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About DIBS Beauty

It’s no secret that we use makeup to enhance our features since it allows us to show off our beauty with confidence. Hence, rather than focusing on a single (and limited) look, we might argue that makeup is all about self-expression.

DIBS Beauty Review: About DIBS Beauty
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Makeup formulas continue to improve over time. Foundations are more smoothly mimicking our natural skin tone and are available in more shades and undertones than ever before—bronzers glide on and blend out with creamy ease, lipsticks maybe both matte and moisturizing, and, as you can guess–there are a lot more!

The biggest makeup trends nowadays are all about natural, luminous looks, so get ready to get your glow, huh? If you are looking for the ideal makeup brand that can deliver the look you’ve wanted–DIBS Beauty is the answer. Well, this great brand comes with a variety of excellent products that, sure, you will fallin in love with how they can enhance your beauty.

Everything you need to know about DIBS Beauty is covered in our in-depth discussion, which you can find here. Our DIBS Beauty Review will show you the DIBS Beauty product review, pros and cons, return policy, discounts and promotions, shipping policy, and many other things. Simply settle down on your favorite couch and stay with us till you obtain what you seek!

Overview of DIBS Beauty

Most of you may know a podcast host, Courtney Shields, isn’t it? Yes, she is behind the DIBS Beauty creation. Courtney Shields is a mom, entrepreneur, podcast host, and self-proclaimed expert at finding the silver lining in every situation. Aside from her no-nonsense approach to beauty, lifestyle, and fashion, she exudes sincerity and a no-nonsense demeanor that comes from going through fire and building a stronger version of herself.

Courtney has created a community of like-minded women who want to get their act together, put on their beauty, and take on their day—with a little more confidence and all of their beauty loves in tow. DIBS Beauty was created in collaboration with an industry powerhouse team to cut through the clutter with beauty bag go-to’s that make your bad days better and your good days simple.

DIBS Beauty is located in Courtney’s hometown of Austin, Texas, which is known for its fantastic cuisine, live music, friendly people, and creativity. DIBS Beauty is brought to you by the best talents from around the nation from a residence just south of Downtown Austin.

DIBS Beauty Reviews

DIBS Beauty is a response to the question, What’s your desert island beauty product? They’re all about having fun and encouraging you to concentrate on the things that matter most in a world where beauty has become either minimal and clinical, or high-pressure and daunting.

DIBS Beauty Reviews
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Your time is valuable, and DIBS Beauty is here to save you from digging through items you don’t like and wasting time. Dibs Beauty makeup basics are meant to provide a pleasing finish with no-fuss application and nutritional values. When you get Dibs Beauty on your side, of course, you will have what you want!

As we stated before, DIBS Beauty comes with a variety of excellent products such as Desert Island Duo blush stick, Status Stick face-and-body highlighter, No Pressure Lip Duo lip liner/lip definer, No Pressure Lip Gloss Topper, No Pressure Lip Liner, No Pressure Lip Definer, and Contour + Bronze Besties Set.

DIBS Beauty commissions and owns their formulations, and they test their shades and colors on a wide variety of skin tones and types every week. If an idea can’t be fulfilled with today’s technology, they develop the resources to make it a reality.

They also identified common ingredients that enable its formulations to layer, stack, and collaborate. Everything DIBS beauty products are Leaping Bunny-certified, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, dermatologist-tested, and allergy-tested.

All of them are formulated with nutritious ingredients that you don’t have to worry about the safety and effectiveness, they are made to give you maximum results in terms of beauty!

