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Have you ever had to send anything from one location to another? Take, for example, a pet. Furniture? Alternatively, you may name it. If you have, you can attest that the procedure qualifies as shipment.

Yes, shipping — exactly as it is done across international boundaries by sea and air, but this time it is done by drivers overland. As more people purchase online, the shipping infrastructure expands and new services become available.

Large objects, trucks, animals, and other items, on the other hand, remain difficult to transport. Citizen Shipper is an innovative brand that provides a shipping marketplace to tackle this issue.

CitizenShipper connects clients with transportation companies that can transfer a difficult-to-transport item from one area to another. The CitizenShipper platform allows transportation providers to access jobs and operate on their own schedules.

You will learn about this unique business, the service they give, how to utilize the service, and much more in our CitizenShipper review. This review may possibly include a CitizenShipper service discount.

If you have a plan to move into another state and worry about how to bring your pets in a safe and simple way, you will love this CitizenShipper review.

Overview of CitizenShipper

CitizenShipper is an online marketplace that works like an auction and connects people who need shipping services with couriers and shipping companies. Their marketing focuses on homeowners and visitors who are already traveling along the required path. This lets them make money without having to go out of their way.

The CitizenShipper service was developed in 2008 by physicist Richard Obousy, who combined peak oil statistics and information from the US Department of Transportation to estimate that up to 29% of moving vehicles on the road are empty at any one moment.

He felt that if ordinary people were given the option to perform moving services, there would be fewer trucks on the road, saving customers money and benefiting the environment.

As a doctoral student, Obousy created a prototype version of CitizenShipper as a method to supplement his tuition income while driving the same roads he did every day. The initial CitizenShipper website had a $2,000 budget and had just one purpose: to link people with drivers.

CitizenShipper has now grown to include drivers in all 50 states, as well as features such as in-app chat, driver profiles, and background checks.

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CitizenShipper Reviews

CitizenShipper Reviews

CitizenShipper connects customers to a network of drivers that can carry pets and animals, cats and dogs, boats, apartment transfers, household objects, motorbikes, automobiles, heavy equipment, package delivery, local errands, delicate in nature, freight, and other things.

This brand has a straightforward process: post your package, choose your driver, keep in contact, rate, and review. You don’t have to be concerned about the brand’s reputation since CitizenShipper had accepted over 3.7 million offers from carriers by the end of 2021, and they had traveled over 100 million miles altogether.

CitizenShipper Service Review

CitizenShipper is an online marketplace that connects individuals with items to send with certified local carriers. If you have anything to ship, post your shipping needs for free and wait for quotations from registered drivers. Create your driver profile and start bidding on shipments posted on the site if you’re seeking a job in transportation.

The CitizenShipper platform acts as a middleman, matching a customer’s shipping needs with a transporter’s capacity to meet them. It helps connect individuals, creating a shipper and driver community.

Customers may use CitizenShipper‘s countrywide network of transporters to advertise their goods. CitizenShipper distributes the cargo listing to all transporters who can meet the specified parameters. When carriers get a notification of a package, they inspect it and contact the client who advertised it. They provide their pricing, competing with one another for the chance to conduct business.

The shipping consumer weighs these options before choosing who to book. They check the ratings, evaluations, and accomplishments of the transporters on their profiles. Once a decision has been reached, the best offer is approved, and the reservation is made.

CitizenShipper links the consumer with their preferred transporter at this stage, exchanging contact information. The two parties arrange for the cargo to be picked up, transported, and delivered by direct contact. Payment is usually provided upon delivery, however, certain carriers may want a portion to be paid in advance.

It is guided by the ideals of openness and accountability, and all shipping clients are encouraged to assess and review their transporters’ performance. These will be considered in the future, impacting each transporter’s chances of being matched to future cargoes.

CitizenShipper Fees

CitizenShipper Review: CitizenShipper Fees

The purpose of CitizenShipper is to keep costs low and shipping services available to everyone. To begin, you may advertise your cargo for free; there is no charge to connect with drivers, obtain quotations, or negotiate the specifics.

It charges a small service fee when you accept a quotation from a driver. The revenue will be used by CitizenShipper to finance the platform’s continuous development as well as the support staff’s continued service and safeguards.

This charge is based on the driver’s quotation and is usually about 15-20% of the overall cost. CitizenShipper fee varies based on the items that are being sent, below is the general estimation for the CitizenShipper booking fee. You can click each shipping option for further information.

CitizenShipper Pet Transport

The majority of pet owners would not compromise their pet’s comfort or safety while being transferred. As a result, CitizenShipper offers a worry-free pet transportation service. CitizenShipper‘s online marketplace quickly connects you with responsible pet transporters. Before booking, you’ll be able to check reviews and speak with drivers. CitizenShipper is known for putting the “person” in personal connections.

Pets are more than four legs and a tail; they are part of a family and lifelong closest pals. CitizenShipper pet transport service is the nation’s highest-rated and most-used pet transportation service. Their innovative methodology connects you with a pool of pre-screened drivers from whom to pick. CitizenShipper drivers are dedicated to giving you and your best buddy a compassionate, pleasant, and stress-free moving experience.


