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About Burger Motorsports

You may wish to acquire the greatest update for your cars, particularly the engines if you are an automotive enthusiast. Tuners are one component that may make a difference in your customized car.

Burger Motorsports Review: About
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With the greatest engine tuner, you can significantly increase speed and stability. Look no farther than the Burger Motorsports brand for the finest tuner for your car.

Burger Motorsports produces the world-renowned JB4 performance tuner. Since 2007, Burger Motorsports has been a leader in performance tuning, intakes, and modifications for street-inspired racing cars.

You may learn more about Burger Motorsports by reading this review. You may also find out more about their products, services, and even special offers. This Burger Motorsports review is for everyone who enjoys upgrading or customizing their cars.

Overview of Burger Motorsports

Burger Motorsports (BMS) is a turbocharged car specialized tuner and developer of street-inspired racing gear. Burger Motorsports was founded by Terry Burger in 2007 and has delivered superior tuning products to thousands of automobiles across the globe, establishing a reputation for creative design, fair costs, and dependable operation.

Burger Motorsports produces the world-famous JB4 performance tuner, as well as charge pipes, intercoolers, oil catch cans, wheel spacers, water injection kits, tools, and other performance-oriented automotive items.

Burger Motorsports Reviews

Burger Motorsports offers a variety of items to help clients increase the performance of their cars. Burger Motorsports’ JB4 has earned a lot of attention for its ability to boost turbo engine performance to new heights.

Burger Motorsports supplies a variety of automotive components and equipment in addition to tuners. If you wish to use Burger Motorsports products on your cherished car, do it now, as you will not find any other brand as good as Burger Motorsports

Burger Motorsports JB4 Review

Burger Motorsports JB4 is a plug-and-play tune for any turbocharged car. The Burger Motorsports JB4 tuner connects your car’s sensors to its DME/ECU (computer) and manipulates vehicle performance via these connections, allowing you to drive faster.

Burger Motorsports Review: Burger Motorsports JB4 Review
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While the Burger Motorsports JB4 isn’t the only tuning system that works this way, it stands out with much more complex connection points and processing, including CANbus, fuel and spark management, Bluetooth to your smartphone, and a range of creative and advanced capabilities that no other system can match.

Burger Motorsports releases free mapping and firmware updates on a regular basis, improving performance and introducing new features as time permits. Furthermore, the Burger Motorsports JB4 system is not VIN-locked to your vehicle and may be easily removed and exchanged between vehicles, or resold at a later date.

For almost a decade, the Burger Motorsports JB4 has been the gold standard in plug-and-play turbocharged performance tuning. It has been mimicked but never duplicated.

Burger Motorsports N54 Review

The Burger Motorsports N54 JB4 has several features not seen on any other tune, including a simple plug-and-play installation harness for quick installation. Included is the ability to enable/disable tuning from the driver’s seat, gear-dependent boost control to aid traction, E85 compatibility, built-in diagnostic code reading/deleting, expanded engine safety systems, free firmware updates, an in-dash boost gauge, and the ability to control the exhaust flapper with your BC button, among other features.

Burger Motorsports Review: Burger Motorsports N54 Review
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There are no further changes or stages required for the Burger Motorsports N54 JB4. Simply install the N54 JB4 as your first and only modification to enjoy a whole new level of speed and smoothness. The Burger Motorsports DATA or N54 JB4 Mobile connection enables more experienced enthusiasts to connect a laptop or smartphone for extra gauges, data recording, and free firmware upgrades when new features and maps are added.

It’s also worth noting that certain F10 and X chassis models need a JB4 mobile adapter or Burger Motorsports data connection to activate the in-dash controls.

The N54 JB4 Mobile connect kit wirelessly connects the N54 JB4 to your Bluetooth 4.0 compatible iOS or Android smartphone, or the Burger Motorsports data cable connects the N54JB4 to your Windows laptop.

Both choices enable you to record and analyze vehicle and tuning data, alter JB4 performance maps, and upgrade JB4 firmware when Burger Motorsports releases free updates, more powerful maps, and new features in development. A separate purchase of the JB4 Mobile software is also needed.

