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It is encouraging to see that artisan business owners are beginning to get the attention they have long deserved. Every day, new businesses and online marketplaces are providing people with a stage on which to demonstrate their abilities and make a living. Having a talent but being unable to use it is one of the most frustrating things. Review: About
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Fortunately, emerged as a marketplace that can be a solution for every artisan. You should check out what this brand offers if you like handmade items. Lucky you, in this review, you can find more information about this great online marketplace for artists.

Discovered or is an online marketplace specializing in selling handcrafted items that artists have ethically manufactured in developing nations. The mission of this brand is to bring together artisan business owners from around the globe.

Don’t worry, as we said before, this review provides information about various handmade things that are available for purchase. Not only that, but it will also contain several discounts for you to take advantage of. If you are an artist or someone who genuinely values handmade things, this review is for you.

Overview of is an online marketplace focusing on ethically manufactured handcrafted goods by artists in developing countries. It was founded in November 2015 after the founders saw a significant vacuum in the market for affordable craftsmen. continues to be a go-to site for handpicked items that emphasize ethical handcrafting.

Although does not have a physical location, its headquarters are in the Netherlands. The brand’s purpose is to link conscientious customers throughout the globe with artisan businesses in Kenya, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, M√©xico, Thailand, Israel, and South America. believes that by stocking directly from the makers, they can accomplish this and that every purchase has a good influence. is a member of The Artisan Alliance, and they think using commerce as a force for good is the best sustainable method to improve the level of unique crafts and life. Reviews is a tiny company with a roster of 75 craftsmen from all over the globe. With this marketplace, anybody may discover great items from all around the world. In 26+ countries, you may buy handcrafted items directly from local craftspeople. It is a platform for artists to connect with people worldwide!

It helps to make a good effect by eliminating all intermediaries and connecting people directly. This business paved the path for craftsmen to market their handcrafted goods in a new manner. is more than just a regular marketplace where users can buy whatever they want. Customers cannot locate any things offered that are of poor quality since the firm applies a high-quality standard to each artist. Customers may shop with confidence since all of the things are produced with quality in mind. Jewelry Review is the greatest site to purchase jewelry for yourself or important people in your life. The good thing is this marketplace offers a chosen collection of ethically manufactured handmade jewelry from craftsmen all around the globe. It has your new favorite rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in Sterling Silver and 18K Gold, as well as a vast range of gemstones such as Topaz, Iolite, Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, and more. Review: Jewelry Review

If you were born in December and are seeking jewelry with your birthstone, visit right now, as it has the Natural Tibetan Turquoise and Green Amethyst Sterling Silver Pendant. If you don’t know, Turquoise is a birthstone for December! Turquoise is a copper aluminum phosphate material with a toughness of 5 to 6. It has a triclinic crystal structure and is generally formed of submicroscopic crystals, which makes the stones opaque. With this Pendant, you may elegantly wear your birthstone.

Turquoise is available in blue and green. Copper is responsible for the vivid blue hue, while iron is responsible for the greenish tints of turquoise. It is usually veined or mottled with brown or black oxides and has a sandstone foundation. What’s more, Turquoise is also a traditional sign of affection given to the beloved. Some people believe that since it is a stone of clear connection, this necklace may help with leadership, relocation or travel, and avoiding foolish investments. Handbag Review

The next item from is the most popular hippie crossbody bag for both men and women. made this purse for the fashionable traveler using a material inspired by woodlands in the southwest. This Native American Hippie Bag includes a large compartment and an additional zipped pocket for those adventurous adventures.

The Native American Hippie Bag is a simple and pleasant way to transport your belongings. With a tribal woven surface and cotton inner, this purse is a must-have for any hippy on the road. The strap drop is 24″, making it suitable for use as a backpack or crossbody bag. Ohethno in Thailand handcrafted this lovely handbag utilizing traditional weaving methods and natural materials. Teapot Review

The following item is designed for a tea enthusiast or a decoholic. Meet the exclusive collection of painted teapots handcrafted with passion by Mrinalika Jain, an Indian master craftsman from Jaipur. Treat yourself or give a nice present with one of‘s hand-painted teapots. Just so you know, every order of painted teapots helps an Indian artist. Review: Teapot Review

Check out the Spring Delight teapot if you’re perplexed by the many brilliant designs of painted teapots from This best-selling teapot is hand-painted in Madhubani painting, a Bihar, Northern India traditional art. It is mostly done by women in communities who have handed this craft down through numerous generations. The artist paints images of nature and mythology to portray many events such as birth, marriage, and life cycles. Shipping Information

After reading this review, you may want to consider purchasing handmade things sold by this brand. It’s a good idea to learn about the shipping information before purchasing to ensure that your purchases arrive on time. This section will focus on shipping information that will pique your curiosity about this brand delivery method. is an online marketplace that sells handcrafted items from artisans worldwide. The headquarters of are in the Netherlands., on the other hand, does not have a physical location. Products from are handcrafted and supplied directly by craftsmen in India, Kenya, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Israel, Mexico, Argentina, and other countries. Don’t worry, this brand delivers internationally, with different delivery periods and limitations depending on your location.

All products are handcrafted and take 5-8 days for the artists to produce and ship. Orders from outside the United States might take up to two weeks to arrive. Orders ordered in the United States might take up to 5 days to arrive from artisans in Mexico. is currently building additional warehouses in the United States and Europe to provide faster delivery times.