  • Protection for your pet worth $1,000.
  • Guaranteed Reservations.
  • TeleVet is available 24/7.
  • You can rely on caring drivers.
  • Updates on photos and videos
  • Pickup and delivery at your doorstep
  • Professional quality and expert care
  • Genuine affection towards animals

CitizenShipper Driver

If you like adventure and travel all over the world, you may want to consider being a CitizenShipper driver to supplement your income. You may be paid to drive around and see the country. You can have it all: freedom, flexibility, and a lot of money.

With the nation’s biggest transportation marketplace, you can easily pick up shipments (and cash) along your preferred routes. You’ll have the flexibility to be your own boss while exploring new destinations as a trusted driver on CitizenShipper.

CitizenShipper gives you everything you need to build a unique profile, match thousands of shipments, make bids, and earn business. It has a life-changing opportunity for you, whether you’re seeking a new profession or a flexible side hustle, local employment, or country-wide excursions.

Casual drivers may earn money with CitizenShipper. CitizenShipper drivers, also known as transporters, are basically freelancers that bid on paid shipping services duties. Make money part-time, full-time, or just on occasion.

Set your own hours, routes, and create a profitable company of your own. No credit card is required to register as a driver on CitizenShipper for the first three months. You can check the information below if you aspire to become a CitizenShipper driver. If you meet all the criteria, you can start registering as a driver on this page.

Driver Requirements

  • You must be 21 years old or older.
  • Have a valid driver’s license in the United States
  • Possess a vehicle with freight capacity (larger vehicles are eligible for more gigs)
  • Have evidence of auto insurance on hand.
  • Pay a monthly membership charge of $24.99 (with the first three months free)
  • Pass a background investigation

Prohibited Criteria

  • Felonies committed in the previous five years
  • Felonies involving violence or theft in the last ten years
  • Arrests for DUI in the last five years
  • Arrest warrants are still active.
  • Consistent criminal tendencies

How to Register as Driver

  1. Click the Become a driver link in the navigational panel on the CitizenShipper website’s main page.
  2. Check the boxes next to each kind of goods you’re interested in sending on the registration page.
  3. Fill up your name, email address, and password. The CitizenShipper privacy policy applies to this login information.
  4. Please check the box below to indicate that you’ve read and understand the terms of service before clicking “Sign Up Now!”

That’s about it, you will easily get a CitizenShipper job as a driver. They will send you an email to confirm your registration; just click the link in that email to access your Dashboard. You may create routes, view listed shipments, change your profile, communicate with prospective clients, and much more from there.

Keep in mind that before you can start bidding on shipments, you must first submit the background screening information.

CitizenShipper Refund Policy

CitizenShipper Review: CitizenShipper Refund Policy

If your driver fails to deliver on time, you may be eligible for a refund of your CitizenShipper booking fee. You may be eligible for a refund under the following conditions. If you meet one of these criteria, you are entitled to a full refund of the CitizenShipper Service Fee.

Refund Eligible

  • You hire a driver and pay the price, but they phone you later to say their car is broken down.
  • You schedule a driver and pay the money, but they are unable to execute the package due to a family emergency.
  • You hire a driver and pay the cost, but the driver fails to contact you in a timely manner.
  • You reserve a driver and pay the cost, but they never arrive.

Refunds are also possible in the event of an unexpected military deployment or, in the case of pet travel, if the creature being transferred suffers from unanticipated health issues. Supporting formal papers must be supplied to the CitizenShipper support team in both circumstances, and the team will make the ultimate decision based on the material presented.

Not Eligible for Return

  • You hire a driver and pay the cost, but then decide not to use it
  • You hire a driver and pay the money, but ultimately opt to send the goods yourself.
  • You arrange for a driver and pay the money, but then a buddy offers to send the item for you.
  • You hire a driver and pay the money, but the item doesn’t match your shipping description, making it impossible for the driver to pick it up or deliver it on time.
  • You hire a driver and pay the money, but you don’t offer the essential information or paperwork to complete the delivery.
  • You schedule a driver, but a third party (such as someone selling you a good or a pet) cancels on you.
  • You hire a driver, but circumstances beyond their control prohibit collection or delivery on schedule.
  • You hire a driver and pay the money, but then decide to modify the agreed-upon pickup or delivery dates, which your driver is unable to fulfill.

In the unlikely event that a driver commits fraud, you will be entitled to a full refund of your CitizenShipper booking deposit cost. Prior to releasing the refund, CitizenShipper will conduct an initial inquiry as outlined below. CitizenShipper is not liable for any payments made to the driver, which is why you should choose payment methods that may be challenged if things don’t go as planned.

You may contact CitizenShipper to obtain a refund of the booking fee if your package is not delivered for any reason. Please give documentation that the driver failed to show up. Screenshots of text exchanges are adequate, as is a driver failing to arrive on the agreed-upon day and time.

CitizenShipper will contact the driver to confirm the cancellation after receiving your canceled contract/refund request. Drivers have up to three days to respond to the cancellation and confirm it. Only once the cancellation inquiry has been finished will refunds be provided.