The JB4 is a fully plug-and-play device that can be installed and removed in minutes at home without the need for any special equipment. Unlike flash maps, which permanently write over your DME, the JB4 never informs your DME that it is operating at higher power levels than the original settings. When you’re ready to switch things up, the JB4 isn’t VIN locked, so it can be transferred to another car or resold.


  • Increases power to the wheels by up to 50hp and 60tq on a standard car
  • Improves 0-60 and 1/4 mile timings
  • Preloaded with special JB4 BMW tuning software and up to 8 maps for different fuel and modification levels
  • Ethanol (E85) compliant tuning maps
  • With the JB4 app, you can see and record up to 40 different gauges/engine parameters in real-time.
  • For a flawless launch, boost by gear in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd may be regulated through the JB4 app.
  • For smartphone logging, tuning modifications, and adjustment, JB4 Mobile is compatible.
  • The JB4 outperforms the typical performance chip in terms of performance, functionality, and safety.
  • Simple plug-and-play setup.
  • Unrivaled tuning features and performance thanks to CANbus OBDII connection
  • Improved performance over non-integrated chip tunes
  • Runs as smoothly as stock, just how it should
  • Compatible with all driving modes
  • During typical driving, the fuel efficiency is the same.
  • Not VIN locked and may be removed without a trace and resold down the line
  • Includes the tough JB4 billet aluminum casing for protection
  • Made in the USA
  • Free USA Shipping
  • 5-year guarantee

Burger Motorsports N55 Intake Review

The BMS N55 Performance Intake keeps all of the positive aspects of the OEM N55 intake system, such as the cold air ducting and lightweight heat shielding airbox bottom, but replaces the restricted top end with new high flow ducting and a performance filter to match. The filter is now available in two colors: blue and red oil.

The BMS N55 Intake surpassed all other available N55 intake systems in comprehensive dyno testing, delivering improvements of up to 10+ horsepower to the wheels. Turbo spool speed is enhanced as well as some power is freed up. Not to mention a little boost in sound quality.

Installation is simple, requiring just five minutes for the typical enthusiast to install or remove directly in their driveway. The S&B cleaning kit may be used to clean Burger Motorsports patented high flow filter every 15-20k miles, and it will last the life of the automobile.


  • Increases horsepower by up to ten percent
  • Improves throttle response by up to ten percent
  • Retains OE airbox base as a heat shield
  • Retains OE cold air ducting
  • Looks beautiful under the hood
  • Cleanable and reusable filter
  • Made in the USA

Burger Motorsports Intercooler Review

The BMS MQB replacement intercooler provides greater cooling, more power to the wheels, and the ability to maintain that power over long rides. With a bigger bar and plate core and more surface area, the boost pressure drop is decreased while cooling capacity is greatly improved.

A hot side diverter is included to provide uniform distribution throughout the big core and sharp throttle response, especially at low engine speeds. When cooling becomes a performance concern, unlocks up to a 10whp peak and up to 20-30whp over lengthy and back-to-back runs. It’s a straight fit and a completely reversible replacement for your stock intercooler. All of the necessary hardware is provided.

Compatible Vehicle


  • Audi A3 8V 2.0T
  • Audi TT 8S
  • Audi A3 1.8T US Model
  • Audi A3 8V 1.8T FSI Non-US
  • Audi S3 8V
  • Audi S3 Facelift
  • Audi TTS 8S


  • VW MK7 Golf R
  • VW GTI Clubsport ED40
  • VW MK7.5 Golf R
  • VW Aerton
  • VW B8 Passat 2.0T 280hp
  • VW MK7 Golf GTI and GTI Performance Pack
  • VW MK7.5 GTI
  • VW Tiguan II 2.0TSI 220hp/162kw (Non-US models only)
  • VW MK7 Golf 1.8T US model
  • VW MK7 Golf Alltrack


  • Skoda Octavia 1.8T FSI
  • Skoda Octavia RS
  • Skoda Superb 2.0T


  • Seat Leon SC FR 1.8TS

Burger Motorsports KIA Stinger Review

The JB4 plug-and-play Kia/Hyundai is a tuner that works with your factory ECU tuning to remap your boost, timing, and fuelling for maximum performance and decreasing turbo lag. It has a 64mhz CPU that allows dedicated 10-bit digital to analog converters to sample sensors 1000 times per second, assuring smooth and strong performance.

