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You’re surely aware of how difficult it may be to obtain a decent night’s sleep on hot evenings. You’re sweating, your skin is sticky, and you wake up sluggish. The problem is, that your body is built to sleep in a colder atmosphere. Human bodies are designed to have a modest drop in core temperature in the evening.

A drop in body temperature at night may indicate that it is time to sleep. Do you know there is a company that specializes in offering sleeping equipment with adjustable temperatures?

ChiliSleep is the name of the firm, and its device can control and alter the temperature where you sleep. So that you may sleep better at your preferred temperature. You may be amazed at how ChiliSleep products might help you sleep better.

ChiliSleep developed a system that improves sleep and general wellness. Their products include a sleeping system, pillow, blanket, bedsheet, and many more.

This ChiliSleep review will tell you everything about this fantastic company that wants to help you sleep like a child and wake up feeling rejuvenated. You may also learn how to obtain the greatest deal on ChiliSleep products.

If you have trouble sleeping or feel tired when you get up in the morning, you should read this ChiliSleep review.

Overview of ChiliSleep

ChiliSleep is a bedding, cover, and sleep technology business based in California that mainly provides temperature-controlled cooling products. ChiliSleep technology regulates the hot and cold temperatures of your sleeping place to promote a restful night’s sleep.

ChiliSleep was conceived as a solution to a vexing situation. Simply stated, Todd and Tara Youngblood were tired of being wake up exhausted. Utilizing her knowledge of science, Tara determined that she would hunt for a solution on her own.

After reviewing hundreds of books and papers, it became evident that temperature-controlled sleep is the key to a restful night. Using Todd’s expertise in sales and product development, they founded a sleep technology brand named ChiliSleep.

ChiliSleep was founded in North Carolina in 2007 as a result of trial and error “motivated by thermodynamics to match thermal load to cooling slumber.” The ChiliSleep company continues to expand. ChiliSleep has invested more than 155,000 hours in research and testing to assure the efficacy of its goods.

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Despite the fact that adjustable temperature sleeping items are not widely available, ChiliSleep continues to sell its goods successfully. Sleeping systems, weighted blankets, pillows, bedsheets, and many other sleeping items are being sold by ChiliSleep.

All ChiliSleep products are designed to provide customers with better sleep quality. Many happy customers have said that utilizing ChiliSleep products has helped them get better sleep. ChiliSleep is the answer for everyone who struggles with sleeping schedules or quality.

ChiliSleep Cube Review

ChiliSleep Review: ChiliSleep Cube Review

A cooling mattress pad is provided by the ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System. Unlike conventional cooling mattress pads, which employ gel infusions or other materials to take heat away from the body, the ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System has inbuilt water tubes that enable users to adjust the temperature to their liking.

The ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System is a sleeping pad that links to a temperature-regulating cube through a long, flat tube. Pour water into the cube (more on that later) and set a temperature using the cube’s dial or the remote that came with it.

The temperature range of the cube is 55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit (or 13 to 43 degrees Celsius), allowing you to make it colder or hotter while sleeping. The magic occurs in the cube, which heats and cools water (depending on what the user prefers when sleeping) before pushing the temperature-controlled water via the tube onto the pad, which is packed with tiny silicone tubes.

For people who prefer complete control over their sleeping temperature, the ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System is a fantastic alternative. The ChiliSleep Cube System is appropriate for usage by people or couples since it is available in full and half sizes. The remote control allows customers to regulate the temperature from the comfort of their bed.


  • Dimensions: 9.5in x 10.5in x 7.5in
  • Water Tank: 13oz
  • Mass: 10lbs
  • Voltage: 90-230VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Power: 170W
  • Temp. Range: 55-115°F (13-46°C)
  • Temp. Control: °F /°C
  • Noise Level: ~51-56 dBA
  • Annual Power Consumption: ~500kWh/year
  • Safety Certifications: ETL, SAA, and CE

ChiliSleep Ooler Review

ChiliSleep Review: ChiliSleep Ooler Review

Ooler is one of ChiliSleep‘s primary products. This is an innovative sleep device that allows you to precisely regulate the temperature of your bed. With a temperature range of 55-110°F (13-43°C). Ooler is a water-based system that includes a control device and a mattress topper with thin circulation tubes for precise temperature control throughout the night. Ooler will be your next favorite item to help you sleep better.

