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About Ewing Athletics

There are many reasons why people love wearing sneakers, one of which is their versatility. Yep, that’s right. This type of footwear is not only suitable for sports or exercise use but also perfect for commercial and fashion purposes.

Ewing Athletics Review: About Ewing Athletics
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We know. There are many famous brands out there that have provided various models of sneakers. Thus, one of the brands that you can consider among all the brands out there is Ewing Athletics.

They are a famous sneaker brand whose owner is the well-known former basketball player Patrick Ewing. Here, you can find a wide range of sneaker models with various designs to meet all the fashion tastes of people, both men and women.

Due to the fame of Ewing Athletics, this brand currently boasts 255k followers on Facebook, 206k followers on Instagram, and 9.4k followers on Twitter.

Are you planning to gain more information about this brand? If you are, this Ewing Athletics review will help you out. What are you waiting for? Prepare your favorite snack and start reading!

Overview of Ewing Athletics

Just like what we mentioned in the previous section, Ewing Athletics is a brand founded by Patrick Ewing, a famous former basketball player. He started this brand in 1989 when he was still a professional basketball player.

Since its establishment, this brand has created and featured a wide range of high-quality footwear other than sneakers, such as basketball shoes, cross trainers, running shoes, and even hiking boots.

Not only footwear, but Ewing Athletics also created the brand’s apparel, such as T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, joggers, shorts, leather jackets, and more. Better yet, this brand has also sponsored several European League basketball teams to create their uniforms.

The above is a little overview of the brand. To give you more insight into them, we have summarized the pros and cons of Ewing Athletics. So, check them out!


  • Offers premium quality sneakers along with a huge variety of models
  • Owned by a well-known former professional basketball player, Patrick Ewing
  • Provides high-quality apparel, such as T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and many more
  • International shipping
  • FREE shipping on all US orders
  • 30 days return and exchange policy
  • Excellent customer service


  • The women’s sneakers product catalog is still limited

Ewing Athletics Review

Through Ewing Athletics, you can discover a wide variety of sneakers for both men and women. Plus, each of these categories features a variety of sneaker models. Here are the details:

Men’s Women’s
Rogue 33 HI
33 HI  
33 MID  
Sport Lite  

Out of the many sneakers that the brand offers, we chose three of the brand’s best-selling models.

Ewing Athletics Review: Three Best-Selling Sneakers

  • ROGUE White/Gold x LAURENS J
  • Women’s 33 HI White/Wedgewood/Pink

Without further ado, let’s break down these three best-selling sneakers!

Ewing Athletics ROGUE White/Gold x LAURENS J Reviews

First of all, say hello to this Ewing Athletics ROGUE x LAURENS J that comes with a luxurious combination of white and gold. By wearing this sneaker, you can showcase your clean, neat, and sophisticated side.

Ewing Athletics Review: Ewing Athletics ROGUE White/Gold x LAURENS J Reviews

Just like the name suggests, the ROGUE sneaker is a collaboration with renowned artist Laurens J. The brand worked with Laurens J to create an image of Patrick Ewing that can be attached to various velcro patches on the sneaker.

Not only that, but this collaborative sneaker also features a special ventilated toe box and vamp made of premium tumbled leather. Plus, the brand uses premium suede material to design the rest of the sneaker. There is also gold metal hardware, custom branding, and special packaging that you can get when purchasing this sneaker.

In addition, this ROGUE x LAURENS J sneaker boasts a forefoot cross strap support system combined with neoprene midfoot inserts and an EVA midsole to provide lightweight yet comfortable foot cushioning.

When you plan to buy this collaborative sneaker, there are 12 size options that you can choose from, ranging from 8 to 16. Which one is the best? It all depends on the size of your feet. So, choose the best fit!

Have you decided on the right size? If so, then you can immediately bring this sneaker home by spending around $150.

Ewing Athletics CENTER x DEATH ROW RECORDS Black/Red Reviews

Do you know Death Row Records? Yep, that’s right. They are one of America’s famous hip-hop record labels, now owned by Snoop Dogg. As it turns out, this record label collaborated with Ewing Athletics to create the Center x Death Row Records sneaker.

Ewing Athletics Review: Ewing Athletics CENTER x DEATH ROW RECORDS Black/Red Reviews

Featuring a fabulous red and black color combination, this Death Row sneaker is the perfect companion for your workouts and other outdoor activities. You can look cool while wearing it!

Better yet, the sneaker brings with it a black premium leather upper alongside upgraded details and an exclusive Death Row box. With all the above features, it makes this Center x Death Row Records sneaker stand out from other sneakers out there.

Aside from that, this brand also designed this Center x Death Row Records sneaker with a lightweight EVA midsole and a stripe on the toebox to provide comfort when you wear it.

How about the sizing? Well, there are 12 size options that you can choose from, ranging from 5, 6, 7, and 8 to 16. For the rest, if you are interested in bringing home this Death Row sneaker, then you can bring it home at $75.

Ewing Athletics Women's 33 HI White/Wedgewood/Pink Reviews

If the previous two best-selling products are for men, then this last one is perfect for women, the Ewing Athletics Women’s 33 HI. Coming with a three-color combination of white, Wedgewood, and pink, it’s perfect for women seeking stylish sneakers.

Ewing Athletics Review: Ewing Athletics Women's 33 HI White/Wedgewood/Pink Reviews

On top of that, the 33 HI series is a retro series with the most demand by people out there. The same goes for this 33 HI women’s sneaker, which is a 1990’s sneaker that was brought back in 2014.