Desert Island Duo Review

Having a glowing look is a dream for many people, and the Desert Island Duo by Dibs Beauty is here to help. Whatever part of your facial skin that you want to get extra touch–blush, bronzer, eyes, or cheeks–this product is truly the way to go. It comes with eight shades that you can choose based on your preferences so that you can match them with your skin tone. Those shades are listed below:

  • Shade 1 – Out of Office/Vacay Vibes (warm coral/light with warm terracotta undertones)
  • Shade 1.5 – Bloom Service/ Bronze Voyage (sheer poppy / light to tan with cool undertones)
  • Shade 2 – You Do You / Mood Boost (nude pink / light to tan with neutral undertones)
  • Shade 3 – Full Deets / Spill the Tea (natural rose / light to tan with cool undertones)
  • Shade 4 – Not So Basic / Iced Chai (soft terracotta / light to tan with warm undertones)
  • Shade 5 – Ride or Die / Wing Woman (flushed crimson / tan to deep with warm undertones)
  • Shade 5.5 – Wine Not/Cocoa Kiss (raspberry mauve / tan to deep with neutral undertones)
  • Shade 6 – Plot Twist / Level Up (true fuchsia / deep with warm undertones)

Pick one that perfectly meets your skin tone, then nothing to worries as it will blend easily to give you a maximum glow on your beauty. Oh, as the name implies which is Duo, it delivers dual colors for each product. It’s good for the name of efficiency along with portability.

It’s easy to apply since all you have to do is brush the bronze shade wherever you want a slight definition or a sun-kissed finish (even your eyelids!). Put a splash of color to any features you desire to highlight. You can use your fingers, the stick, or your favorite brush.

Oh, about the formulation, you can’t go wrong with them. One of the ingredients we like that is included in this product is Mango Seed Butter which has lush, rich, nourishing, and smoothing characteristics that you can imagine how great it will be for your skin once you apply it. The other formulation is also great in that you don’t need to worry about safety.

No Pressure Lip Liner Review

To complete your gorgeous look, your lips must be stunning. And, the DIBS Beauty No Pressure Lip Liner may assist. With this product, you can hype up your lips in a variety of ways with no effort. This No Pressure Lip Liner pencil glide on smoothly, blend like a dream, and is set for long-lasting use with no smearing.

DIBS Beauty Review: No Pressure Lip Liner Review
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Choose your favorite from six wearable shades and pair it with a definer to the line, define, and fill like a pro.

  • Shade 1 – On the Rose (soft nude rose)
  • Shade 2 – Excuse My French (medium nude pink)
  • Shade 3 – Tell Me More (cool dusty rose)
  • Shade 4 – Pretty Spicy (poppy pink)
  • Shade 5 – Love Language (crimson red)
  • Shade 6 – Last Word (very raspberry)

Whether or not your color is outside of the lines, use the contour shade to enhance your shape. Fill in with the color shade all over for long-lasting, feather-free pigment. Blend swiftly since this budge-proof formula sets in under a minute!

The Cherry Oil formulation makes this excellent product pretty powerful with a combination of antioxidants, omega-9, and vitamins E and A. As you can expect, such formulations will naturally protect against environmental damage, soften, and stimulate cell turnover and elasticity.

No Pressure Lip Duo - Lip Liner/Lip Definer Review

Just like the previous one, we can say that your lips should be one of the aspects of your face that you are concerned about in terms of beauty. This DIBS Beauty No Pressure Lip Duo is another version of No Pressure Lip Liner that combines with No Pressure Lip Definer. Yups, it comes in such a more practice version in which you only have to bring one pencil or tool to get a complete look–especially for your lips.

Pick your favorite shades and pair them with a definer. These are the colors that are available:

Lip Liner— the same as the single version.

  • Shade 1 – On the Rose
  • Shade 2 – Excuse My French
  • Shade 3 – Tell Me More
  • Shade 4 – Pretty Spicy
  • Shade 5 – Love Language
  • Shade 6 – Last Word

Lip Definer

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Medium Dark

One of the great formulations used in this product is still Cherry Oil which is packed with antioxidants, omega-9, and vitamins E and A. The use of this item is basically the same as the No Pressure Lip Liner which is to use contour shade to enhance your contour, and fill in with the color shade all over. Don’t forget to blend it fastly since this budge-proof formula sets in under a minute.

