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About EpicVIN

Before purchasing a used automobile, it is always best to learn as much as you can about its past. A nice place to start is to verify the vehicle identification number (VIN). The VIN number may provide a variety of significant details about the vehicle, including its history going back to the time it was constructed.

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Every new vehicle sold in the United States since the 1950s has been given a unique 17-digit alphanumeric code called a VIN. By decoding the VIN, it is possible to ascertain the location and date of the vehicle’s manufacture as well as information about key safety features, engine size, and other factors.

A VIN, like a Social Security number, over time may disclose a great deal of information about a car’s past and secrets. Its history of accidents or flood damage, if it has ever been stolen, and any recalls or service advisories that may have required care are among them. You should read this EpicVIN review if you’re thinking about having your car’s VIN examined.

Overview of EpicVIN

Since 2012, EpicVIN has offered thorough car history records to clients. By giving potential purchasers a knowledgeable understanding of a vehicle’s past, the firm hopes to lessen ambiguity and fraud in the automobile industry.

The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) has authorized EpicVIN as a data supplier. The NMVTIS is a nationwide database that offers users accurate vehicle information while preventing the resale of stolen automobiles and safeguarding customers from fraud and dangerous vehicles.

Anyone looking to make a secure purchase who wants to prevent any possible hidden problems related to buying a secondhand car may make use of the vehicle history information offered by EpicVIN.

EpicVIN Reviews

Nowadays, practically everyone considers purchasing a vehicle. But more often than not, the buyer has no means to verify that the vehicle they want to purchase hasn’t been in an accident, suffered water damage, or has any other issues.

You can tackle this problem with the use of EpicVIN. You may learn the vehicle’s actual mileage, the number of previous owners, information from insurance companies, if the car was stolen, and the extent of the damage thanks to the EpicVin vehicle report. Additionally, this is not an exhaustive list of what EpicVin reports.

EpicVin can confidently state that the business offers inexpensive and high-quality vin inspections. Save your money and effort by avoiding the purchase of a car you know nothing about. To discover more about this company, keep reading our EpicVin review.

EpicVIN Report

The EpicVIN firm provides the vehicle information report. It includes information on the car’s odometer, the total number of kilometers it has traveled, and theft check to determine if the vehicle is trustworthy or has been stolen and is being sold. This program displays any concealed damage to the car that the previous owners may not have revealed. The technical information about the vehicle, the model’s specifications, and its mechanical and technical components are all included in the history report.

EpicVIN Review: EpicVIN Report

The prior status of the vehicle and its use, such as whether it was a personal vehicle or a taxi, are also included in the EpicVIN report. Additionally, if the car was sold at auction, the prior pictures of it. The records identify the sort of gasoline the automobile previously drank. Customers have the option to submit a photo of the vehicle, enter US license plates, or search for a vehicle by VIN. The information on the cars registered with EpicVIN is updated over time and is genuine and original.

Anyone curious about the past of a secondhand car may get EpicVIN reports. When you decide to purchase a used car and want to learn more about its history and any potential problems, you may utilize an EpicVIN report. EpicVIN reports are also essential for anyone who wants to sell their automobile to a private buyer and need to establish the car’s value. It goes without saying that when purchasers are informed of a vehicle’s past, they often feel more confident.

With information on more than 350 million VIN entries, which includes the great majority of used cars in the US, EpicVIN claims an extremely enormous quantity of data. For vehicles made after 1981, EpicVIN gives reports and information on automobiles and light trucks. Your chances of purchasing a vehicle with unreported or concealed problems are significantly decreased using EpicVIN.

EpicVIN Tutorial

You may input the VIN of the vehicle you wish to verify by going to EpicVIN’s website and using the VIN lookup tool there. The website then sends you to another page once you click “Check VIN.”

You may choose a bundle depending on how many reports you want to purchase there. You must pick a payment method after choosing a package from PayPal, credit or debit cards, or both. Only your email address is required since that is where they will provide you the link to read the report.

Following the completion of your payment, EpicVIN will email you the car report in about a minute. Every time you log in to your account on the EpicVIN website, you can also see the report. The report’s contents are completely confidential.

EpicVIN Features

Along with checking car information, EpicVIN also provides a number of features. The VIN check by state, the flood check, the odometer check, the license plate lookup, and the vehicle owner search are a few of these. The aforementioned features might help you choose wisely when purchasing a secondhand car.

EpicVIN offers a number of options for selling your car if that is something you’re interested in doing. One is by giving them information so they can quickly make an offer for your car. The transaction may then be completed with only a few pieces of paper.

If you wish to attempt selling your automobile for more money than EpicVIN gives, you may also utilize their website to list it for free. The trade-in program offered by EpicVIN allows you to combine the purchasing and selling processes if you’re selling to get a new vehicle.

