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Finding relevant files takes employees 2.5 hours per day on average, which costs businesses upwards of $2.5 million in lost productivity annually. This inefficiency might result in a considerable decline in team productivity.

Without a centralized location to store and manage essential company assets, pictures get stale and your creative staff might become put on a list for previously generated things.

You may have a central area where all visual assets are authorized and current thanks to active digital asset management (DAM). DAM reduces idling time and enables the design team to concentrate on what matters.

Digital asset management is the act of organizing, storing, and disseminating digital assets throughout an enterprise. Any virtual file that adds value to the company is a digital asset. Although music files, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more may be sent, photos and videos are the most popular types.

Typically, a digital asset management system serves as the center for all of your assets. DAM software enables you to centrally store, manage, and distribute all of your digital assets. You’ve come to the right spot if you’re looking for a trustworthy DAM program; read this Eagle App review to find out more.

Overview of Eagle App

Augus Chen launched the Taiwan-based firm Eagle back in 2018. Their major offering is an app called Eagle App that assists designers in managing and organizing their digital materials more effectively. With the help of these resources, designers can simply employ design mockups, motivational photos, screenshots, and user interfaces on their computers.

The Eagle App offers a variety of options for organizing, classifying, and managing photographs, including folders, tags, colors, and many more. Users may utilize the robust search engine to rapidly find the appropriate picture when they require one of these photographs. Windows and Mac operating systems are also supported by the program.

The Eagle App lets you organize images, screenshots, user interfaces, and designs that illuminate your lighting. You will undoubtedly like this app if you are a designer.

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For small businesses and creative professions, Eagle App offers the most economical digital asset management (DAM). Eagle App offers the greatest user interface and versatile approach to arranging your brand and design assets, previewing over 90+ formats, and categorizing them using tags, colors, and other criteria. Top design teams and marketing firms worldwide rely on us to consolidate the file management challenges you encounter in your regular process.

Eagle App

Eagle App Review: Eagle App
Eagle App

Eagle App is a potent desktop-based asset and picture file management solution that offers a fresh approach to gathering, searching, exploring, and organizing all of your assets in one location for design mockups, drawings, and screenshot files to increase productivity.

With Eagle App, you can construct custom searches, smart folders, auto-import, and even add tag labels, annotations, or ratings to your files. Collections of assets may be conveniently organized across a variety of dimensions (e.g., by platform, topic, style, shape, color, rating, etc.).

On macOS and Windows, Eagle App presently supports previewing up to 81+ different file formats, including all of the most popular sources, image, RAW, video, 3D, music, typeface, and office files including JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, SVG, PSD, AI, MP4, PDF, OBJ, etc.

With just one click, you can download, store, and organize all of your favorite internet photos or screenshots with Eagle App’s browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox. You can even save movies or URLs for future bookmarking to help you discover inspiration for your next design project.

Eagle App Chrome Extension

In addition to the app, Eagle also offers browser extensions that make it simple to capture screenshots and photographs from websites. You may instantly save any picture with Eagle’s robust plugin.

Simply click once to have the browser extensions download and convert your preferred picture into high-resolution versions. You may simply save photos to websites like Instagram, 500px, Flickr, etc. and then access them immediately. A website that grabs your attention has too many pictures? Just click to get started. These browser extensions are available for download in various browsers, including, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Eagle App Pricing

Eagle App is a Windows and Mac app that costs $29.95 for a license on two separate devices. Additionally, Eagle App provides all users with a 30-day free trial. After then, there will be simply one payment and no more fees. The license is purchased with:

  • Free lifetime updates without a membership
  • No per-user fee is necessary.
  • No personal data is required to get a quotation.
  • Students and instructors are eligible for discounts.

Eagle App Refund Policy

All users may sample the Eagle App for free for 30 days. Every feature is available in the trial version exactly as it is in the bought version; nothing is altered, hidden, or omitted from the trial version.

In other words, you must be able to examine Eagle fully during the trial period, and as a result, the company will examine its return policy more stringently. The company should have offered adequate time and knowledge for you to evaluate the product. Refund requests will only be honored if you have made multiple purchases or if Eagle is completely inoperable because the Product is incompatible with your device.

If you decide to seek a refund and revoke the lifetime license key for the purchased item, please contact customer service within five days of the purchase date and provide a justification for the return.

Eagle App Contact

You may obtain assistance from customer care if you ever run into issues when using the program. Customer service will respond to your email sent to services@eagle.cool as soon as they can. It is suggested that you first visit the help center before calling customer service. There, a variety of concerns are addressed at the help center, and your problem may well be one of them.

Eagle App Expert Reviews

Eagle App Review: Expert Reviews
Eagle App

The program works almost exactly as intended and is extremely simple to use. It has several features you wouldn’t anticipate, such as a fantastic browser extension companion. The excellent pricing and simple method for individuals to access the same library were what truly won us over. Never before has organizing photos and other assets been so simple, efficient, and enjoyable. To date, everyone who began using Eagle as a part of their workflow became enamored with it right away.

