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About Crazy Sales

Are you looking for an online shopping site that offers you the best deals? Here is a Crazy Sales review that will help you discover your trusted online shopping site.

Crazy Sales Review: About Crazy Sales
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Crazy Sales is a trusted brand that offers quality products at affordable prices, and it’s proud to be a 100% Australian-owned and operated brand, so you can feel good about where your money is going. Shop the latest homewares, home and garden, electronics, toys, travel, and more at for great deals on your favorite brands every day of the year.

In this review, we provide you with all the necessary information about Crazy Sales products, discounts, shipping information, and return policies to assist you in becoming a wise consumer! 

Overview Crazy Sales

As one of the largest Australian online department stores, Crazy Sales is 100% Australian-owned and operated. This retailer is dedicated to giving its customers the best online experience possible. So they set out with a simple mission: give the people what they want & give it to them every day affordably low cost.

Crazy Sales’ vision started modestly and organically. Even though they’ve grown to become an international corporation, this retailer has always remained faithful to the founding principles of someone who wanted to create something special for the people of Australia.

And now, with a dedicated professional staff, Crazy Sales share that same spirit of savings with their customers. They maintain the best online retail experience and a superb reputation through their commitment to their staff, distribution teams, and manufacturers.

By working with and assisting Crazy Sales manufacturers, they cut out the need for a middle man and pass the saving directly on to you! Shopping at Crazy Sales means you get the lowest prices around with top-tier quality.

Crazy Sales Review

It’s a Crazy Sales Review time!

A question that might come to your mind; why must you shop from Crazy Sale? Well, apart from lower costs offered by other stores, this retailer provides several additional benefits; you will receive unrivaled customer service and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

In Crazy Sales, it’s not all about the price as this retailer also has an unrivaled selection of products for all aspects of your life. We can say that you’ll never run out of options with nearly 10,000 products across various categories, and is still moving forward!

Moreover, with Crazy Sales, you can buy from the comfort of your home, avoiding the trouble and congestion of retail stores, markets, and shopping malls. You can shop confidently knowing that your information is safe from illegal use thanks to their superior encryption, security services, and state-of-the-art SSL.

Confidential information is kept private with them. Crazy Sales will never sell or distribute your personal information. That is a guarantee. You’ll get safe bookkeeping, secure credit card transactions, and a commitment to privacy. 

Buying in the Crazy Sales means shopping quickly! 96% of Crazy Sales items are shipped the next business day! Crazy Sales want you to get it quickly, so Crazy Sales ship with package tracking, shipping insurance, and a no-questions-asked refund policy for lost packages. Stick with us, and you’ll have a convenient, efficient, and ridiculously low-cost purchasing experience!

Crazy Sales isn’t just another online shopping site because of its Core Values, commitment to its consumers and ambition to constantly improve. Crazy Sales put their words into action. And their approach enables you to buy and save in ways you never imagined. “Bargains Everyday!”.

Crazy Sales Petscene Foldable Wooden Chicken Coop Review

In the Petscene Foldable Wooden Chicken Coop, your chickens can securely roam and relax with one of Crazy Sales’ chicken coops. It’s a giant chicken coop that can comfortably house groups of roosters, hens, rabbits, and other small animals. All of the cage doors have lockable metal slide bolts for added security.

Crazy Sales Review: Crazy Sales Petscene Foldable Wooden Chicken Coop Review

On top, a door can be opened for good ventilation and to allow your animals to go outside on occasion. The coop is constructed of solid fir wood and heavy-duty metal wire for improved stability, sturdiness, and durability. Furthermore, its folding design makes it simple to carry from one location to another.

The Crazy Sales chicken coop includes a large living area with heavy-duty metal wire to prevent other animals from invading your garden and destroying it. All doors are equipped with lockable metal slide bolts and strong wire to keep rabbits and predators out.

The top of the cage has two pieces of wood that provide shelter for your pets. Not only that, the top could be opened and locked at a set degree, allowing birds to fly from the top on occasion. Installation is not a problem; it is simple to put together with assembly instructions.

Crazy Sales Warehouse Shelving Rack Review

Looking for a heavy-duty Crazy Sales warehouse shelving unit that looks modern and strong while performing well? Look no farther than this GIANTZ 5-tier Shelving Unit, which can hold up to 150kg on each shelf. Well, on one shelf, it’s equivalent to the weight of an ordinary gorilla!

The unit is designed with industrial-grade steel and fine supporting beams and bracing to hold and keep the structure firm and steady when fully loaded, in addition to its massive weight capacity.

This is a high-quality industrial-strength steel shelving unit with a 150kg capacity per shelf. The beams and braces are made from heavy-duty steel for extra durability, and the reinforced frame is coated in a black rust-resistant finish. This Crazy Sales warehouse storage rack has adjustable shelves for you to customize your storage needs, making it perfect for use in garages and warehouses.