One of the most important biological components in maintaining excellent restful sleep is core temperature. You could purchase an electric blanket, a fan, or put an AC unit in the bedroom, but Ooler offers several advantages over these simpler choices.

To begin with, cooling and heating using a water-based system are much more thermally effective than air cooling, which means heat transmission between your body and the Ooler’s mattress pad is far less likely to be impacted by factors like ambient room temperature.

Ooler is also useful if your sleeping companion requires a different temperature at night. Perhaps you like a warm bed, while your spouse has night sweats or hot flashes. Ooler provides freedom temperature adjustment for both sides of the bed with a dual sleeper setup.

Overall, the key advantages of Ooler include the ability to exactly identify a bed temperature that works best for you, in a convenient, dependable way, and with the additional benefits of smart features like app management, scheduling, and easy daily usage.


  • Dimensions: 15in x 10in x 6in
  • Water Tank: 30oz
  • Mass: 9.5lbs
  • Voltage: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Power: 140W
  • Temp. Range: 55-115°F (13-46°C)
  • Temp. Control: °F/°C
  • Noise Level: Silent ~ 51-56 dBA, Regular ~ 58-63 dBA, Boost ~ 61-66 dBA
  • Annual Power Consumption: -500kWh/year
  • Safety Certifications: ETL, SAA, and CE

ChiliSleep Dock Pro Review

ChiliSleep Review: ChiliSleep Dock Pro Review

Overheating in bed and night sweating may quickly disrupt your sleep, resulting in interrupted sleeping and weariness the following day. At CES 2022, ChiliSleep showcased its newest solution for night sweating: the Dock Pro sleep system with a cooling mattress pad.

The Dock Pro uses a patent-pending cooling mechanism that has ‘almost twice the cooling power’ of earlier systems, according to Ooler. The Chilipad Pro‘s enhanced temperature-regulating surface and Breathable Cool Mesh layer provide five times the cooling power.

There’s also dual-zone cooling and heating – the Dock Pro‘s temperature range is 55-115°F (13-46°C), and since the system is WI-FI enabled, you can manage its sleep cycles and temperature while driving home. Many of the greatest mattress makers are addressing the problem of sleeping overheated, but this ChiliSleep Dock Pro seems to be taking customized cooling to new heights.


  • Dimensions: 15 W x 12 L x 6.25in H
  • Reservoir: 20 oz.
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Power: 350W
  • Temperature Range: 55-115°F (13-46°C)
  • Temperature Control: °F/°C
  • Noise Level at 1FT: 41 – 46 dBA
  • Safety Certifications: ETL
  • Weight: 13.7 Ibs
  • WIFI: 2.4GHz

ChiliSleep Blanket Review

Weighted blankets have been shown to be useful sleep aids. When combined with temperature-controlled technology, you’ll fall asleep faster and remain asleep deeper. ChiliSleep offers one of the best cooling blankets the name of chiliBlanket. chiliBlanket is the only weighted blanket that may be used in conjunction with other ChiliSleep products.

This sweat-free blanket has weighted beads weighing about 15Ibs. It also has cooling water channels, which help to relieve tension and provide a pleasant and regenerative sleep. The chiliBlanket is constructed of a poly-blend and square-knit fleece mix that is very soft and warm. Cuddle into the ChiliSleep chilliBlanket to quiet your racing mind and relax for a good night’s sleep.


  • Water channels are circulated to offset the ambient temperature.
  • Hydro-powered thermal range with a temperature range of 55-115°F / 13-46°C.
  • Temperature control is included to prevent heat from being trapped.
  • 15 pounds of soothing pressure for stress and anxiety alleviation.
  • Compatible with the Cube or Ooler control units.

ChiliSleep System Cleaner Review

ChiliSleep Review: ChiliSleep System Cleaner Review

ChiliSleep is not only providing some excellent sleeping systems products, but they also provide products to maintain and clean their system. Using the ChiliSleep System Cleaner, you can ensure that your ChiliSleep system remains in pristine condition.

The System Cleaner is formulated with a one-of-a-kind combination of fundamental antibacterial components. To ensure that your Dock Pro, Ooler, or Cube is operating at its full potential, just add the solution to it once every one to three months.

