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About CitizenM

This CitizenM review, dear travelers, might be a treasure for you. Everything you need to know about CitizenM is right here for you to read.

CitizenM Review: About
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Finding the perfect spot to relax is something that is perhaps very much required in a world that never stops moving and people who are constantly trying to improve themselves. After such a long and exhausting day, you should be able to obtain enough rest, replenish your energy stores, and be ready to face the following day with an abundance of vigor and vitality.

However, there are occasions when comfortable and luxury establishments that provide everything you want also demand massive costs to be accessible. That is why CitizenM was created in the first place. CitizenM is committed to offering its clientele the finest products at reasonable rates, in keeping with its aim to make luxury more affordable to the general public.

Overview of CitizenM

Let’s start this CitizenM review with a general overview of this hotel. 

CitizenM was founded on the premise that the conventional hotel business could be revolutionized via the development of a premium hybrid hotel that catered to the needs of today’s contemporary travelers while addressing the annoyances that these travelers often experienced.

In 2008, they established their first hotel, and they planned it around a new kind of traveler: one who appreciates the experience of staying in a luxury hotel in a central city location but is willing to pay a more reasonable price for that experience.

CitizenM is a hotel that combines the functions of a workplace, a place to unwind and play, and a place to get some shut-eye. To meet like-minded individuals and be motivated. A place where you can walk through the door and immediately feel like you’re at home. somewhere that offers free Wi-Fi, pleasant furnishings, and a fantastic bed where you can go to sleep after a hard day.

CitizenM is offered in a wide variety of locations throughout the globe. Today, it operates hotels in New York and Boston in the United States, as well as properties in Glasgow, London, Paris, Rotterdam, and Zurich in Europe; Taipei, Shanghai, and Kuala Lumpur in Asia; and Copenhagen and Zurich in Denmark. Washington, DC, Geneva, and Seattle are the three cities that are also the cities where CitizenM could be found of.

CitizenM Reviews

CitizenM is a hotel that lives up to its purpose: “to provide affordable luxury for the people.” The hotel does an excellent job of fulfilling its mission.

CitizenM Reviews

There is no way that CitizenM could ever be confused with any other hotel. They are distinct from everyone else in appearance and voice. They flaunt their vivid, artistic, and assertive personalities. Even their aroma is distinct and recognizable. And this is just the first impression. When everyone around you is wearing beige, standing out isn’t hard to do when you’re wearing black and red.

Their rooms are equipped with everything that today’s tourists may want, including king-sized mattresses that are very comfy, free Wi-Fi that is limitless, and entertainment options. CanteenM is always ready with food and drinks for you at any hour of the day.

And maybe most importantly, their ambassadors quickly become every guest’s closest confidantes. The fact that you are constantly aware that you are at CitizenM cannot be denied. Continue to read this CitizenM review to know more about them!

CitizenM Building Review

Established in 2008, CitizenM is a growing hotel. They have founded many buildings across the globe.

In Europe, they have several buildings listed below:

  1. London
    CitizenM London Bankside hotel
    CitizenM Tower of London hotel
    CitizenM London Shoreditch hotel
    CitizenM London Victoria Station hotel
  2. Copenhagen – CitizenM Copenhagen Radhuspladsen hotel
  3. Rotterdam – CitizenM Rotterdam hotel
  4. Paris
    CitizenM Paris Charles de Gaulle hotel
    CitizenM Paris La Defense hotel
    CitizenM Paris Gare de Lyon hotel
    CitizenM Paris Champs-Elysées hotel
  5. Amsterdam
    CitizenM Amstel Amsterdam hotel
    CitizenM Amsterdam South hotel
    CitizenM Schiphol Airport hotel

And many more in US and Asia, which you can find them directly while visiting the CitizenM official website in the hotel’s section.

CitizenM Hotels Review

Now that we have that out of the way let’s talk about the CitizenM branch, the Boston North Station Hotel.

CitizenM Review: CitizenM Hotels Review

You have the privilege of being only minutes away from everything in the surrounding area if you reserve a stay at this hotel. You can engage in gaming, indulge in delectable fresh seafood, or shop at exclusive stores. You can also invite business associates to the hotel’s living room for a handcrafted drink.

You may sleep soundly and comfortably knowing that your room does not provide you with the needless amenities often found in hotels, thanks to the room’s practical size and gorgeous design, which allows for a maximum of two persons.