Armin S.
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One of the top systems for managing digital assets is called Eagle. Managing a lot of photos and files on a daily basis is a challenge for designers, and employing subfolders may make things more difficult. With Eagle, everything is much simpler. Its user-friendly interface enables you to manage all of your files graphically, and you can utilize tag, annotation, and categorization features to put all of your digital assets in one convenient location. The newly introduced browser extension is fully functional and streamlines managing and saving new assets. The cost is quite reasonable and offers excellent value. I heartily suggest it to everyone who wishes to manage their digital assets!

Josephine Wong
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To cut a long tale short, we discovered a superb blend of search, organizing, and collaboration features in this application. No giving in. Both Mac and Windows operating systems support Eagle. To communicate our results to the team, we also need a cloud storage platform. It could be challenging to persuade a business to purchase yet another premium product on a monthly basis in the freemium age. But the beauty of Eagle is that we only have to pay once, and it starts off being quite reasonably priced. In case you needed further persuasion, the cost makes it simple to begin using it right now.

Raffaele Gesulfo
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Eagle is an on-premises software, meaning there is no need for a subscription since everything you store is on your Mac. You won’t have to worry about additional learning charges or fees since it also offers cloud connection with the majority of popular services. Try Eagle App to assist you with all the work if you often struggle with file management and deal with digital files and wish to organize your screenshots, motivational pictures, and reference files.

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Where to buy Eagle App?

Many folks may grow to love Eagle App as their preferred software option. After reading this Eagle App review, if you’re still interested, you can simply get the license from the official website. Eagle App is available without a subscription, so you don’t have to worry about the cost. The app just has to be purchased once, after which you may use it forever. In addition, our Eagle App review offers some advice on how to obtain the greatest deal from the official website.

    Eagle App Promo Codes & Coupons

    On its website, Eagle App offers a number of bargains that you may take advantage of. One of them is that all educators and students are eligible for a 30% discount. You may get the discount by contacting Eagle App customer service and submitting the student or teacher verification. Additionally, you may get the Eagle App for free. Simply write a piece of content about your experience using the Eagle App. You will be qualified to get a free license key if your material is excellent. Additionally, there are a number of discount codes included in this Eagle App review that you may utilize. Check out the discount codes listed below to receive greater savings.

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    Eagle App Questions & Answers (Q&A)

    Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Eagle App. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

    Eagle App Review: Questions & Answers
    Eagle App

    Q: What should I do if I lost my license key?


    In the event that you misplace your license key, you ought to be able to locate it in the email message that was delivered to you. Please check your inbox for “services@eagle.cool” and make sure the email is not flagged as spam. If you cannot locate the mail, you may recover the license key by visiting the “Find Your License Key” page. In this situation, the system will resend the license key to your email after receiving your email address.

    Q: How to change the language?


    Eagle uses the system’s language as the interface’s preferred language by default; if you’d want to alter this, go to the Preferences menu. To change the language, adhere to these instructions.

    • Select “Preferences” from Eagle’s menu.
    • To the pop-up window, choose the “General” tab.
    • Select “Language,” click it, and then choose the language of your choice.
    • Click the “Save Changes” button in the bottom right corner to finish the configuration!

    Q: What operating systems does Eagle support?


    Thanks to Eagle’s excellent design and technology, it now runs flawlessly on Windows 10 and later and macOS 10.13 and later. Please download the 30-days-free trial version of Eagle to make sure it will work properly on your PC and that the features and services it offers meet your needs.

    Q: What happens if Eagle doesn't continue to maintain?


    Eagle is a local application, not a web service, therefore the items you’ve gathered are only saved on your local device. As a result, if Eagle stops being maintained or the server goes down, your collection won’t be affected. By that time, the Eagle team will have turned Eagle into an Open Source program, giving the Open Source Community the responsibility of development and maintenance. This will allow you to keep all of the items you’ve collected over the years in the Eagle library.

    Q: I'm using Eagle for the first time; what should I do when it says "Trial Expired"?


    Eagle determines if the 30-day trial is valid using the Unique Device Identifier. If you are banned while attempting to use Eagle for the first time, it may be because the device you are using is a business or public device (which another employee may use), or because Eagle has already been placed on the device by other users. You may request for a free trial key to ensure that everyone can test Eagle for 30 days if your device is unable to do so.

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    Conclusion of Eagle App Reviews & Ratings

    Eagle App Review: Conclusion
    Eagle App

    For small businesses and creative professions, Eagle App offers the most economical digital asset management (DAM). The greatest user interface and versatile method for managing your brand and design assets are offered by Eagle App. After reading this review, you will without a doubt adore Eagle App. We appreciate you reading our Eagle App Review. Please make sure you read our other review before you go.