ChiliSleep Shipping

ChiliSleep makes every attempt to deliver its goods to your home in a timely and secure manner. This section will inform you about ChiliSleep‘s delivery policy. Shipping costs, anticipated delivery times, and other ChiliSleep product shipping information may be found here.

ChiliSleep provides quick and free shipping to any locations in the continental United States to guarantee the best possible purchase experience. Orders will be sent within 1-2 business days if a product is not “in production.” ChiliSleep will transport your purchase straight to your home or workplace utilizing a premium carrier such as USPS, FedEx, or UPS once you make your order.

Customers in the mainland United States should usually receive their goods within 3 to 7 business days, while orders in Alaska, Hawaii, and any off-shore United States territories should take 10 to 14 days.

If you live outside of the US, don’t worry; ChiliSleep also offers worldwide delivery. International orders are normally delivered between 8 to 12 business days (plus customs clearance time). Customers from other countries may be required to pay import tariffs at the time of purchase. To discover more about tax rates, please contact your local government’s tax authority.

ChiliSleep will send you an email with a tracking number as quickly as the item is sent so you can monitor it as it makes its way to you. You may also access your account and see all of your previous orders. You will choose your order id from your account page, where you will be able to view your tracking details and check the order progress with the delivery carrier.

ChiliSleep Return Policy

ChiliSleep strives to provide the greatest goods for you, but reality may not always be as smooth as the ideal, in which case you may return ChiliSleep items for a refund or exchange. If you bought a ChiliSleep product from the official ChiliSleep shop within the last 30 days, you are entitled to a refund.

ChiliSleep does not accept returns for items acquired from third-party shops; thus, you must contact them directly to learn about their return policies.

If you live outside of the continental United States, please be aware that you are responsible for any shipping fees related to your purchase. If you live in the continental United States, you may obtain the ChiliSleep Customer Return Authorization Form here. If you live outside of the continental United States, you may get the ChiliSleep International Customer Return Authorization Form here.

ChiliSleep Contact

You may have never encountered the items supplied by ChiliSleep before since a cooling mattress or bed is not widely used. After reading this review, you should have some questions about ChiliSleep. If you have any questions, you may contact ChiliSleep customer service.

You can contact them through live chat by clicking the message button in the bottom right corner of the ChiliSleep website. You can also submit an inquiry about ChiliSleep products or services by filling out this form. If you need immediate assistance, you may contact ChiliSleep customer service at the addresses listed below.

  • Telephone: (704) 235-6831
  • Email: Help@chilisleep.com
  • Working Hours: 9am-8pm

ChiliSleep Expert Reviews

ChiliSleep Review: Expert Reviews

One of my favorite aspects of the Cube system is that it can be used with almost any mattress size. The Chilipad is officially available for queen, king, and California king beds, as well as single-user variants that suit half of those mattresses. The “half queen” pad fits a conventional single mattress, while the “half king” pad fits a twin XL mattress. In actuality, you can use a half queen or half king Chilipad on almost any mattress, regardless of size. For example, I’ve used my half-king Chilipad on a king-size bed in my main bedroom as well as a queen-size mattress in my guest bedroom. I enjoy the versatility since it means you can simply transport your Cube Sleep System.

Michael Kummer
Full Review

In my experience, the OOLER system lived up to its promise of allowing me to enjoy a long and pleasant night’s sleep. The potential to automatically set the temperature of the mat within a comfortable range, as well as the capability to keep both cold-blooded and warm-blooded sleepers comfortable, has quickly made it something that I can’t fathom going to bed without. The ChiliSleep OOLER Sleep System should be on everyone’s list of must-try sleep solutions because to its affordable price point of $699 for the half queen size.

21 Oak
Full Review

Because the ChiliPAD is made of water, it manages temperature far better than electric or air-powered alternatives. For example, you can set an electric blanket to high or low, but you’ll have a hard time lowering it down to the precise temperature you desire. Air-based systems also have a lower temperature concentration, so good luck keeping a consistent temperature throughout the night. For the last month, I’ve been using my ChiliPad Ooler, and it’s helped me fall asleep quicker, wake up feeling more refreshed, and even improve some of the sleep numbers I monitor on my Apple Watch. On the coldest setting, it has reduced my typical sleeping heart rate by around 5 points. I feel more energized when I wake up.