CitizenM Destination Review

Apart from your work trip, you may also enjoy the surroundings of CitizenM hotel, such as Boston. Today, you’re undoubtedly familiar with it as the home of the Red Sox, the Boston Tea Party, the Freedom Trail, and amazing seafood. But did you know it was the first city in the United States to have a subway, a public park, a college, a chocolate factory, and a Dunkin’ Donuts? It’s time to plan your first trip to Boston, sometimes known as Beantown.

Are you prepared for some major name-dropping? Meet one of America’s oldest continuously functioning eateries. The Union Oyster House has served customers fresh fish, creamy chowder, and home-baked cornbread since 1826. This national monument, a favorite of statesman Daniel Webster and JFK, is a must-see and must-eat.

Are you ready to go to your next destination? Let’s take a flight over the picturesque area of Beacon Hill. This historic district is one of the most beautiful in the city. Cobblestone streets, old gas lighting, and comfortable brownstones will transport you to another era, while high-end shops and intimate bistros will entice your pocketbook.

CitizenM Meeting Room Review

All societyM meeting spaces have free, blazing-fast Wi-Fi, cozy Vitra furniture, and smart TVs. Additionally, they provide limitless coffee, tea, and water in addition to basic stationery and laptop connections including Clickshare, Apple Airplay, Microsoft Wireless, HDMI, and VGA. Most rooms feature whiteboard or blackboard walls that extend to the ceiling.

Delicious catering menus are available to order up to 48 hours before your conference for the morning, afternoon, and all-day appetites (this is to guarantee they can cover all dietary requirements, and make the food as fresh as can be). When booking, add any catering package.

It’s okay if you miss the 48-hour timeframe! The fantastic canteenM is conveniently located next to all of its societyM meeting spaces. It offers a sumptuous breakfast buffet (served until 11:00 AM), hot and cold lunches and dinners, 24/7 beverages and snacks, and freshly mixed artisan cocktails (serving hours in line with each country’s alcohol legislation).

Individuals and small groups (less than 20 persons) may just walk into cloudM during business hours without making a reservation (please ask at the hotel when you arrive). To let us know about your plans for groups of 20 individuals or more (or larger events), send an email to

Where to buy CitizenM?

It is quite amusing to reserve a room at CitizenM to remain there for many days given the numerous conveniences and benefits that are supplied by the business. As this is just a CitizenM review, you cannot book a room of theirs here.

You may reserve a room at CitizenM via various websites, including, Agoda, and, in addition to booking directly through their website.

CitizenM Promo Codes & Coupons

As mentioned before in this CitizenM review that its mission is to provide luxury at an affordable price.

CitizenM Review: Promotions & Discounts

The CitizenM provides a full range of amenities, including beds and windows that cover a whole wall, strong rain showers, and ambient settings that can be controlled by a tablet. They only provide one kind of bed, which is a king-size double, and have eliminated any things that are superfluous or undesirable to provide its residents with all they genuinely need. Additionally, they provide blazing-fast free Wi-Fi as well as streaming capabilities. You will have access to these amenities if you reserve a hotel at any of their locations.

Even though their purpose is to give luxury at prices that are accessible to more people, it would be more exciting if they offered some discounts, right? There is no need to go any farther than our CitizenM review since, in addition to providing you with an in-depth overview of the firm, we also present you with a number of coupons you can use to save money in various ways. Get hold of them today!

View All Coupons

Find promo codes and coupons for CitizenM in other countries

CitizenM Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for CitizenM. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

How do I book a room at CitizenM?

Because CitizenM strives to make things as simple and convenient for you as possible, the company requires that all bookings be made online. Visit for the most up-to-date information on their pricing as well as their availability. It just takes a few simple clicks to complete the process. There is no need to send or receive any emails or phone calls.

What is the procedure for canceling my reservation?

If you made your reservation directly via the CitizenM website, you may use my booking page to cancel your reservation at any time. You may or may not be charged depending on the kind of rate that you selected for this transaction.

If you made your reservation via a third party (such as another website, your travel agency, or anybody else), you will need to contact that party directly in order to cancel your reservation. It is probable that their contact information will be included in the email that confirms your reservation. At the time of booking, the kind of pricing that you choose will determine whether or not you will be charged.

How do I get a booking confirmation?

When you make a reservation via CitizenM, you will automatically be sent a booking confirmation through email. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, try the spam folder on your computer.

The email will originate from CitizenM for any and all reservations that are made directly via the CitizenM website or app.