It can instantly distinguish between 3.3L, 2.0L, and 1.6L turbo engines, providing for easy plug-and-play installation throughout the complete Kia / Hyundai turbocharged series.

This KIA Stinger JB4 provides far more performance, functionality, and security than a typical performance processor. Using a BMS diagnostics connection or JB4 mobile smartphone adapter, tailored maps, including stock and valet mode, may be chosen on the fly.

When it’s no longer required, it may be swiftly removed without leaving a trace. Maps for 91 octanes, 93 octanes, and E85 (ethanol fuel) blends are included. During regular driving, the fuel efficiency remains constant. All driving modes are supported.

The Kia and Hyundai platforms have a history of spark blowout at both standard and higher-than-stock boost settings. The stock spark plug spacing should be reduced to 0.026″ at the very least. Replacement spark plugs, which provide a stronger spark and are more dependable than standard, may also be utilized.

Burger Motorsports Cowl Filters Review

Owners of E chassis BMWs have known for ages that eliminating their cowl and HVAC filter system improves overall engine bay cooling, easier engine and DME box access for servicing, and allows the driver to hear how the engine is working.

There was always a catch, however. What can be done to keep dirt and debris out of the internal ventilation system? BMS, on the other hand, has finally found a solution. These lightweight, washable dry filters look excellent while keeping dirt and debris out of the cabin.

The cowl deletion is another name for it. Water will not enter the HVAC system via the cowl filters, whether they are used or not, since they are elevated apertures. It’s not only for racing vehicles that you may suddenly remove your cowl.


  • Reduces the weight of your BMW by ten pounds.
  • Without the cowl, the engine sounds better.
  • Improved cooling in the engine bay
  • Keeps dirt and debris out of the ventilation system on the inside.
  • DME box and spark plugs are easier to reach.
  • Installation and removal are simple.
  • Filter elements in black, blue, and red are available.

Burger Motorsports Air Filter Cleaner Review

With Burger Motorsports approved S&B filter cleaning kit, you can keep your BMS intake running at optimal efficiency. Simply clean the filter with the provided filter cleaner and apply a precisely calibrated quantity of the accompanying filter oil with the included applicator. Cleaning your oiled filters every 10k to 20k miles is recommended for best performance. Each package contains enough products for three to four cleanings.

Quantities of oil for BMS filters:

  • N55 intake filter – 33 grams
  • N54 DCI – each filter has a primary filter element weighing 37 grams and an inverted cone weighing 7 grams.
  • S55 filters – each filters- weighs 26 grams for the primary filter and 7 grams for the inverted cone.
  • B46/B48/B58 filters – the primary filter weighs 26 grams, while the inverted cone weighs 7 grams.
  • F150/Raptor filter – 80 Grams

Burger Motorsports BOV Adapter Review

This blow-off valve adapter clamps into your throttle body/brake booster vacuum line, enabling two additional 1/8″ of vacuum “NPT vacuum ports, which are ideal for changing engine vacuum lines to your diverter valves, a bigger diameter boost reference for your aftermarket BOV, and more! Dual interior o-rings and a retention clip are included for a factory-like plug and play seal. CNC machined for a flawless fit.

Burger Motorsports Review: Burger Motorsports BOV Adapter Review
Image:Burger Motorsports

The adapter, two 1/8″ NPT caps, and one 1/8″ vacuum nipple are included in the standard package. The BOV kit comes with the basic kit as well as two push lock fittings and 1/4″ tubing “The line is meant to be simple to install on a Tial BOV.

Full Kit includes

  • BMS N54 BOV Vacuum Adapter
  • (2) NPT push fittings w/thread sealer
  • 2′ of hose
  • Plugs
  • Barbed fitting
  • Zip Tie

Basic Kit includes

  • BMS N54 BOV Vacuum Adapter
  • Plugs
  • Barbed fitting
  • Zip Tie

Burger Motorsports Spacers Review

Burger Motorsports BMW wheel spacers are a terrific, cost-effective solution to increase handling while substantially improving the appearance of your BMW. Wheel spacers from Burger Motorsports stretch your rims and tires outward for an immediate “fat” aggressive appearance, improved lateral stability, and handling. Spacers may also be used to fill in the wheel well, provide space for aftermarket suspension, alternative wheel offsets, large brakes, make your winter tires less inset, or just make your BMW appear better.