Breaking Eighty
Full Review

Regardless, I was blown away by how warm and chilly each side felt once they reached their respective temperatures. The chilly side felt cold, while the heating side felt like a warm electric blanket. What amazed me the most was how neither side appeared to affect the other! I’m not sure how useful the warming feature would be for me as a hot sleeper, but I can see how it might be useful for those who get chilly easily. But, in my view, the true treasure is the cooling feature. After experimenting with various temps, I settled on a comfortable 60 degrees for the whole Chilipad. And the soothing caress of the duvet on my skin soothed me as I rolled across the mattress. Some of you may already be aware, but maintaining a low body temperature might help you fall asleep quicker.

Full Review

Where to buy ChiliSleep?

After reading this review, you may consider that ChiliSleep might be the best sleep solution you’ve been looking for. If you want to experience the best sleeping sensation you’ve ever had, get the ChiliSleep product right now.

ChiliSleep products are available to buy from a variety of online stores, including Amazon, BestBuy, and ApriaDirect. However, the best place to purchase ChiliSleep products is the official ChiliSleep website. It is because the official website of ChiliSleep offers a variety of items that are not available at other stores.

Not only that, but the ChiliSleep official website offers a variety of discounts and specials. So, what are you holding out for? Take out your credit card, go to the ChiliSleep website, and check out everything in your basket right now!

    ChiliSleep Promo Codes & Coupons

    ChiliSleep not only assists you in getting a good night’s sleep, but they also assist you in purchasing their goods at a reasonable price. You may find several discounts and promotions on the ChiliSleep official website that might help you save money when purchasing a ChiliSleep product.

    ChiliSleep’s first offer is FREE shipping across the United States. Following that, ChiliSleep extended a special discount for U.S. troops, first responders, nurses, and educators via their heroes discount, which can be found here. You may also earn a $25 discount by recommending a friend to ChiliSleep. If that isn’t enough, try using the promo codes listed below to receive even more discounts.

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    ChiliSleep Questions & Answers (Q&A)

    Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for ChiliSleep. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

    Q: How can lying on a chilly surface help you sleep better?


    A tiny dip in core body temperature tells your body’s internal clock it’s time to relax. Because falling asleep is so much about comfort, ChiliSleep products enable you to stay warm and toasty with all those blankets while also reaping the advantages of Deep Sleep. It should take 15-30 minutes to fall asleep. If it takes longer, seek a better temperature before sleep. The body just requires a 2-3 degree temperature decrease to turn on the sleep switch and induce deep sleep. To guarantee proper REM sleep, turn off the sleep switch, and wake up well-rested, individuals should sense a 2-3 degree increase in temperature towards the end of sleep. Temp scheduling functions in Chilisleep OOLER & DockPro Sleep Systems help people with temperature issues sleep better.

    Q: Is it possible to use my ChiliSleep system while on oxygen?


    ChiliSleep is not ETL certified for use in an oxygen enhanced environment since it is meant for domestic usage rather than medical use. It has not been tested in any situation other than the typical household.

    Q: What are the highest and lowest temperatures that ChiliSleep systems can withstand?


    The ChiliSleep devices should not be kept or utilized in temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius), therefore slightly over freezing would be the chilly limit. In terms of temperature, the ChiliSleep system should not be utilized in temperatures over 100°F/38°C. If you attempt to utilize the system in temperatures near the extremes of this range, you may notice a significant decline in the unit’s heating/cooling efficiency. Use our system in a slightly chilly to slightly warm environment 55°F/13°C to 75°F/24°C for optimal results.

    Q: What payment methods does ChiliSleep offer?


    ChiliSleep accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club credit cards. ChiliSleep accepts payments with PayPal Express Checkout, ApplePay, and Amazon Pay as well. To use ApplePay, you must be signed in to your iCloud account and have a valid credit card on file when using Safari.

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    Conclusion of ChiliSleep Reviews & Ratings

    ChiliSleep Review: Conclusion

    You may want to try ChiliSleep products if you’re having trouble sleeping, awake often in the night, or waking up constantly feeling exhausted. ChiliSleep offers a variety of products to help you sleep better. You may sleep at your preferred temperature with ChiliSleep’s adjustable temperature product.

    Thank you for reading this ChiliSleep review; please leave a comment if ChiliSleep has improved your sleeping quality. Have a good night’s sleep!