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How to pack modest amounts of personal care goods is one of travel’s perennial conundrums. For sure, it’s always a little bit tricky to figure out how to bring shampoo, conditioner, face wash, moisturizer, and makeup without your suitcase being cumbersome, heavy, and possibly leaky, whether you’re traveling, staying at a friend’s home, or planned to go the gym after work before heading out.

Some individuals used to store little amounts of merchandise and jewelry in old contact lens boxes, tea sample tins, and pill containers. However, they aren’t perfect solutions, and it’s common for things to become mixed up in unhelpful ways.

Other travelers may purchase specific travel-sized containers for decanting materials, although these are often one-time purchases. They’re usually composed of thin plastic, are difficult to clean, and are intended for one-time use.

There is now a better alternative available on the market. Cadence Capsule is a line of hexagonal containers, or capsules, that are reusable and refillable that may be used to hold a variety of items.

In this Cadence Capsule review, you will learn a lot about this great brand, their revolutionary capsule, the benefits and drawbacks, reviews, and even some discounts on Cadence Capsule items. With the aid of Cadence Capsule, unorganized travels are a thing of the past.

Overview of Cadence Capsule

Cadence was created by Steph Hon, who sought to create a solution for today’s commuters. Steph bootstrapped Cadence’s core product, the capsules, and worked with manufacturers to build prototypes, which benefit people on the move while also having a good influence on the environment.

Hon was able to obtain an angel round of funding in 2019. With that money, she polished the capsules in preparation for Cadence’s formal introduction in February 2020. Consumers loved and devoured it, with the collection selling out in only 16 days since its debut.

Cadence is on a quest to completely eliminate single-use plastic bottles from the portable personal care sector. While many people think of sustainability in terms of full-sized single-use plastic, Hon wants to lead the charge to replace the little plastic bottles that have become part of people daily lives but are harmful to the environment.

Hon chose the name Cadence because she wanted to make items that match each person’s unique lifestyle, schedule, and rhythm. As a result, Cadence exists to assist clients in maintaining their daily rhythm by developing sustainable solutions that integrate effortlessly into routines.

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Cadence Capsule Reviews

Cadence Capsule Reviews

Cadence makes items that make it easier for you to move since you do everything. The Cadence Capsule is a compact, simply designed refilled container that is meant for frustration-free everyday transitions.

Cadence capsules are 100 percent leak-proof, TSA compliant, sturdy, non-leaching, non-porous, and wide-mouthed for simple filling and cleaning, and are made of recycled ocean-bound plastics recovered from beaches in Haiti and Thailand.

Interchangeable labels (marked cleanser, vitamins, toner, etc.) make it simple to identify whatever product you’re looking for, and built-in magnets keep everything together and conserve space.

Simply fill your capsules with your must-have goods, connect them, and you’re ready to go. Cadence Capsule may help you with your commute.

Cadence Capsule

Cadence Capsule is a magnetic, leakproof container that may be customized for day-to-day use, long journeys, or adding to your current Capsule system. Interchangeable Tiles allow the Capsule to be customized to new levels.

Choose from a selection of phrases and symbols included with each Capsule, or type your own. The Capsules are designed to be used, cleaned, and refilled indefinitely and with ease. Ergonomic and smooth, so you can get to every last drop of your stuff.

They include hexagonal barrels with integrated magnets that can be snapped together to form a honeycomb-like structure that makes it simple to keep them together and throw them into a travel bag. The lids are magnetic as well, making them less likely to be misplaced, and they come with very useful magnetic replaceable labels.

The capsules are also leakproof, so you may put drinks, lotions, hair/skin products, and sunscreen in them without worrying about the contents of your travel bag being ruined. They’re also great for storing medications, jewelry, and other tiny goods that don’t need to be exposed to liquids. They may be cleaned in the dishwasher after they’ve been emptied.