Status Stick Face-And-Body Highlighter Review

It’s one of the best products from DIBS Beauty which is shimmer and shines from head to toe. This award-winning highlighting stick for face and body offers a skin-enhancing gloss wherever you want it. With nutritious skincare properties and just the right amount of sparkle. Come with three shades that you can choose based on your preferences–show your beauty with them.

DIBS Beauty Review: Status Stick Face-And-Body Highlighter Review
Image:DIBS Beauty@fb
  • Shade High Road Highlight
  • Shade Good Life Gold
  • Shade Unbothered Bronze

You can use this oversized stick to highlight your cheeks, brow bones, collarbones, shoulders, and shins, much like the other Dibs Beauty products. Directly off the stick, use your fingers, or grab your favorite brush.

You will experience a luxuriant, rich, nourishing, and smoothing sensation since it is formulated with excellent ingredients such as Mango Seed Butter, Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, and Vitamins A, C, and E for a non-comedogenic, buttery glide. Furthermore, it contains Niacinamide, which promotes a healthy moisture barrier and overall radiance.

DIBS Beauty Return Policy

DIBS Beauty hopes you are delighted with the products you buy. However, if you desire to return a Product acquired via their Services for any reason, you must contact DIBS Beauty and return the product to them within fourteen (14) days of the date such Product was purchased. DIBS Beauty does not accept product returns from other retailers or resellers. DIBS Beauty-branded items bought from other retailers are subject to the return procedures of that retailer, and DIBS Beauty disclaims all obligation for the return of such products. Furthermore, DIBS Beauty will only accept a return if:

  • DIBS Beauty returns the product(s) from the country where it was originally sent
  • You begin the return using their designated returns portal, which is accessible

DIBS Beauty reserves the right to reject a return if it does not match the above-mentioned requirements. DIBS Beauty does not acquire ownership of returned products until they are received by DIBS Beauty.

DIBS Beauty will offer a refund to the original payment method used to buy the product or store credit after the returned product has been received and processed, depending on the option you chose when requesting the return.

DIBS Beauty may refund the purchaser’s payment method or offer the receiver with shop credit for products given or received as a gift. The refund will include the purchase price of the returned Product as well as any applicable sales tax. Any shipping and handling costs paid for the original purchase will not be refunded, unless prohibited by law.

To get more information about the DIBS Beauty return policy, you can check in here.

DIBS Beauty Shipping

After making a purchase on their website, DIBS Beauty aims to process your orders within 48 hours before shipping them to you. To make a note: for certain high volume periods, your orders may take a longer process, but, don’t worry, they are surely shipping out to you as soon as possible.

DIBS Beauty is delighted to give you an offer of free shipping for every purchase over $50! The order shipping in the US is about $6.95 cost and will add an extra purchase if you need to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. territories.

How about if you are on the other side of the US? As per this review write, Dibs Beauty is still working hard to expand its shipping range, including Canada. Thus, stay tuned with DIBS Beauty as they are on their best to deliver their products to people everywhere around the globe.

DIBS Beauty Pros & Cons

We can’t say that all products haven’t a downside, not to mention DIBS Beauty. In this section of our review, we show you the good and bad of the DIBS Beauty products to give you more insight before buying a new one to use. Take a look deeply at the pros and cons list that we’ve written below, make sure you read them carefully to ensure you can make a nice decision.


  • Easy to use and stick packaging–great portability
  • The super blendable and pigmented formulation for a fabulous look


  • The product is slightly no staying power color, smudged off super easy
  • Wide and flat cream stick that makes it rather hard for placement
  • Make the skin get greasy for some people, especially for those with oily skin type

DIBS Beauty Contact

DIBS Beauty will not leave you blurry about its products. They are available to be asked for everything you wanna know about their products. Not only that, but you can also ask about their beauty tips from them to get a better insight into having a fabulous look.

You can reach them by filling out the form at right or emailing them at hi@dibsbeauty.com, wait within 48 hours to get the feedback from them. Or, if you want to be a part of their team, you can also email them at hiring@dibsbeauty.com as they are a new and growing company that needs a great member like you.

Where to buy DIBS Beauty?

