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About Fable Home

Choosing the appropriate dinnerware may make a significant difference not only in food presentation but also in bringing your style of cooking. One thing to be considered is every dinnerware has its own advantages or disadvantages depending on the material.

Fable Home Review: About Fable Home
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There’s such a wide variety of dinnerware offered, always choose the ones that will suit the overall aesthetic of your style, so your place seems to be put together and consistent. What kind of vibe do you want to build in your dining room? This is also something to think about when it comes to serving your meal.

Now, it’s time for you to choose your dinnerware! Read on for our Fable Home Review. Gain as much as information you want easily and quickly by scrolling up the review down below.  

Overview Fable Home

Take a brief summary of Fable Home before jumping into the following review!

The initial Fable Home comes to the research for the ideal dinnerware collaborator in the central coast of Portugal, a place steeped in ceramic heritage. After traveling around Portugal, they discovered designers combining sustainable crafts into every step, from equal opportunity employment practices to an emphasis on zero waste. 

Fable Home is inspired by a shared vision to produce entertaining and ethical products. They don’t want to contribute to the cycle of one-time used products. Otherwise, this brand aims to bring excitement and enthusiasm to regular times on special events and any kind of occasion you have.

This is why Fable Home only uses high-quality materials. They also offer the traditions you make in your home through their designs, traditional workmanship, and great pricing.

Moreover, this brand is committed to becoming a zero-waste business, and they take the purpose into perspective through every step of the journey. They not only work with manufacturers that share their dedication to responsible design, sustainable craft, and ethical employment practices, but they also make sure that eco-friendly packaging arrives at your door. Fable Home wants you to enjoy purchasing Fable items as much as they enjoy developing them.

Therefore, Fable Home is delighted to be carbon neutral, which means that the carbon footprint is balanced by funding an equal amount of carbon reductions elsewhere on earth. It’s also why they’re working hard to minimize environmental impact by reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs) caused by transporting items from worldwide sources to the Canadian distribution center.

Fable Home reaffirmed its long-term commitment to a healthy balance of mission and profit with Certified B Crop: Pending designation. 

As they strive toward the zero-waste objective, they ask that their supplies, collaborate with them on new methods to as experts in their domainsssist. ininvolves livingable Home creating items with purrder for them to endure for years to come, among other things. 

Review Fable Home

Let’s see what Fable Home offers you in this review section. This brand produces hand-finished ceramic dinnerware and stainless steel flatware. Apart from their lovely minimalist style, these items are also produced to be functional and durable.

Fable Home Reviews: Review Fable Home
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Well, they offer ceramic dinnerware items and glassware and flatware. You can purchase all the items either in pieces or in bundles. We recommend you buy a bundle set to save your payment. 

In terms of the materials, Fable Home uses stoneware, produced from recycled ceramics and clay from only a few miles up the road. All the fractured glazed ceramics are recycled into concrete, and the glaze they use is free of lead and other dangerous metals. Rather than draining soaked water down the drain, it is recycled on-site, resulting in zero water waste.

Furthermore, all the processes of Fable Home products are crafted by local Portuguese ceramists with combine both hand-finishing and machinery. Each item is polished and glazed once it has dried and been checked for quality.

These one-of-a-kind items are burned in a kiln, then cooled and packaged carefully before sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. Keep on reading for the next review to explore further information regarding Fable Home products. 

Fable Home Glassware Review

The Fable Home Glassware is made of high-quality soda-lime glass, which has the purity and brilliance of crystal. To boost the chemical endurance of the glass, Australian silica sand, commonly known as quartz sand, is molten with Japanese soda ash before being processed with Japanese limestone, resulting in durable glassware that is lightweight and lead-free. Even better, each item is produced using 50% recycled glass cullet derived from the shattering of post-consumer glass.

Before finding a glassware partner in Japan, this brand searched everywhere to discover the perfect glassware. Over 120 years of glassmaking history, this firm has an award-winning approach to its art, fusing old processes with current technology and emphasizing durability in all products. 