If you booked your reservation via another channel, such as, Expedia, or a travel agency, the confirmation email will come from that particular channel. This indicates that if you need to make any modifications to your reservation or cancel it entirely, you will have to get in touch with them as well since they are the ones who made the booking in the first place.

Where can I locate my invoice?

The final bill will be sent to the email address that was provided at check-in and will arrive shortly after the completion of the check-out process.

Have you accidentally deleted the email, or did it just never reach you? By going into my booking page at any time, you will have access to see and download your invoice. In addition, you have the option to examine the invoice online or download it by providing the reservation number, the last name of the visitor, and the location of the hotel.

Is a credit card required to book?

Yes, in order to reserve a hotel, you will need a credit card that is still active. When you make a reservation, your credit card will not be charged (there are rare instances in which this may not be the case, such as when they are running time-sensitive sales).

You will be needed to produce a credit card when you check-in at the hotel, but it does not have to be the same credit card that you used when you made your reservation online.

What kinds of rates do they have?

For every booking, there are two distinct pricing options available:

Within the parameters of the booking, the flexible pricing will let you make changes to your reservation or even cancel it entirely without incurring any additional fees.

If you choose the fixed-rate, you will get a cheaper price; but, once your reservation is made, you will not be able to cancel it or make any changes to it (this rate is temporarily unavailable until September 2021).

In addition to that, there is a unique mycitizenM pricing that provides additional savings and flexibility. You may join up with mycitizenM at the same time you make your reservation if you haven’t already. Read on for more information here.

Is parking available at citizenM New York Times Square?

There is no provision for parking at the CitizenM New York Times Square hotel. When searching for parking choices in the area, you may use either the website or the mobile app SpotHero.

However, it is stated that CitizenM does not have any kind of affiliation with SpotHero or any of the parking choices that SpotHero suggests.

Ask a question?

CitizenM Expert Reviews

CitizenM Seattle lived up to its promise of affordable luxury for today’s tourists. We were thrilled with the whole experience, from the flawless check-in procedure to the comfy room and beautiful mattresses to the minute-long check-out.

Many of the things we dislike about staying in hotels — the superfluous pomp and ceremony, the fluffy bathrobes, and the WiFi costs – have been replaced with warm common areas, superb bedrooms with blackout curtains, enormous beds, and a frictionless experience from the start to end.

Wheatless Wanderlust
Full Review
CitizenM Review: Expert Reviews

A fantastic location, really comfy accommodations, and kind service. The hotel flaunts its fashionable credentials, but non-Millennials need not be turned off.

Business Traveller
Full Review

From arrival to departure, the hotel provided an amazing experience. The location is excellent, but there are no outside noise diversions. The whole staff was really polite and helpful. Never passed without saying hello, yet never intruded.

Full Review

Listen, I’ve been to New York City many times. And every hotel was the same… an overall meh experience. That is until we came across CitizenM. I can’t say enough excellent things about this location! The decor is fantastic! Modern and enjoyable. The hotel is IMMACULATE… the cleanest hotel I’ve ever been in. The staff went out of their way to be courteous… they even left balloons and a hand-made note in our room to greet my daughter on her first trip to New York.

I can confidently state that I will never stay at another NYC hotel… CitizenM FOREVER!!!

Jayme E
Full Review

The CitizenM New York Bowery Hotel is the highest modular hotel in the world. For lone leisure visitors, it’s also a stunning, fashionable stay with moderate (for NYC) pricing. Pros: real kind and helpful staff, ridiculously comfy bed, lightning-fast Wi-Fi, and wall-to-wall windows

The Points Guy
Full Review

The upper-middle-class citizenM New York Times Square is a quirky, ultra-modern facility in the Theater District, approximately a five-minute walk from Times Square. CitizenM ignores usual hotel trappings, from self-check-in, airport-style kiosks to its big, living room-like lobby stocked with bright knickknacks and amusing art. In their words, there are “absolutely no trouser presses, bellboys, or other outdated old hotel tropes.” The lobby restaurant/bar is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and provides barista-brewed coffee. The 21st story rooftop bar with excellent skyline views and covered outside dining.

Full Review

Conclusion of CitizenM Reviews & Ratings

CitizenM is the perfect hotel for you whether you are a frequent mobile traveler, a millennial who enjoys doing business travel, or both. With its compact rooms available, its contemporary and artistic architecture, and its inexpensive pricing, those will be such a charm that it will be tough to deny them. Get the coupons and make your reservations so you can experience it yourself.

CitizenM Review: Conclusion

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Thank you for stopping by for this CitizenM review. Have a fantastic vacation!


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