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If you’ve ever stitched, finished paint by number, or DIY painting, diamond painting kits could be your next favorite hobby. Diamond art, like sand painting, requires concentration, a steady hand, and patience.

This new art form will bring more shine to your life and has even been found to alleviate stress. It is ideal for youngsters and adults who like handcrafting and producing beautiful art. If you want to start Diamond Painting, Dreamer Designs products are a good place to start.

Dreamer Designs is the place to go if diamond painting is your thing. Shop a large selection of diamond painting designs that have been licensed exclusively by outstanding painters all around the world.

Diamond painting kits from Dreamer Designs are regarded as being of the greatest quality and are fashioned from the most dazzling full drill 5D diamonds. In this Dreamer Designs review, you’ll learn more about the company, its product range, reviews, free kits, and even possible discounts.

Check out this review if you’re an artist interested in learning how to paint diamonds.

Overview of Dreamer Designs

Dreamer Designs began with the challenges that Kaylin Burr, the company’s chief ambassador, was having. She was unsatisfied with the final effect of the diamond painting kits she had purchased at the time.

She is dissatisfied since the money she spent and the work she put in were not rewarded with a lovely end result. Kaylin determined that she need a diamond painting set that alleviated rather than increased anxiety.

During this time, Kaylin formed a partnership with a group of her closest, business-savvy pals, and the ‘Dream’ was born. The key to creating a successful company is to be able to stand out from the competition and address common industry problems. Kaylin and Dreamer Designs CEO, Brandon, started brainstorming to fill the “missing gap” in the diamond painting community with this aim in mind.

Dreamer Designs swiftly grew from a concept to an outstanding team of individuals who were not only enthusiastic about diamond painting but also motivated to build a community based on ethical and transparent business methods.

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Dreamer Designs Reviews

Dreamer Designs is a creative brand founded on the love of diamond painting. The Dreamer Designs brand wanted to make great products of diamond painting so that they can do diamond painting easier by themself. Customers can trust the quality of their products and the greater customer experience of brand diamond painting kits because of that.

Dreamer Designs employees are well-versed in diamond painting. Dreamer Designs has a wealth of expertise working with a variety of kits from many businesses, having created masterpieces.

Dreamer Designs conducted research and solicited feedback in order to develop a completely new kit that addresses frequent diamond painting frustrations, ensuring a good, peaceful, and hassle-free experience. Small details are a hallmark of this company, and the additional effort will enrich your experience while you concentrate on the “big picture.”

Dreamer Designs Diamond Painting Review

The Dreamer Designs brand delivers on all fronts, from the designs to the canvas and its adhesive, to the diamonds, tool kits, and overall user experience. This brand’s top objective is to go above and beyond to give the diamond painting community a Professional Diamond Painting experience. When comparing Dreamer Designs’ diamond painting kits to other mediocre items, there are several distinctions.

Many diamond painting items that infringe on copyright may be found by looking at the design. Some diamond painting items are using mass-produced patterns without crediting the original creator. Dreamer Designs, on the other hand, uses designs from artists all around the globe that have been lawfully licensed. The artist was also recognized and compensated for their outstanding work.

In comparison to the competition, Dreamer Designs‘ canvas is also better which is constructed of 100% woven polyester that resists wrinkles and fold marks. You won’t have to worry about creases since the canvas was additionally wrapped around a foam roller. If you check at other brands’ canvas, you’ll see that they’re almost all composed of vinyl or synthetic plastic. Marks and wrinkles are plainly visible on certain textiles.

If you’re a seasoned diamond painter, you’ve probably observed that many companies employ poor-grade glue. The glue that was taped on was prone to air bubbles. It’s also possible that the sticky surface spreads beyond the patterns, losing its tackiness. With Dreamer Designs, you may relax since they use premium high-tech glue that can keep diamonds in place indefinitely. The glue is poured without spilling over the design’s edge.

Dreamer Designs constantly exceeds expectations in terms of quality, particularly their diamonds. Customers may choose from a quality square 2.5mm diamond with 9 or 13 reflecting surfaces from Dreamer Designs.

They also give more than enough diamonds for the paintings, even 20 percent more than is required. As a result, there’s no need to be concerned about running out of diamonds before completing the paintings. Dreamer Designs diamond painting kits provide the ultimate diamond painting experience, from the design to the diamonds themselves.

If you are still unsure about this review, you can purchase this cute Noel diamond painting kit that is suitable for beginners, so you can enjoy the pleasure of diamond painting using the Dreamer Designs kit.