Moving forward, the process behind the Fabel Home Glassware is not easy. The raw soda-lime materials are melted at 1,500°C and poured into high-speed machines where the exact molds are produced. After gently cooling – a process known as annealing –  the pieces are given to a one-of-a-kind chemical ion-toughening procedure that creates compressive stress on the glass’s surface, making it very durable. Before the glasses are properly wrapped for transportation, the Fable Home logo is etched on each base.

Fable Home Flatware Review

The Fable Home Flatware is made by the Herdmar family in Caldas das Tapas, who has been making cutlery since 1911. Everyone, the majority of those were brothers and cousins, greeted them warmly as they entered their busy facility. This family-owned environment and Herdmar’s strong dedication to sustainability make them a perfect option. 

The quality metals created by the Herdmar family, like their business, are designed will last. This brand cutlery has 3.5mm thick and is made of 18/10 stainless steel, bringing each piece a solid and precisely weighted feel. Fable Home Flatware is carefully formed and pressed once the raw materials are prepared before being stamped with the Fable Home trademark. Later, the polishing step is followed by quality control, in which each spoon, fork, and knife is examined with meticulous attention to detail.

How do you take care of Fable Ware?

First, you will get a detailed review of the product and some pro tips to maintain your Fable Home items. This brand suggests washing your items in warm, soapy water to remove any dust and debris that may have gathered throughout the shipment process. Here are the following tips for cleaning or maintaining your products: 


They don’t want you to be overly fussy about your dinnerware. As a result, all this brand ceramics are microwave, dishwasher, and oven-safe (up to 450ºF). Whereas all semi-matte ceramics are vulnerable to superficial flatware marks, these may be readily removed with a durable, biodegradable brush, Tawashi Brush.


  • Overfilling your dishwasher may cause it to chip.
  • Fable Home Ceramics‘ bases are intentionally left unglazed. If it comes into contact with any potentially staining chemicals, come and clean quickly to prevent any long-term stains.
  • If you discover stains on your ceramics, mix a paste with a scouring powder like Bar Keepers Friend, and water maxing with baking soda and lemon juice will also work. Scrub your ceramics carefully for a few seconds using a scrubber and paste. Your dishes should be as fresh as new after a soapy wash.


You may either drop your sparkling new stainless flatware in the dishwasher or clean it by hand. They suggest cleaning your items as soon as possible after usage and draining them before putting the Fable Home Flatware into the dishwasher.


  • Use boiled water, a little detergent, and a gentle sponge to clean the products. Abrasive sponges or rags are not recommended since they permanently scratch the components. After cleaning, rinse and dry the flatware quickly with a soft towel.
  • Allow space between Fable Home pieces when putting them into baskets to minimize any damage caused by clashing during dishwashing cycles. Always place the flatware handles down.
  • Use a rinse aid or white vinegar in your dishwasher to help reduce water stains. Also, avoid mixing in other metals like gold and silver—your stainless steel items are the center of attention.


Fable Home Glassware is made in Japan using a unique ion-toughening technology, which makes it 1.6 times stronger than non-toughened glassware. It is also scratch-resistant and dishwasher safe. 


  • When cleaning by hand, always use a soft, non-abrasive brush to preserve your glassware from damage and maintain its ethereal sheen. Wash in hot water with a light detergent and dry it with a soft towel.
  • Put your glassware upturned on the top shelf of the dishwasher, allowing more time around each item to ensure that nothing touches. Fable Home Glassware prefers a little breathing space to avoid scratching.
  • Use a premium dishwashing detergent or white vinegar in your dishwasher to keep your glassware looking its best. If a dull, hazy layer appears on the surface, immerse it for 15 minutes in simple white vinegar to recover its shine.

Fable Home Free Trial

Are you waiting for SAMPLES or a FREE TRIAL? Yay! You got this one! 

This part is what you’ve been waiting for in our review. We’d love to inform you that this brand offers a 100-day trial on all the products. So, if you’re not satisfied for any reason, simply let them know and return your product with a full refund or send you different colors. 