Crazy Sales Wrought Iron Bird Cage Review

This is a lovely Crazy Sales Wrought Iron Bird Cage with an attractive dome top design, lacework style finish, and curve legs that stand suitable for small to medium size parrots or birds. You don’t need to worry about the quality; this bird cage is made of wrought iron and is both sturdy and beautiful to look at.

Crazy Sales Review: Crazy Sales Wrought Iron Bird Cage Review

A perch and two stainless steel food or water bowls are included in this Bird Cage. These two food or water bowls each have their independent access doors for easy access. A bottom tray slides out adds to the convenience, reducing the time spent cleaning and replenishing the Bird Cage. Accessing your bird will never be a problem with a large central access door and a small main access door.

This Crazy Sales bird cage also comes with one perch, two stainless steel food/water bowls with individual access doors, four castor wheels for mobility, a plastic tray for bird excretion, and more.

The four castor wheels on this exquisite Bird Cage provide maximum movement and stability. This Bird Cage’s Dome Top can be opened to provide additional space and a standing perch for your parrot outside the cage. Your pet parrot, as well as you, will like its new home!

Crazy Sales Shipping Guide

Here are several shipping details from Crazy Sales that can help you, products weighing more than 25 kg require a more specialized delivery service. The 3rd Party Couriers are experts in offering large-item delivery services across Australia. As soon as your products are sent, you will receive a confirmation email of your order and a tracking number.

Each package includes a barcoded address label, which is read numerous times along the delivery process. Every day, parcels are collected from the Crazy Sales warehouse location (Monday to Friday). When they arrive at the freight depot, they are sorted and scanned into their respective states in preparation for shipping the next day.

Crazy Sales van will be provided with a hydraulic tailgate for massive item deliveries, and the chauffeur will have a cart to ensure your item is carried safely to your door.

The driver is not authorized to bring many things into customers’ property, such as units, business buildings, or any other flat buildings located on upper floors, according to the 3rd Party Courier’s delivery regulation.

Please note that the estimated delivery time is for the entire day, and an additional price will be added if a special delivery arrangement is requested—further information according to the shipping information you can obtain from Crazy Sales Shipping Information.

Crazy Sales Contact Information

Here is several Crazy Sales contact information that can help your shopping:

Crazy Sales Review: Crazy Sales Contact Information

Crazy Sales Contact Number:

03 91115708
Monday-Friday 8AM – 5PM AEST

Crazy Sales will respond to your inquiry within 24 to 36 hours in most circumstances. However, if the inquiry is complicated or requires further information, your inquiry, as well as any other queries we may have at the time, maybe delayed for up to 72 working hours. If you need several inquiries you can use Crazy Sales Login to log in and choose the subject of your inquiries.

Crazy Sales Email:


Where to buy Crazy Sales?

This is perhaps the most important thing you want to know in this Crazy Sales Review. Where can you get all stuff with crazy sales discounts! From furniture, electronics, and even chicken coop. You can purchase all the stuff that you need with discounts on the Crazy Sales website.

Crazy Sales Promo Codes & Coupons

Crazy Sales discount time! Crazy sales offer various kinds of discounts from clearance sales up to 99% OFF, Garden Decor up to 80%, Trampolines up to 70%, and dressing table sets save up to $270. 

Wait it is not over yet! This brand is also has Crazy Sales of the day that 24 hours only. So don’t miss out! Also, don’t forget that Crazy Sales provides free shipping.

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Crazy Sales Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Crazy Sales. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Crazy Sales Review: Questions & Answers

What methods of payment do you accept?

Paypal (Visa, Mastercard, and bank account) and BPAY are both accepted. Both of these payment methods are simple to use, secure, and quick.

What is the purpose of the Crazy Sales discount code section on the checkout page, and how do I receive one?

Crazy Sales will run promotions from time to time when they will issue promotional codes to our members. A specific money amount, a percentage off the order, or free shipping are common examples. Do you want to receive a discount code? Please sign up for the Crazy Sales newsletter right now!

How long does it take for my payment to be confirmed?

Crazy Sales will be able to confirm your payment immediately and send your purchase within 1 business day if you pay by Paypal immediate payment (credit card option). Crazy Sales will be able to confirm your payment the next business day if you pay by BPAY before 6:00pm.

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Conclusion of Crazy Sales Reviews & Ratings

Crazy Sales is the leading online retailer of great deals on home and garden, apparel, beauty, gadgets, homewares, and more. At this brand, you will find unbeatable bargains and great deals on everything from home and garden to shoes and bedding. All of the sale items on this site are priced at up to 90% off retail. You can shop by department, category, type, and more.

Crazy Sales Review: Conclusion

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