Dreamer Designs Poetic Light Review

Dreamer Designs Review: Dreamer Designs Poetic Light Review
Dreamer Designs

Create this lovely and poetic lighthouse by yourself with the help of Dreamer Designs diamond painting kit. This lighthouse may be decorated with gleaming diamonds as you wish. The design itself is created by a famous American and a Disney artist named Michael Humpries.

Michael’s fine art paintings convey a synthesis of decades as an artist in the film business mixed with his love of the American countryside. He is best known for his nostalgic rural landscapes and dramatic seascapes.

Even if you do not have any art knowledge, you can feel the elegant atmosphere of this lighthouse. This stone lighthouse glows through the decreasing daylight, creating an ominous radiance on the dunes and salt below. With fresh green grass and the lovely music of the breeze in the trees to enjoy with the lapping of the sea at his doorstep, the lighthouse keeper has the best of both worlds.

Dreamer DesignsPoetic Light design kit contained 57 distinct diamond hues. You’ll need extra concentration while making this design since there are 61,204 diamonds to put. However, the end effect is more than sufficient to compensate for the work.

Dreamer Designs Lucky Koi Review

Dreamer Designs Review: Dreamer Designs Lucky Koi Review
Dreamer Designs

Sandra Trubin, a visual artist, has had a lifetime love of all types of visual media since she was old enough to grasp a brush. Her work is a creative process in which she creates colorful abstract and figurative compositions that explore the complex interaction of color and form. You may reproduce Sandra Trubin’s superb Koi art in diamond painting style with the aid of Dreamer Designs.

Sandra Trubin’s Lucky Koi design isn’t your typical koi sculpture. The mesmerizing and mystical fortunate koi fish virtually dance off your canvas in this flowing and stirring painting just by gazing at the pattern. Splash! Splish, splosh, splash! Lily pads and blooms surround these magnificent fish, leading them through the beautiful water. Who wouldn’t want a magnificent Lucky Koi to grace their homeroom?

With this 15.7″ x 19.7″ diamond painting set, you can explore your creative side for under $50. There are also 31 diamond hues to choose from, including two premium aurora borealis (ab) diamonds from Dreamer Designs. Take the opportunity to reproduce the magnificent Koi with 32,000 diamonds.

Dreamer Designs Reverie

Dreamer Designs Review: Dreamer Designs Reverie
Dreamer Designs

Ann Marie Bone developed her one-of-a-kind painting by following the philosophy that “the principle of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.” She aspires to elicit emotion in both the audience and the artist. Her work is unique and mood-enhancing, and this great Reverie design is no exception. The artist has put her heart and soul into this work.

This Reverie design will give a mysterious yet calming atmosphere to your home. As the sun begins to drop over the valley, let yourself be carried away in a magical reverie. After passing through the wildflowers and out onto a silent, tranquil lake, take a moment to admire the moonlight snowy peaks of the mountains in the distance. Take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh air as the first stars appear in the pink and purple sky.

Dreamer Designs diamond painting kits may be used to recreate the mysterious sensation of Reverie. You may use this fantastic design to improve the beauty of your property. The major focus of your living area will be this 29.5″ × 23.6″ painting. However, this will not be easy; you will need to place 72,000 diamonds in 55 various hues. Don’t worry, the diamond painting itself exudes a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

Dreamer Designs Cottage on the Water

Dreamer Designs Review: Dreamer Designs Cottage on the Water
Dreamer Designs

Barbara Rosbe Felisky is noted for her lush impressionist landscapes and garden paintings. A spectacular profusion of roses growing over a brick garden gate, the afternoon sun warming a wall in Provence, or an embankment of towering rhododendrons pouring into the moat of a ruined castle, all convey a feeling of peace and wonder in an all-too-often busy world. You can sense the peacefulness of Barbara Felisky’s picture in this Cottage on the Water design kit from Dreamer Designs.

This waterside home is a charming combination of paving stones, flowers, and charming cottage windows. While you sit at the path’s side, the water may lap at your toes as you take in the old English charm. Keep this design in your house to create a sense of tranquility throughout the corner of the house.

With the Dreamer Designs diamond painting kit, you may recreate Barbara Felisky’s outstanding Cottage on the Water artwork. With 68,694 diamonds, this kit may be used as a fun diversion throughout the day. After a hard day of placing the diamonds together, you may be surprised with the amazing final product you created by yourself.