Fable Home The Dinner Plates Review

Fable Home proudly presents the top-rated item in the dinnerware collection, The Dinner Plates. This product is simple and elegant and can be styled for any occasion. Available in 4 colors; speckled white, blush pink, dove gray, and midnight blue with comes in a set of 4. Let’s take a look at the materials of The Dinner Plates by Fable Home below:

Fable Home Review: Fable Home The Dinner Plates Review
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  • Artisan crafted stoneware
  • Local Portuguese clay
  • Lead-free semi-matte glaze
  • Designed in Vancouver, crafted in Portugal


  • 10.75 in. diameter
  • 0.75 in. height
  • 1.6 lb. each

Keep scrolling up for the next review of the Fable Home product!

Fable Home Glassware Set Review

One of the best-selling Fable Home Glassware collections is Glassware Set.  Currently, glassware is a necessity for daily uses that look as nice on the table as they do on the shelves in your kitchen. It is scratch-proof, lead-free, and long-lasting.

Fable Home Glassware is made in Japan using an ion-toughening technology for long-lasting durability. For simple storage, the tall glasses nest nicely into the short glasses. Well, the set includes four tall and four short glasses.

Surprise! You’ll save up to 10% off when you buy a Fable Home Glassware set at the Fable Home Official Website. 

Fable Home Flatware Set Review

Fable Home offers a high-quality stainless-steel for Flatware Set. It can serve for four people and will remain rust and stain-free for years. That set contains the highest quality 1 8/10 stainless steel, set of 20 pieces for 4 place settings. Also, includes 4 pcs each of dinner forks, large spoons, salad forks, small spoons, and knives.  Look at the material of Fable Home Flatware Set by Fable Home down below:


  • 18/10 stainless steel
  • PVD color finish
  • Crafted in Portugal, designed in Vancouver


  • 3.5mm thickness

Fable Home Shipping Policy

In this review, we highly encourage you to check the shipping policy, thus, it will be important for you to purchase your items. Surprisingly, Fable Home offers free shipping when you spend more than $220 on all items, if you purchase under $220 you will get a $10 flat rate for your shipping order. Wait within 1-2 business for the tracking number and shipping information, 2-3 weeks if your items were on pre-order. 

All the Fable Home products are shipped from Portugal or Japan to their Warehouse in Canada. Then, delivered to your address in the United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska) and Canada (excluding Nunavut). You will not be required to pay duty on your products since they manage all import costs while bringing them into North America. If you are requested to pay duties on your parcels, please contact them at hello@fablehome.co.

In addition, this brand wants your items to arrive securely at your door. They provide an optional shipping protection service – you’ll notice the add-on option at checkout – for a charge of $5 for purchases under $220 and $10 for orders above $220 to provide peace of mind if your shipment is lost, damaged, or stolen.

When you include shipping insurance with your purchase, it will be expedited and prioritized. If you do not purchase shipping insurance, you agree that Fable Home is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged things. 

Fable Home Customer Service

If you really want to know more about this brand, visit the Official Store Fable Home for an order. However, you may also need help with shipping details, return policy, maintenance status, or other information. Click the “chat” button right in the corner of your screen for customer service or feel free to send them an email at hello@fablehome.co with any inquiries. 

Where to buy Fable Home?

Have an exclusive dinner and serve your delicious dishes with Fable Home, which offers plenty of dinnerware items! Get what you’ve been looking for only at Fable Home Official Web Store. Click here (United States) or here (Canada).

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Fable Home Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Fable Home. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Fable Home Review: Questions & Answers
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Are the Fable Home Ceramics Sustainable?

At Fable Home, they create sustainable tableware that you can feel good at putting on the table. Nothing is wasted throughout the creation of their dinnerware—as their ceramics are created, all surplus clay clippings, broken plates, and water utilized during production are reused and recycled. Clay cuttings and fractured plates are recombined into the manufacturing process for reuse, while damaged glazed ceramics are recycled into concrete.

When the water used during manufacture has been recycled many times and has become excessively saturated with clay, it is reused as fertilizer in the fields of local farmers. During the day, their ceramics plant is entirely powered by solar energy.