Apart from that, this women’s 33 HI White/Wedgewood/Pink sneaker comes with a classic reversible ankle strap that you can use on the front or back of this sneaker. Also, this women’s sneaker features a full-length PU midsole for maximum comfort.

When you purchase this women’s 33 HI sneaker, you can choose the appropriate shoe size ranging from 6-12. Then what about the price you have to pay to get this sneaker? Well, it will be around $130.

Who is Ewing Athletics For?

The answer is obvious. Ewing Athletics is for everyone, whether you’re a man or a woman in search of premium, stylish, and versatile sneakers. Moreover, this brand also features a variety of different sizes, allowing everyone to comfortably and snugly wear a sneaker from this brand.

Not only that, but the brand’s sneaker models are also diverse, giving people plenty of options to wear a sneaker that suits their style and preferences.

Ewing Athletics Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Perhaps you need a genuine review before you buy a product from Ewing Athletics, then this section will help you. In this section, we have summarized some genuine customer testimonials who have bought and worn sneakers from this brand.

Ewing Athletics Review: Ewing Athletics Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The three best-selling sneakers also received outstanding ratings, as listed in the three bullet points below.

  • ROGUE White/Gold x LAURENS J rated 5/5 stars from 3 reviews
  • CENTER x DEATH ROW RECORDS Black/Red rated 5/5 stars from 9 reviews
  • Women’s 33 HI White/Wedgewood/Pink rated 5/5 stars from 2 reviews

Let’s start with the testimonial from the first customer below.

Love the sneaker, exactly as in the image. Purchased for my whole family, and they love them so much.

In this first testimonial, this customer expressed his love for the brand’s sneaker because it has the same quality as what’s in the picture. Here, he shared that he also bought this sneaker for his family, and they are happy with this sneaker brand.

On the other hand, a customer also expressed his satisfaction with this sneaker brand.

Super comfortable. The ankle monitor fits perfectly. Thank you.

According to him, the sneaker that this brand sold was extremely comfortable and fit this customer’s feet.

The same thing was also revealed by this customer, who expressed his satisfaction with this brand’s sneakers.

I really love these sneakers. Obviously, they pop color-wise, but they are also super comfy and have great ankle support.

In his testimonial, this customer shared that he really likes this brand’s sneaker because it is super comfortable and has excellent ankle support.

In short, this brand manages to create a variety of high-quality sneakers with various models and styles that can fulfill everyone’s sneaker needs. Better yet, many customers have expressed satisfaction with the comfort when wearing the brand’s sneakers.

Is Ewing Athletics Legit?

Absolutely, this sneaker brand is legit, as they have been in the sneaker industry since 1989. With their experience and lengthy time in the industry, this brand has come up with a wide variety of sneaker models for both men and women.

Another proof that the brand is legit is the fact that the owner is Patrick Ewing, a former professional basketball player.

Is Ewing Athletics Worth It?

Considering the quality that Ewing Athletics provides in each of its sneaker products, we agree that this brand is worth checking out. Through this brand, you can search for and discover a wide variety of sneakers with outstanding quality to accompany your sports activity, such as basketball, golf, tennis, and others

Ewing Athletics Review: Is Ewing Athletics Worth It?

Better yet, the brand also provides a wide array of sneaker models that are suitable for both men and women. With this, customers have many options to choose the sneaker model that best meets their style and taste.

Ewing Athletics Shipping Policy

Lucky you! Based on Ewing Athletics’ shipping policy, we found that this brand offers to ship internationally to several countries around the world. Those countries are the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, South Korea, Australia, and others.

Better yet, this brand gives FREE shipping on all orders within the United States. How about the other countries? Well, for other countries, the shipping fee all depends on the country you live in. You can check the shipping fee by filling in your complete information on the checkout page.

If you still have confusion about the brand’s shipping policy, please contact the brand’s customer service team via info@ewingathletics.com

Ewing Athletics Return Policy

Ewing Athletics is always 100% happy to accept returns and exchanges for any reason. So, if you’re planning to exchange for a different color or size, this brand can realize it.

Based on its return and exchange policy, this brand offers 30 days for you to return or exchange your ordered sneakers. Before you start your return process, please make sure that your product is unused, in the same condition as you first receive it, and come in the original packaging.

So how to start the return process? Well, you can start your return process by contacting info@ewingathletics.com.

How To Contact Ewing Athletics

Are you planning to purchase the brand’s sneakers but are still confused with several terms? If you are, you can reach out to the brand’s customer service contact below.

The customer service team will reply and get back to you as soon as possible within its business hours on Monday – Friday, from 8 AM to 4 PM.

Where to buy Ewing Athletics?

Have you decided to purchase your preferred Ewing sneaker? If you have, you can purchase it through its official website. Alternatively, you can also come to several retail stores, such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

Ewing Athletics Promo Codes & Coupons

Now, it’s discount time! We have several Ewing Athletics discounts and promos that you can use to save on your purchases.

  • Spend more than $250 and save 15% OFF on your purchase
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Ewing Athletics Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Ewing Athletics. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Who owns Ewing Athletics?

This brand is owned by Patrick Ewing.

Does Ewing Athletics offer international shipping?

Yep, lucky for you. This brand offers to ship internationally in several countries around the world.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Ewing Athletics Reviews & Ratings

Sneakers will always be everyone’s favorite because of their comfort and versatility to be used in various activities. Then, Ewing Athletics managed to become one of the brands that create and provide premium sneakers with exceptional quality.

Through this brand, you can explore a variety of sneakers models for men and women. What are you waiting for? If you are interested, then hurry up and head over to the official website.


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