be processed for shipment and on-time delivery; instead, they must go through the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) procedure. From your return, FlexiSpot will take the cost of delivery.

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FlexiSpot Expert Reviews

I truly like using my standing desk on a regular basis. The engine runs flawlessly, the option to store certain heights made switching between sitting and standing a breeze, and I really enjoy how sturdy the E7 is all over. It’s rather simple to assemble. It is robust, well made, and consistently consistent in regular usage. It is incredibly adaptable; nobody will ever feel that it doesn’t go low enough or high enough. And it just fulfills all of the requirements for a standing desk at a price that is fairly reasonable. For all of these reasons, if you’re searching for a mid-range, electric-powered model and just want a sleek, uncomplicated design, I’d suggest purchasing this standing desk.

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FlexiSpot Review: Expert Reviews

I must admit that I prefer the Flexispot E7 in general. I like how modern this desk looks after being put together. The adjustable width makes it simple to accommodate it in even the tiniest home offices, and I’m convinced that any of the numerous interesting finishes it is available in would look fantastic in any workplace. You may alternate between sitting and standing as much as you’d like throughout the day thanks to the silent operation and height memory settings. And last, this desk is robust. If you have a large desktop computer, it can support up to 335 pounds even while it is in use. Additionally, it will distribute weight equally and maintain its stability no matter how imbalanced the weight you set on it is.

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Right now, standing workstations like the FlexiSpot E7 are quite popular—and for good reason. Compared to a typical fixed desk, its adaptability enables you to feel comfortable in various positions, which enhances circulation and cuts down on the amount of time we spend sitting. Desks from FlexiSpot come in a variety, the most of which are electric and height-adjustable. To give it its full name, the FlexiSpot Standing Desk Pro Series E7 is positioned close to the top of the market. The FLexiSpot E7 is great. It is a well-built, sturdy piece of equipment with more adjustability than I would ever need and a ton of fantastic functions.

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Not everyone can afford premium equipment when setting up a home office. Particularly expensive standing workstations are electric ones. The Flexispot EC1, which has a reasonable price, lessens the pain of such a significant investment. The Flexispot EC1 ascended and fell softly, silently, and seemed equally stable at its highest point as the other standing workstations I tried. The Flexispot is an option to think about if you need an electric standing desk but don’t have a lot of money to invest.

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Nowadays, working from home is popular (and even essential), but not all homes are ideal for doing so. When you have a standing desk behind…er, in front of you, everything changes. More than simply a desk, the Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk is the workspace you never knew you needed. Flexispot is everything you need if you’re seeking for an adaptable tabletop that encourages a better way of living.

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Conclusion of FlexiSpot Reviews & Ratings

FlexiSpot offers an excellent mix of functionality, design, and quality in addition to all the long-term health advantages on its goods. FlexiSpot has everything you need, including standing desks and ergonomic seats. We appreciate you reading our FlexiSpot review. Please read our other review as well before leaving.


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