Dreamer Designs Free Kits

Don’t worry if you’re interested in diamond painting but aren’t sure whether you should invest in this new pastime. Dreamer Designs has you covered. Dreamer Designs gives away four distinct design sample kits for free. Dreamer Designs essentially gave you a free diamond painting set. You also don’t have to choose just one design; you may have all four for free.

Four various designs from various artists are included in the Dreamer Designs trial kit. Elise Debije’s gorgeous rainbow-colored flower painting, Over the Rainbow, is the first design. This genuinely altered picture of a rose is adorned with a stunning rainbow of colors.

This image of beauty is just absorbing, from the new development of petals just rising from the depths of the flower to those already drying and curling at the edges. You will love how this beautiful design will appear in your room.

Sandra Trubin’s Butterfly Orchid Fantasy is the second design. As you may know from the previous Lucky Koi design, Sandra Trubin’s work is magnificent, and now you can have her second design for free. In this amazing painting, both the butterfly and the orchid seem like one organism, differentiated only by their unique hues.

It is both pleasurable to reproduce and soothing to the sight to allow the audience to rediscover the oneness of nature, as well as its intricacy and perfection.

Twisted Blossom, Ann Marie Bone’s gorgeous cherry blossom design, is the third free design kit. This normally cheery and bright pink-hued sunset over a lake is given an unsettling air of depth by a gnarled and twisted bloom. There is intricacy and elegance in every inch of this painting, which includes a lone swan cutting a line above the quiet waters.

The last free design is Michael Humphries’ superb near-sea home design, Liberty’s Light. The roof and tower of this simple but magnificent lighthouse are adorned with a solitary star on a blue backdrop and the distinctive stripes of the beautiful American flag.

Stairs running from the coast to the entryway, which is perched on a rocky outcropping. All of the designs are beautiful, yet these fours are offered by Dreamer Designs for free. This trial kit from Dreamer Designs is a good place to start if you want to know more about diamond paintings.

Dreamer Designs Return Policy

Dreamer Designs offers a return policy that allows you to get a refund within 30 days after you buy their products if you are dissatisfied with your purchase. To be qualified for return (custom kits are excluded), the product must be brand new and resalable. This implies that the packaging’s plastic seal should still be undamaged.

If Dreamer Designs determines that a returned item cannot be resold, they have the right to withhold your refund. Packages that have been scribbled on, diamond bags that have been opened, diamonds with paste on them, and so forth are all instances of situations that might render an item unsellable.

The customer is responsible for return shipping charges. It is recommended that you return any unused products to the Dreamer Designs distribution center using the same mode of shipping that you used to obtain the product. In rare situations, Dreamer Designs may pay the cost of delivery. For instance, if you get inaccurate or broken products, the brand will cover the shipping costs.

It’s simple to return the Dreamer Designs item. Simply visit this link to send a note to Dreamer Designs alerting them about your impending return. The brand will take care of the remaining aspects. Once Dreamer Designs receives your returned item, the company will immediately reimburse your money through the original mode of payment.

Dreamer Designs Warranty

Dreamer Designs recognizes how important it is to get what you pay for and for that product to endure – not for a short period of time, but for life. Dreamer Designs wants to guarantee that your experience with the items purchased from this company is fantastic. In addition to refunds, Dreamer Designs offers a Lifetime Warranty against any manufacturing flaws.

When you purchase a Dreamer Designs Premium Canvas kit, you will get a Lifetime Warranty that covers the following:

  • Creases, wrinkles, rips, and scratches on the canvas
  • Any accessory to a tool kit that is defective
  • Diamonds that are missing or incorrect
  • After completion, diamonds fall off
  • Diamonds begin to lose their brilliance

You may easily make a claim under this guarantee. Simply take a photograph of the fault and submit it to Dreamer Designs customer support through email. You must provide your name and order number, as well as a concise explanation of the faults and a recommendation for Dreamer Designs. Then they will either repair the component directly or provide a whole new kit.

Dreamer Designs Contact

If you have any further questions about Dreamer Designs products or services that this review does not address, you may contact Dreamer Designs customer service.

You can fill out this form with your problems or questions about Dreamer Designs products. Or, you may contact Dreamer Designs customer service during business hours at the following addresses.

  • Email: support@dreamerdesigns.com
  • Office: B-777 Blanshard Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2G9
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 4 PM (PST)

We hope that your problems can be solved right away by contacting Dreamer Designs customer service.