You may monitor your order on this page once you’ve made a purchase. To access the website for the first time, look for the account activation email in your inbox. To access your account information and purchase tracking, click ‘Activate.’ If you can’t find the activation email, try your spam or other inboxes. Regular clients will get a tracking number link on their ‘Purchase Details’ page after their order has been completed. Return Policy

Well, customers are important to The artists create high-quality handcrafted items, and this brand will ensure they arrive on time. The return policy also ensures consumer happiness while being fair and equitable to the artists.

Refunds will be granted for up to 60 days from the day your purchase is received, depending on the circumstances. Before beginning a return, send an email to customer service with a few images of the item. In case of damaged or wrong sizes, you should contact them within 10 days. You need to include a photo of the item, registered postal address, order number, and a brief explanation of your problem in the subject line. Then, within 24 hours, you will get a response.

Within 10 days of receiving your purchase, you must file a claim with Please specify if your return is due to a mistake by or the artisan, and if so, why. Send them a few images of the item in question for assessment. If the return is due to a or artisan mistake, you have the option to exchange or return the item.

Please choose a reputable carrier that provides tracking for your return (such as UPS, FedEx, or Priority Mail). It is recommended that you insure the shipment before returning the items since you are liable for the item until it is received by or the artisan. The claims window is open for 60 days after your product is delivered.

When appropriate, a credit for returned items will be granted within 10 business days after receipt of the returned merchandise to the same payment method used to place the transaction. Within 5 business days, priority exchanges will be provided. Please keep in mind these conditions:

  • For products returned, is not liable for any loss or charges (including freight, customs, taxes, or import fees).
  • Custom orders are not eligible for refunds or returns.
  • Gift cards are non-refundable.
  • maintains the right to refuse a refund to anybody who makes what is deemed to be excessive returns as a protection against possible misuse.
  • If the goods have been damaged or changed in any way, there will be no refunds or returns.
  • After an order has been dispatched, it is not possible to cancel it. Contact

You may contact customer service if you have any concerns or queries that are not answered in this review. This brand is completely dedicated to your satisfaction. If you have any problems regarding an item or an order you recently placed, please contact their customer service at the following addresses: Review: Contact

They will reply to your inquiry within 24 hours from Monday to Monday. You are welcome to share any positive or negative experiences on social media, but please keep in mind that is a small company that works hard to sustain the artisans’ life.

Where to buy is an online marketplace that offers a wide range of things made by talented craftsmen from all around the globe. offer no goods on any online marketplaces. As a result, their official website is the best place to buy various unique handmade things. Don’t worry, has a number of deals and discounts that you can take advantage of to save money.

Oh, this review also has a discount section that shows you how to get the best prices too! Promo Codes & Coupons offered a variety of discounts to help you save money. One of them is the rewards program, which allows you to earn different benefits while shopping on the website and when referring to a friend. You may also enjoy a special discount if you join the email list. In addition, this review compiled a list of promo codes that you may use to save even more money!

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Find promo codes and coupons for in other countries Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Why are orders from India taking so long to arrive?

As you may have heard on the news, India is at a critical juncture. Before travelling to your destination, all packages are quarantined in Delhi for 7 to 10 days. The corporation has no control over this. Please keep in mind that you are assisting them through a difficult time. If you are not satisfied with something, you may cancel your purchase before it is sent and get a refund. It is not possible to cancel an order after it has been dispatched.

Why aren't my tracking information readily available?

It’s quite unusual for orders to be sent without a tracking number link. If this is the case, please contact customer service with your order number. The customer service staff will contact the artisan to inquire about your status update.

Is COVID-19 a threat to my package?

According to the World Health Organization, the chances of an infected individual contaminating commercial items are minimal, as is the danger of contracting COVID-19 from a shipment that has been transported, traveled, and exposed to various conditions and temperatures. Regardless, ensures that the craftsmen follow safety practices in order to complete your purchases.

What does "Undelivered/misplaced package" indicate on my order?

It’s possible that tracking information is wrong, and shipments are shown as delivered while they’re still on their way. Please let the things a couple more days to arrive. Please contact with your order number and registered postal address if your shipment has not arrived within 2-3 days of the scheduled delivery date.

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Discovered is the most vibrant marketplace on the planet since it features work from craftsmen from over 25 nations. You have the opportunity to peruse a one-of-a-kind variety of handcrafted things here. Find something that speaks to your heart and puts a grin on the face of a craftsperson.

global women artisans
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My mother really loves the moonstone silver necklace that I got for her for Christmas. I was quite delighted with the extensive selection, as well as the high quality of the products that are available. Each one is well crafted and has a sharp appearance. Anyone might discover the ideal present for a loved one, a friend, or even for oneself, if they looked hard enough. I will shop here again and again to make purchases.

Aidan Mulhall
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Conclusion of Reviews & Ratings

To conclude this review, you may agree that has established itself as the greatest site to buy handmade things from well-known artists all around the globe. The items offered on are elegant and may quickly boost your style. Review: Conclusion
Image:Discovered@fb not only provided the finest venue for people to buy excellent handmade things, but it also provided a way for artists to make a livelihood from their creations. When you buy anything from, you’re aiding artists on the other side of the globe.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review. We hope you’ll be interested in purchasing one of the artisans’ works. If you wish to be an artist yourself, you should read our Longer 3D review before leaving!

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