Burger Motorsports spacers are developed and built particularly for your BMW, assuring a flawless vibration-free fit. Comes with a package of anti-seize oil to apply on the factory hub for easier removal later.

Each wheel spacer from Burger Motorsports is CNC machined from high-grade 7075-T6 aluminum alloy and anodized black for further protection. Burger Motorsport BMW Wheel Spacers come in pairs (2pcs) and include 10 extended lug bolts that surpass OE specifications.

Two spacer kits are required to complete the whole automobile. Burger Motorsports hub-centric wheel spacers are available. They are suitable for BMW iX (all-wheel-drive) automobiles.

Burger Motorsports BMS Pedal Tuner Review

The BMS Pedal Tuner is a plug-and-play tuner that fits your gas pedal and allows you to remap and increase throttle response instantaneously. Toggle between stock, stage1, stage2, and stage3 curves on the fly, then fine-tune each mode with the device’s easy up and down adjustment buttons.

The BMS Pedal Tuner is simple to install and uninstall, and it is completely independent of and compatible with other modifications, including the JB4.

Calibration Procedure: After installation, run the vehicle calibration procedure by simultaneously holding + and – until all lights flash. Then, push the gas pedal all the way to the floor a few times, and you should see the status lights shift to the right as you do so.

Finally, after the calibration is complete, press and hold the stage selection button until all lights turn off to save it.

Burger Motorsports Shipping Policy

This Burger Motorsports shipping policy will help you understand how Burger Motorsports ships your items. Burger Motorsports goods shipping costs are computed by the website during the checkout process after you provide your specific address. Orders are sent from Burger Motorsports California warehouse Monday through Friday. Except on federal holidays in the United States.

Burger Motorsports uses the United States Postal Service (USPS) or United Parcel Service (UPS) to transport their products (UPS). It is the duty of the customer to ensure that the right ship-to address is entered at checkout and that the address may be serviced by USPS or UPS. Additional shipping costs may apply if packages are returned to Burger Motorsports due to faulty addressing or rejection.

As an added convenience, Burger Motorsports now provides domestic expedited delivery (through USPS Express) for an extra cost at checkout. Most express orders placed before 10 a.m. PST will arrive within 1-2 days, however, next-day delivery is not guaranteed, and no postage refund will be granted if the shipment does not arrive on time.

Burger Motorsports is not a participant in the United States Postal Service‘s expedited guaranteed delivery program. International packages are sent by the United States Postal Service (USPS). Burger Motorsports does not offer shipping insurance and is not liable for shipments that are lost or damaged.

Burger Motorsports Return Policy

Burger Motorsports provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to aid in your assessment of their tuning goods. If you are not pleased, you may return your goods for a refund within 30 days of the original shipping date in their original packing and in like-new condition.

All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee, and the customer is responsible for all shipping costs. Returns are postmarked on time. This policy only applies to tuning goods bought straight from Burger Motorsports’ retail website. Spark plugs that have been placed/gapped, as well as wheel spacers that have been installed, are not returnable.

To get a return authorization number, contact Burger Motorsports customer service with your Burger Motorsports sales order number. Return the merchandise to Burger Motorsports‘ headquarters after getting a return permission number. Burger Motorsports‘ warehouse may be found at the following location. Upon shipment, email Burger Motorsports customer service with your tracking number.

Burger Motorsports, Inc.
RMA # (insert RMA your number here)
2279 Agate Ct
Simi Valley, California 93065 USA

Burger Motorsports Contact

You may contact Burger Motorsports customer support or join the Burger Motorsports forum if you run into any issues or have any inquiries about their goods. If you wish to discuss your issues on the forum, go to this link and join the Burger Motorsports forum. Burger Motorsports’ customer service may be reached at the following addresses.