EpicVIN Refund Policy

When you get a blank report or have already paid for the report twice, EpicVIN has a refund policy that you may use to get your money back. Within 14 days following your purchase, you may make a request to get a full or partial refund of your car history report. You won’t be qualified for a refund if the refund request is not submitted within this window of time.

Please be aware that you do so at your own risk when relying on any car history report. Any purchases you make based on the information are not the responsibility of EpicVIN. Please use the form on this page or contact customer care through email to obtain a refund.

EpicVIN Contact

You may obtain assistance from customer support if you ever have problems with or have inquiries about the EpicVIN service. To contact customer service at EpicVIN, complete the form on this page. Additionally, the following addresses may be used to get in touch with EpicVIN customer service.

  • Office: 2035 NE 151st St. North Miami Beach, FL 33162 USA
  • Email: info@epicvin.com
  • Phone: +1 954 639 4497

Where to buy EpicVIN?

Any car that operates in America may get a detailed report from EpicVIN. You may easily utilize the EpicVIN service if you want to purchase a used vehicle but are still uncertain about the condition and history of the vehicle. On the official website, you may access the EpicVIN service. There, you may easily get their services. Additionally, the EpicVIN website offers a variety of discounts.

EpicVIN Review: Where to buy?

EpicVIN Promo Codes & Coupons

You must sign up for a subscription on EpicVIN’s website in order to get a thorough report. You don’t need to worry about the cost of the subscription since EpicVIN offers a number of discounts to help you save money. To get the discounts, promo codes must be used. This EpicVIN review has you covered if you don’t have one. This review has already put together online promo codes that could save you money. Use the promo codes listed below to get even greater savings.

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EpicVIN Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for EpicVIN. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

EpicVIN Review: Questions & Answers

How to reset my EpicVIN account's password?

At the top of the page, click the Login button. Forgot your password? click that link. Type in your registered email address. The password reset link will be sent to your email by EpicVIN. To change your password, click the link you were given and confirm it.

Where does EpicVIN get the vehicle information?

EpicVIN is a recognized data provider for the NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System). The NMVTIS is a nationwide database created to safeguard customers from fraud and dangerous automobiles, prevent the resale of stolen vehicles, and provide users with accurate and comprehensive vehicle information.

How can I remove my vehicle's data from the database?

EpicVin regrettably lacks authority over the vehicle database. EpicVin collects data. However, the firm does not have the right to modify or delete any car information. It would thus be impossible to do this.

What if there isn't much information available about my car?

It’s a positive indicator if your report is sparsely informational. This indicates that the car has never been sold or that it was only ever sold a very small number of times, and EpicVIN was unable to locate any evidence that the car had suffered any serious damage.

Are prepaid reports from EpicVIN subject to a time limit?

There is no time limit on the prepaid reports you purchase. They may be used at any moment to get a report. After you order a report, it will be available in your account for 30 days. The report may be saved as a PDF file, which has no time limit.

Is EpicVIN legit?

EpicVIN doesn’t come down on the side of dishonesty. It is the best because of the price and the accuracy of the reports. People often enquire about how EpicVIN obtains information because of the high-quality services. In actuality, the company uses reliable, authoritative databases.

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EpicVIN Expert Reviews

The EpicVin test may be one of the most crucial tools for determining whether the condition of your car matches what the seller claims. Before making a choice, you should get the necessary facts if you don’t want to participate in the risk. Making wiser purchase decisions is made easier by using EpicVin, which may also improve driving safety. We advise trying out EpicVin’s service with a single report since the cost is rather modest compared to other platforms for looking into a car’s history.

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EpicVIN Review: Expert Reviews

For prospective automobile purchasers, EpicVIN is a great service. Even used automobile shopping might set you back hundreds of dollars. Given that, you should buy vehicles free of concealed faults to ensure that you’re receiving the most for your money. Furthermore, it might be dangerous to purchase automobiles without researching their histories. Unresolved problems might result in unforeseen costs once it was sold. In this respect, independent auto dealers and individual automobile sellers seek to ensure that the cars they are selling won’t wind up back in their garages, compensating dissatisfied consumers.

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When you’re looking for information to assist you decide which vehicle to purchase, having a car history report may be helpful. Fortunately, Epicvin offers a legitimate and safe way to obtain one, and you can do so in just a few minutes. Customers who were happy with the report they purchased left reviews for the Epicvin app.

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You get validated data from EpicVin that is gathered based on your VIN and updated in real time. The source is NMVTIS, the biggest and most reliable database in the United States. You can find all the important details regarding the used automobile you’ve purchased or want to purchase here. You can get all the information you want about your car with an online VIN check.

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Conclusion of EpicVIN Reviews & Ratings

EpicVIN is undoubtedly one of the businesses that can provide you with the most accurate automobile report. You may quickly get a thorough report about the automobile of your choice. You may feel secure while buying a used automobile if you visit the EpicVIN website to get the report. Thank you for reading our EpicVIN review; before you go, please read our other review.


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