Cadence Capsule provides a variety of capsule bundles. You may purchase a bundle for everyday usage, weekend use, trip use, or even a hangover package. Using the Build Your 6 or Build Your 12 options, you may even create your own capsules configurations.

The Capsule is also available in a range of colors. Charcoal, Petal, Lavender, Sand, Terracotta, Pacific, and Eucalyptus are the seven hues available. Furthermore, you may mark your capsules so that you don’t get confused about which one contains the shampoo and gel.

You may also receive a personalized label or symbols. Choose from a range of customization options for Cadence Capsule to find the one that best suits your demands in terms of labels and colors.

Cadence Capsule Sustainability

Cadence Capsule Review: Cadence Capsule Sustainability

Cadence Capsules are made from recycled, ocean-bound plastic thanks to cooperation with Enivision Plastics. Local communities are used by Envision Plastics to collect plastic from beaches all around the globe. They then ship the plastic to their Montana-based manufacturing partners, who make each capsule to order.

The capsules are constructed of 50% recycled material, including 20% recovered ocean-bound plastic and 30% repurposed waste plastic. To guarantee that no plastic is wasted, they re-grind and re-integrate any unwanted plastic fragments into their final capsules.

Despite the fact that the Cadence Capsule is constructed of plastic, it is still considered a green alternative. Because the typical person throws away 6 single-use travel-sized bottles every year (400 throughout their lifetime), Cadence allows you to purchase once and use it forever. You also cut down on your use of hotel travel-sized goods, ultimately eliminating the need for them entirely.

Cadence Capsules make it simple to purchase ordinary things in bulk quantity— think shampoo, lotions, and other personal care items – and store them in the capsules. This may dramatically cut your usage of single-use plastic.

Furthermore, since little fragments of plastic are more difficult for automated single-stream recycling systems to handle, your single bigger bottle will have a greater chance of being recycled after you’re done with it.

In addition to minimizing your single-use plastic usage, buying Cadence Capsules means actively aiding the elimination of plastic from beaches all around the globe. Cadence Capsule is always evolving, and this company is enthusiastic to keep moving further in the direction of a more sustainable future.

You may contact their customer support immediately if you wish to recycle your Cadence Capsule. You can contact Cadence Capsule through email with the subject line “recycle” if you want to recycle your capsule. Cadence Capsule will give you a free shipping label so you can return it to the firm and they will recycle it to produce new capsules.

Cadence Capsule Cracking

Cracking is the least thing to worry about in the Cadence Capsule. As Cadence Capsule design ensures long-term dependability, so your product can endure anything from airplane air pressure to shower drips — plus this capsule is magnetic, so you can keep it intact at all times. They can withstand being hit by a vehicle, so they’ll be alright if they drop from your grip in the tub.

Cadence Capsule created a threaded twist-on cap that required two and a half revolutions to assure that your capsule will never be accidentally opened while in your pocket or purse. Cadence Capsule incorporated an industrial seal as the second layer of protection to guarantee that even high levels of flight air pressure would not have an influence on your goods.

To top it all off, Cadence Capsules are double-walled, giving them enough outer strength to withstand the tossing and twisting of your baggage, and unlike silicone, the capsule material is not porous, so there is no risk of the product being absorbed into the walls during transportation. It is the only refillable container specifically developed and proven to be 100 percent leakproof and airtight, allowing you to keep all of your goods with confidence in Cadence Capsules.

Your capsules, like your beloved reusable water bottle or expensive handbag, are subject to regular wear and tear. Minor cosmetic damage, such as scuffs, scratches, or nicks, will have no effect on how the Capsule keeps your goods. Cleaning any sand or debris from the top and outside of the cap is suggested to ensure that it is leakproof.

Cadence Capsule Dimension

Cadence capsules are around 1.8″ in height and 1.5″ in broad, making them somewhat smaller than lime. A quart-sized bag may easily hold up to 15 capsules. Without any product inside, one capsule weighs 1.5 oz. To put it in perspective, it’s about the size of a little lime. One mango seems lighter than a system of 6-7 pills with no substance within.