  • Assistance prior to making a purchase or on current orders: sales@burgertuning.com
  • Technical help for previously purchased products: support@burgertuning.com
  • JB4 Support for mobile applications and connections: jb4connect@burgertuning.com
  • Upgrades to the fueling system and technical support: steve@burgertuning.com
  • Wholesale and dealer inquiries: dealers@burgertuning.com
  • Volkswagen & Audi sales and service queries: george@burgertuning.com

To get an immediate answer, send an email to Burger Motorsports customer service during business hours. Burger Motorsports is normally open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. PST, except federal holidays in the United States. By emailing several addresses, you risk Burger Motorsports’ spam filters blocking all of your emails. If you are banned, you must notify Burger Motorsports through the forum or chat option.

Where to buy Burger Motorsports?

You may wish to add Burger Motorsports‘ superb equipment to your vehicles after reading this review. Burger Motorsports equipment may be purchased on their official website if you are interested. Burger Motorsports equipment is also available through other automotive shops including USP Motorsports, ECS Tuning, and Uro Tuning.

Burger Motorsports Promo Codes & Coupons

You may be asking where you can acquire Burger Motorsports products at the greatest possible price after reading this Burger Motorsports review. If you buy Burger Motorsports products from their official website, you may get a variety of benefits. One of them is Free Shipping to any part of the United States.

When purchasing Burger Motorsports products, you may also use the promo codes below to save more cost. If you are tight on budget, you can check this page for installment payments for Burger Motorsports products.

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Burger Motorsports Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Burger Motorsports. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

What exactly is the difference between a JB4 and a flash tune?

The JB4 from Burger Motorsports is a programmable computer that connects to the ECU and vehicle sensors, enabling it to fine-tune your car’s tuning by accessing hitherto untapped sections of the original flash mapping. Unlike other similar-looking tuning systems, the JB4 can connect to CANbus (akin to a spinal chord), enabling it to interact with and receive data from a variety of sources, including the ECU, transmission computer, stability control module, dash module, and more. A flash tune, on the other hand, directly alters the tables on the ECU for improved performance. Typically loaded via the vehicle’s gateway through the OBDII connector, but in certain cases, directly to the ECU by cutting a hole or dismantling the ECU to reach the processor within.

What exactly is CANbus?

CANBus is the spinal chord that links all of the modules or computers in your car and enables them to work together as a team. When a technician connects a diagnostic instrument to the OBDII port, it connects to the CANbus, giving them complete access to the car.

Ask a question?

Burger Motorsports Expert Reviews

Based on our study and testing, we believe the JB+ for N54 BMW Quick Install Tuner from Burger Motorsports performs as advertised. The price is a touch steep for an entry-level tuner, but it needed no further car changes and was quite simple to install. On an otherwise stock car, our testing revealed an instant improvement. This gadget yielded the highest increases of any module we’ve tested so far! This is something you should certainly try.

Real Performance Chip Reviews
Full Review
Burger Motorsports Review: Expert Reviews
Image:Burger Motorsports@fb

Flat 6 also informed us about Burger Tuning’s little boy. The best of both worlds is D4 piggyback. It features maps and can connect to your phone through Bluetooth. On the Burger Tuning JB4 unit, you may change the boost tables and fuel tables. You may conduct live data logging and observe how much boost you’re getting in real-time. In summary, this tuning box package provides a lot of information for a low price. This box upgrade will boost your Carrera’s horsepower and torque to up to 40 HP and 60 lb-ft. It does it in such a manner that latency is minimized and boost, timing, and fuelling are optimized. It comes with the super-cool SENT sensor technology, which enables tuning on the most recent Porsche platforms. It is completely compatible with JB4 mobile for ‘on the fly’ mapping and can use all engine data in the tuning process.

Car Engineer
Full Review

Conclusion of Burger Motorsports Reviews & Ratings

Burger Motorsports is a fantastic car parts company that provides a wide range of upgrades for your vehicle. The Burger Motorsports JB4 tuner may substantially increase the speed of your car. Please leave some comments or feedback if you like this Burger Motorsports review.

Burger Motorsports Review: Conclusion
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