If a driver denies canceling a cargo, CitizenShipper will launch an inquiry and collect as much evidence as possible in order to achieve a fair and equitable decision. It will take no more than two weeks to complete the inquiry.

Any refund request must be submitted within 90 days of the original payment date. Any refund request received after 90 days will be regarded as null and void. CitizenShipper will only provide a refund to the original credit card used for the transaction, or to a new credit card given.

CitizenShipper may utilize Paypal to give reimbursements in extraordinary cases. CitizenShipper is unable to issue personal checks in order to handle refunds.

CitizenShipper Contact

If you have any difficulties or queries with the CitizenShipper service, please contact CitizenShipper customer service right away. They may be reached in a variety of ways, including by clicking the support icon on the bottom left of the main CitizenShipper website.

CitizenShipper may also be reached via their official social media accounts, which include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Unfortunately, CitizenShipper does not provide a phone number, but, if you want immediate help, please contact CitizenShipper customer service at the following address.

CitizenShipper Expert Reviews

CitizenShipper is a recognized peer-to-peer delivery platform with over 9,000 drivers who have completed over 84,000 shipments and been compensated. Because CitizenShipper employs a bid-based system to allocate assignments, getting started is relatively simple. Simply register, go through the open shipping requests, and bid to accomplish them. The buyer will choose you out of the auction if you satisfy the job criteria and have the proper pricing, and you can start to work.

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Where to buy CitizenShipper?

CitizenShipper Review: Where to buy?

CitizenShipper is a reliable transportation firm that can send any of your items promptly and efficiently. Unfortunately, CitizenShipper is not available only via the official website. You don’t have to be concerned, since CitizenShipper offers a variety of deals and discounts on their official website.

    CitizenShipper Promo Codes & Coupons

    CitizenShipper not only offers the greatest online platform for shippers and drivers, but it also offers a variety of promotions and discounts for utilizing its services. To begin, if you become a driver, you will get a free platform account for the first three months, after which you will be charged at the usual rate. Second, you may subscribe to CitizenShipper’s newsletter to get product updates and frequent discounts.

    What’s more, you can check the section below to use various coupon codes!

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    CitizenShipper Questions & Answers (Q&A)

    Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for CitizenShipper. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

    Q: Is CitizenShipper legit?


    Yes! CitizenShipper has connected over 20,000 consumers with pet shippers throughout the United States. CitizenShipper is a terrific method for drivers to connect with shipments all around the nation. CitizenShipper makes it simple to locate transportation jobs that meet your schedule. It’s a fantastic opportunity to generate money while also seeing the nation and living a free lifestyle. CitizenShipper is an excellent resource for connecting shipping customers with background-screened and feedback-rated drivers.

    Q: What is CitizenShipper's revenue model?


    The drivers must pay a monthly fee to use the site (beyond the free trial period of 3 months). When consumers hire a driver, they pay a service charge that is normally about 15% of their entire cost. CitizenShipper will utilize the revenues to continue developing the CitizenShipper platform, as well as the support staff’s ongoing service and protections. The CitizenShipper service charge is calculated on a sliding scale: the higher the bid, the smaller the proportion of the service cost.

    Q: What information can I get on the drivers bidding on my shipment?


    You may tell a lot about a driver by looking at their profile. Simply click a driver’s name anywhere on the CitizenShipper platform to get to their profile page. You may evaluate all of the feedback submitted by a driver’s prior clients, including their star rating, number of completed shipments, cancellation rates, and lengthy reviews. Profile information often includes a driver’s location, pictures, driving licenses, USDOT numbers, available cars, and more. You may contact any driver directly using CitizenShipper’s chat system to discuss your cargo or their credentials. Each driver must submit information for a rigorous background check before bidding on your cargo, ensuring that they have not been engaged in any criminal charges or driving problems.

    Q: My driver receives very little feedback. Is that an issue?


    It really shouldn’t be. If a driver hasn’t received much feedback, it’s possible that they’re new to CitizenShipper. You may always go through their profile page for more information to make sure they’re the right person for your shipment. Because many consumers are hesitant to hire a driver with little expertise, novices are frequently compelled to offer their services at a lesser price, bidding lower than everyone else. It is absolutely up to you whether or not you take advantage of this. Please take the time to thank the driver for delivering your item securely and quickly by leaving positive feedback. The simplest way to express your gratitude for the excellent service provided by a driver is to rate and review them.

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    Conclusion of CitizenShipper Reviews & Ratings

    CitizenShipper Review: Conclusion

    CitizenShipper distinguishes itself by providing a peer-to-peer platform that links drivers with clients who need to transport pets, vehicles, freight, and large household goods. The CitizenShipper platform is simple to use and provides drivers with a diverse choice of gigs while offering consumers a quick and economical option to send unique products. You may ship your belongings or pets safely and easily using CitizenShipper.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this CitizenShipper review. As a result, we can say that CitizenShipper is a reliable brand that provides an innovative service in the shipping categories. We hope that after reading this review, your experience with CitizenShipper service is beneficial. Have a wonderful day!