DIBS Beauty is worth trying, and if you want to give it a shot, just check out its official website. Buy the one you want and need, then show off your beauty with confidence.

Oh, as per we write this review, this product sells products only on their official website. DIBS Beauty has not authorized any other marketplaces, including Amazon, and cannot guarantee the authenticity, safety, or quality of any items purchased from sites other than their website.

DIBS Beauty Promo Codes & Coupons

We all know, besides reading the review before buying a new product there is one thing that will be your concern; a great price! Well, getting a great price is essential to help save your money, and, the good news is that this brand knows what you want–you can get a $10% off for every purchase you make!

All you have to do is just sign up for their newsletter as you will receive a discount code and any information about their latest launches, offers, and more. If you are the type of person that concerned about your budget, this is a must-do thing before shopping.

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DIBS Beauty Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for DIBS Beauty. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

DIBS Beauty Review: Questions & Answers
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Where are Dibs Beauty based and where do they make their products?

Dibs Beauty is proudly headquartered in Austin, Texas. All of their products are currently made in the USA, but Dibs Beauty does not restrict their search of ingredients, that is why they do their best to get ingredients and use technologies from around the world. It is not without any reason, that is all the way The Dibs Beauty delivers the greatest product for you.

Are DIBS products clean?

All Dibs Beauty products are non-toxic, allergy-tested, and packed with skin-friendly ingredients. The products are free of over 1400 contentious ingredients, including phthalates, parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, and talc, as well as others where Dibs Beauty believes there is enough of a question mark.

Do the Dibs Beauty products contain fragrance?

Vanillin, the essential ingredient that gives vanilla its amazing scent and flavor, is present in some of the products. However, there is no need to be concerned about safety since Dibs Beauty does not scent its products with synthetic fragrances or superfluous oils.

What sets DIBS apart from other beauty brands?

DIBS was created to be both great and approachable, regardless of your skill of makeup understanding or how much you use. Their products are multi-purpose and blendable. Dibs Beauty carefully selects colors and formulations that complement one another across a wide variety of skin tones and types.

Not only that, but they’ve gathered a world-class team that has created hundreds of award-winning goods, and they consult a wide spectrum of professionals and people outside the business on inclusion, performance, ethical sourcing, and sustainability. They own their formulae as well as the unique technologies required to create certain features in their products.

As we’ve stated before; Dibs Beauty products are vegan, cruelty-free, clean, allergy-tested, and dermatologist-approved.

Ask a question?

DIBS Beauty Expert Reviews

DIBS is focused about making items that people can’t live without. If we were to go to a desert island and say, ‘Hey, Olivia, you can only take four products to a desert island,’ you would have to take these products because they’re super versatile, they elevate your mood, they make you look and feel fabulous, they’re simple to use, and using them is an all-around exciting experience, from the results to the real use of everything.

New Beauty
Full Review

Courtney Shields, one of my favorite influencers, created her own cosmetic company last September, and I’ve been obsessed with the blush and bronzer stick for the last four months. It’s one of the greatest cream recipes I’ve ever tested, and you all know how much I like creams. They are emollient and simple to blend yet never fade, making them ideal for no-makeup makeup looks as well as full glam looks.

Makeup by Makena
Full Review

DIBS is an abbreviation for desert island beauty status, and [its] ultra-blendable blush-bronzer stick combination, which can also be used on the eyes and lips, delivers on that promise.

Full Review

This blush-bronzer combo… has everything you could desire in a beauty product: it’s simple to apply and has fantastic color payoff.

Oprah Daily
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Conclusion of DIBS Beauty Reviews & Ratings

With DIBS Beauty review above, we intend you to have a clear grasp of which one is the right makeup to help enhance your beauty. The DIBS Beauty products are a wonderful option as weapons for delivering a beautiful you–your self-expression.

DIBS Beauty Review: Conclusion
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All of the products, such as the Status Stick, Lip Liner, Desert Island Duo, and much more available on their official website, will give you a new look for your beauty. Regardless of the skin tone you have, you deserve beauty, gurl!


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