Dreamer Designs Expert Reviews

Dreamer Designs Review: Expert Reviews
Dreamer Designs@fb

Kaylin Burr, a fellow diamond painter, founded Dreamer Designs. She was tired of spending money on kits that were of poor quality and difficult to work with. Dreamer Designs offers high-quality diamond kits for a fraction of the cost of the big-name diamond suppliers. They have a wide range of artists and artwork. The affordable kits are just superior to any of the generic kits available on the internet. On their artwork, they also provide lifelong warranties and uh-oh insurance.

Full Review

The package is quite attractive. The drill paintings are housed in a tote/bag made of a material similar to that of an umbrella. Wrapping the painting around a foam roller and tying it with a nice purple ribbon completed the look. A brochure and a sticker copy of the colors and symbols were included.

Full Review

Where to buy Dreamer Designs?

You may be wondering where to get Dreamer Designs’ superb diamond painting kits after reading this review. Diamond painting kits by Dreamer Designs are available for purchase on their own website and on Amazon. However, it is recommended that you buy Dreamer Designs products directly from their official website to get the best pricing and a variety of discounts and special offers.

    Dreamer Designs Promo Codes & Coupons

    Dreamer Designs provides an array of possibilities for obtaining the best prices and savings. If you’re a first-time customer, use the BOGO50 coupon to receive a 50% discount on your first order. You may also receive more intriguing deals by using the coupon codes listed below.

    On the Dreamer Designs website, you may also get free shipping if you spend $75.00 or more. Or, if you are an international customer, you can also get free shipping once you purchase $150.00 or more.

    Not only that, but Dreamer Designs also offers a free trial kit for purchase. If you want more offers, you can join the Dreamer Rewards program that can give you cashback for each purchase you done on the Dreamer Designs website.

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    Dreamer Designs Questions & Answers (Q&A)

    Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Dreamer Designs. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

    Q: What are the dimensions of the canvases, and how long does it take to finish?


    Kits may take 50+ hours to finish depending on the size of the canvas and your degree of skill, as well as how many people are working on the painting. Dreamer Designs smallest kits (about 30x30cm | 12x12in) might take up to 15 hours to finish. Dreamer Designs largest kits (90x60cm | 35x24in) might take up to 50 hours to finish. The more time you spend diamond painting, the more talented and quick you become.

    Q: What is the meaning of the aurora borealis (ab) diamond?


    Dreamer Designs finest diamonds are used in the Aurora Borealis (AB) rhinestones. They’re used as accents by Dreamer Designs to give your completed painting a shine. A unique coating on these iridescent square diamonds mimics the colors of the Northern Lights. They’re glistening, airy, and very stunning.

    Q: What are the shapes of diamonds used by Dreamer Designs?


    Dreamer Designs offers two types of diamonds: square and round. Premium 2.5mm resin square diamonds from Dreamer Designs with 13 or 9 surface cuts reflect light for an ultra-shiny look. Square diamonds are the best choice for individuals who want their artwork to be fully shown. Squares benefit from fitting edge-to-edge, despite the fact that putting them needs greater accuracy. They contribute to a full mosaic impression by not allowing any canvas to peek through. Premium 2.8mm resin round diamonds from Dreamer Designs with 26 surface cuts (twice as many as rivals) shine like no other! Beginners like round diamonds because they are simpler and quicker to pick up and arrange on the canvas.

    Q: What is the source of the pixelation in my painting?


    When it comes to canvas size, sometimes larger is better! The process of converting a design or painting into a diamond canvas template entails breaking the picture down into individual pixels. Each pixel represents a diamond drill space, thus if you reduce the size of the design to a smaller canvas, a single diamond will cover more area. A picture of a bird on a huge canvas may be many pixels. You might have varied colors in the bird if you painted it with diamonds, making it appear more lifelike.

    Q: is Dreamer Designs legit?


    Yes, Dreamer Designs is a legit diamond painting brand that offers various high-quality diamond painting canvas kits. Their products are also beginner-friendly, as they included a step-by-step guide for each product. Whether a beginner or experienced painter, Dreamer Designs is a good brand to go.

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    Conclusion of Dreamer Designs Reviews & Ratings

    Dreamer Designs Review: Conclusion
    Dreamer Designs@fb

    It’s difficult to begin a new hobby, particularly if it’s a painting one. Fortunately, with the assistance of Dreamer Designs, you may easily begin a diamond painting hobby. Dreamer Designs offers a variety of high-quality diamond painting kits that include a step-by-step instruction manual. Go to Dreamer Designs right immediately if you want to learn about diamond painting.

    Thank you for taking the time to read our Dreamer Designs review; we welcome any comments or suggestions you may have. Have a wonderful day!