Because of the Cadence Capsule‘s unusual modular and magnetic construction, they are somewhat heavier than you may expect. The Cadence Capsule is magnetic, so you can keep it together at all times. The design provides for proven durability throughout a lifetime, so your product can survive anything from air pressure on your trip to spills in the shower.

Cadence Capsule Label

For your Cadence Capsule order, you will get standard labels. This firm, however, also provides personalized label orders. Cadence Capsule processes all orders in-house, including customized label printing, to assure quality and accuracy. If you wish to purchase customized labels with your own labels or phrases, you may do so for an extra $3 per custom label.

Even though it is a customized order, there are several regulations for your Cadence Capsule custom order. A single line of text may include up to 12 characters, and two lines of text can each contain up to 11 characters.

The character count includes spaces, punctuation marks, and other markings. Unless you modify and format with lowercase, all standard labels are printed with title case, which means that any word you enter will have an upper-case initial letter.

Cadence Capsule Product Care

Cadence Capsule Review: Cadence Capsule Product Care

Cadence Capsule is not only a great way to organize your travel essentials, but it’s also a breeze to clean. You may clean your Cadence Capsule by following these instructions.

  1. Remove the tile(s)
  2. Swirl a drop of your preferred delicate cleanser or light soap with warm water while removing surplus products with your finger.
  3. Use a q-tip to access some of the harder-to-reach locations of the lid.
  4. Allow them to air dry.

Cadence Capsule Pros and Cons

Cadence Capsule is unquestionably a fantastic concept for travel storage. This review contains a number of positive aspects of Cadence Capsule. But it isn’t to say Cadence Capsule is without flaws.

You may learn about Cadence Capsule’s positive and negative aspects in this section. It is recommended that you read this section before purchasing Cadence Capsule items.


  • For convenient storage, stick together using magnets.
  • It’s simple to keep a rounded floor clean.
  • Magnetic labels may be swapped across capsules.


  • For their size and weight, it doesn’t contain much.
  • There is just one size available.
  • Even when you don’t want them to, capsules cluster together.

Cadence Capsule Return Policy

Cadence Capsule provides a 60-day trial period and free returns. Cadence Capsule understands that you need time to enjoy your Capsules and wants you to feel peaceful and in control.

If you need to return anything, send an email to orders@keepyourcadence.com with your order number and “return” in the text. Cadence Capsule will give you a free mailing label to return your capsules so that they may be recycled into new capsules.

Cadence Capsule Customer Support

This review will attempt to present you with as much information as can about Cadence Capsule. If you have any concerns regarding Cadence Capsule goods that this review does not address, you may contact Cadence Capsule customer support right away 24 hours from Monday to Friday.

Cadence Capsule’s customer support may be reached at the following address. We hope that you can find your desired answer after contacting Cadence Capsule customer support.

Cadence Capsule Expert Reviews

Cadence Capsule Review: Expert Reviews

Cadence’s adaptability is my favorite feature; I acquired it with one reason in mind, but its utility has increased, then doubled again. I can alter the contents of each capsule to match my ever-changing demands since the materials are robust and dishwashing safe. “I never realized I needed this,” “Cadence capsules have made their way into so many corners of my life,” I’ve giggled to myself as I read through the testimonials on Cadence’s site since they so accurately represent my experience.

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What makes them stand out so much? The characteristics are self-evident. They’re simple to keep together and open and shut because to the magnetic sides and tops. These are actually leakproof, waterproof, airtight, and TSA-approved, as I can verify from multiple successful trips. The little but formidable design can carry one to two weeks’ worth of product, and the big aperture at the top makes scooping and refilling a breeze. They’re simple to clean and reuse again after time. My favorite feature is that each capsule may be given a name. I went with conventional names, but you may make your own or use emoji instead. They also come in a variety of interesting colors, so you can color-coordinate your outfits. While I use mine for vacation, a couple have found their way into my daily bag as well.