Can I mix and match the colors of the Fable Home products within a bundle?

Yes, you can! Fable Home wants you to customize your package with the colors that are most suited to your own taste and style. With Fable Home Mix & Match feature, you may choose a different color for every style within a pair.

How does Fable Home think about social impact?

At Fable, they aim to create a better world place, beginning at the kitchen table. They want to make a difference through the craftsmen they work with, their partners, and the platform they provide.

Fable Home takes a comprehensive approach to Fable Home products, from its supply chain to its design and development, and makes sure that every aspect of the quality level of each item. Fable Home already verify that all of the suppliers with which they operate have great and safe working conditions (as confirmed by third-party audits), and fit the criteria of where they’d like to work. Also, Fable Home collaborates with local charities and some activities that seek to reduce hunger locally and globally. 

How to add Fable Home to your registry?

Congratulations! Fable Home hopes you will be a part of this amazing new chapter in your journey, and Fable Home assist you in making that happen. Many wedding registry websites now allow you to customize your wish list by adding items from online businesses including Fable Home. 

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Fable Home Expert Reviews

The flatware and dinnerware by Fable Home have a simple style. This product is designed to be sturdy and functional. That means it can all be washed in the dishwasher, microwaved, and baked in the oven. This was important for Curtis and me since we didn’t want to acquire anything that needed to be hand-washed or couldn’t be heated in the microwave.

When completing chores with a child, every second counts. Then, if your product was broken in shipment, you can easily return it to them. Oh, trust me, I’ve had problems with Fable Home plates coming broken in transportation, and I had to return my items.

A Life Well Consumed
Full Review

When we moved into our new apartment last year and needed to replace our tableware, I did some research to see what options I had. In general, it’s important to check the features first whether clothes or home décor. It is not only fashionable but also flexible, useful, practical, and long-lasting.

I looked into every big home shop as a comparison, examined hundreds of reviews, and found that Fable Home was the best choice in terms of quality and pricing. Overall, we are quite satisfied with our Fable Home purchases since we like the simple style, strong feel, and ease of upkeep. With so much more hours spent at home, we’re putting our money on home remodeling and quality upgrades.

modernmix vancouver
Full Review

Now, while I want to replace all of my tableware, the item I need the most to replace is my bowl collection. For a long time, I’ve wished for bigger bowls since eating salad or spaghetti from a tiny small design isn’t optimal. So it was a no-brainer when I came over to Fable Home Serving Bowl and Fable Home Pasta Bowls. It should come as no surprise that one of my favorite parts is the depth, which makes the Fable Home Pasta Bowls ideal for pasta and salad. Caution: The substantial size may make portion management more difficult to manage.

Besides the spacious design, the eye-catching aesthetics of Fable Home are another evident appeal. Their flawlessly imperfect beauty simply elevates meal presentation to the next level. Both the Fable Home Serving Bowl and Pasta Bowls have good features that add visual appeal without detracting from the food.

Full Review

Inside this Fable Home bowls, I’ve happily eaten all of these: oatmeal, stews, scrambled egg, lunch sandwiches with sides of chips, breakfast sandwiches, cereal, soups, endless amounts of pasta, Easy Mac, grain bowls, salads, Thanksgiving leftovers, roasted veggies with chicken, heaps of ketchup-drenched nuggets, popcorn, pie with ice cream, cake with ice cream.

This Fable Home bowls move effortlessly from elegant tablescapes and sophisticated Italian meals to casual couch sessions with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. They’re delicate in appearance but tough in actuality, withstanding multiple dishwashing cycles and rough handling with no chips to show for it. Good job Fable Home, you’re amazing.

Full Review

Conclusion of Fable Home Reviews & Ratings

Overall, based on our review above, this brand produces hand-finished ceramic dinnerware and stainless steel flatware. Fable Home Review has already mentioned all the details such as features, material, how to maintain the items, pricing, shipping & return policy. Thus, if you want to replace your dinnerware, why not give it a try?

Fable Home Review: Conclusion
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Thank you for reading our review, hope it will help you a lot. 


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