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Is it true that I have OCD? I’m not sure. I do know that Cadence Capsules have helped me drastically reorganize a lot of aspects in my life. I couldn’t stop using them once I returned home from that vacation. To keep my skincare regimen orderly, I still use the lighter set in the morning and the darker set at night. Now I can fumble about in my medical cabinet without worrying about knocking over (and destroying) my $200 anti-aging serum bottle.

The Get Well
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These don’t leak at all — ever. I can toss them in a bag without worrying about anything spilling or leaking. It was completely leak-proof, even with the most watery toner. I really like how they stick together using magnets, so I won’t lose them at the bottom of a luggage. These carry half an ounce of foundation, which is roughly how much I use in a six-month period, yet they still take up so little room. These are really simple to fill with items since they have such a large hole, and you don’t need a funnel, tiny spatula, or spoon to do so.

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Where to buy Cadence Capsule?

After reading this review, you may be uncertain about where to get Cadence Capsule products. Cadence Capsule products may be purchased via the company’s official website. Cadence Capsule is also available for purchase via Goop.

It is still recommended that you purchase Cadence Capsule products from their official website in order to take advantage of the greatest bargains and discounts available.

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    Following your reading of this Cadence Capsule product review, you may be wondering where you can get Cadence Capsule items at the best possible pricing. The most effective method of obtaining the lowest possible price for Cadence Capsule items is to make use of discount codes.

    You may receive a 20% discount on your order if you utilize EARTHDAY coupons. If that code does not work for you, you may try one of the alternative codes listed below. If you join up for Cadence Capsule’s email list, you’ll get a 10% discount on your purchase.

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    Cadence Capsule Questions & Answers (Q&A)

    Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Cadence Capsule. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

    Q: What is the capacity of a cadence capsule?


    Cadence Capsule is composed of ocean-bound, BPA-free plastic. Each has a capacity of.56 ounces, enough to store one to two weeks’ worth of skincare products, two to three days’ worth of serums, two to three days’ worth of haircare products, and 17 pills, according to the firm. You can check the capacity calculator of the Cadence capsule on each product page.

    Q: Is it true that Cadence capsules are TSA-approved?


    Yes, the Capsules meet TSA requirements. They have a capacity of 0.56 fluid ounces (the TSA’s restriction is 3.4 fl oz). If TSA needs to double-check, the quantity is also written on the exterior of the capsule. Plus, a transparent quart-sized bag may hold up to 15 Capsules, so you won’t have to skip any portions of your program.

    Q: How can I retrieve my product from the Cadence Capsule?


    The majority of items can be scooped or poured. Pouring liquids, scooping creams, and laying a cotton pad on top and turning it over for toner are all advised. The capsules were constructed with broad holes and rounded interiors so you can always obtain the last drop.

    Q: Can I keep my product in the Cadence Capsule for an extended period of time?


    The shelf life and expiry date of your capsule’s contents remain the same; just follow the capsule’s standard storage guidelines. You may store them on your bathroom shelf, in your backpack, or in your vehicle for a long time if you remember to check the expiry date on the original product. Highly concentrated products are an exception to this rule.

    Q: Will my technology be affected by the magnets from Cadence Capsule?


    No, the magnets in the capsules will not affect your credit cards, laptops, and phones.

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    Conclusion of Cadence Capsule Reviews & Ratings

    Cadence Capsule Review: Conclusion

    Cadence Capsule is the best solution for you if you like traveling but despise disorganized luggage or perhaps have OCD. It is the most convenient product for you. You may conveniently store your inventories without having to worry about leaking or breaking since the containers are leak-proof. Purchasing Cadence Capsule may enhance your experience of living a simple lifestyle.

    Overall, Cadence Capsule is a fantastic company that revolutionizes the way people organize their inventory. Thank you for taking the time to read this review. We hope that after reading this Cadence Capsule review, you’ll have a better understanding of the company and its goods. We welcome any comments or recommendations about this review article.