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As doctors keep telling people of all ages to exercise more, there’s no better time than now to utilize a day at the golf course as your main form of exercise. For golf enthusiasts, strolling 18 holes has become a favorite form of exercise and a wonderful excuse to visit the club more often.

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There are two common methods for playing golf while strolling. Carrying your clubs from stroke to stroke is the first method. While it may not be practical for older leisure golfers, this is the main style of play for young amateur golfers competing in competitions.

This brings up the alternative, which is a golf push cart. Walking golf carts, whether they are electric or push models, have been quite popular, which has led to an improvement in the features’ quality. This BIG MAX review should satiate your demand if you’re looking for an excellent golf push cart.

Overview of BIG MAX

BIG MAX, established in 1994, is credited with inventing the three-wheel push trolley and ultra-compact cart folding techniques. This brand currently rules the international marketplaces thanks to its ingenuity. BIG MAX currently has a presence in every major market in the globe after entering the US market with a wide selection of golf trolleys, golf bags, and accessories.

The three main tenets of BIG MAX are product quality, innovation, and functionality. Every year, the products’ excellence has increased. With the advent of completely waterproof Aqua golf bags, BIG MAX has created bags using cutting-edge technology and is currently recognized as the bag firm in Europe with the quickest rate of growth. With an eye for fashion and a reputation for originality, BIG MAX is making golf simpler for golfers everywhere.

BIG MAX Reviews

Golfers of all skill levels often choose BIG MAX. They employ the most recent technological advancements to make premium golf equipment that players would like.

With a plethora of expertise behind them, BIG MAX rose to the top of the golf industry. The company offers a two-year guarantee on bags and a five-year warranty on push and pull trolleys since they are so confident in the quality of their products.

Since more than 20 years ago, BIG MAX has been the top producer of golf trolleys in Europe. BIG MAX represents the most comprehensive and cutting-edge golf trolley line on the market thanks to exceptional know-how and in-depth industry expertise.

Over the years, the company has made the decision to branch out and is now known for a wide range of golfing essentials, such as cart bags and an unlimited array of golf accessories. To find out more about this company, keep reading our BIG MAX review.

BIG MAX Golf Cart Review

BIG MAX incorporates innovative technologies into its golf cart. As a result, for more than 25 years, this brand has been pushing the limits of pushcart engineering. The end product is the most sophisticated and well-crafted push cart you can find. Check out BIG MAX IQ 360 if you’re looking for a small push cart.

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Due to its combination of compact folded size, simple folding technique, and useful innovation, IQ 360 has become a well-liked option on the market. You can maneuver better and turn effortlessly in even the tightest situations thanks to the front wheel’s 360° rotation. You may lock the front wheel at any moment for more stability if you play on mountainous courses.

With the help of the organizer panel, you can conveniently store your bottle, tees, golf balls, ball-marker, two scorecard holders—one of which is visible while you drive the cart—as well as other materials that need to be put in a case. This makes it simple for you to plan your round of golf, saving you time from tedious research.

The IQ 360 is compatible with a variety of golf accessories, allowing you to completely customize your trolley to your needs. Every accessory, from phone or GPS device mounts to umbrella hooks and beverage containers, has been created to be small and fashionable without adding bulk to your IQ 360.

BIG MAX Blade IP Review

The signature item from BIG MAX is Blade IP. The Blade IP golf cart is a pioneer in One Fold Technology, a simple, fast, and very space-saving folding technique. Due to this mechanism, BIG MAX IP blade push trolleys may be folded to a size that is about 40% smaller than that of similar ultra-compact items. The BIG MAX IP Blade is certain to provide a practical alternative to cumbersome alternatives thanks to its adaptability.

With the help of the organizer panel, you can conveniently store your bottle, tees, golf balls, ball marker, two scorecard holders—one of which is visible while you drive the cart—as well as other materials that need to be put in a case. This makes it simple for you to plan your round of golf, saving you time from tedious research.

The Blade golf cart features a sturdy construction that works with all bag sizes, so if you’d like, you may use stand-alone bags in addition to cart bags. The upper bag brackets’ adjustability allows you to place your bag exactly where you want it, and they include Quick Attach hooks for useful extras like the Drop-Stop Rainsystem. You just need to make one easy motion to shut the mechanism after the brackets are precisely positioned.

The push cart has a double brake mechanism so that when it is locked, the trolley cannot travel in any direction. Therefore, parking the trolley on any slope is safe and simple.

BIG MAX Warranty

If you buy from BIG MAX, you may feel secure. Because this company offers a guarantee on every purchase you make. On BIG MAX trolleys and BIG MAX bags, BIG MAX offers an extended guarantee of up to 5 years. To prolong the warranty duration, products must be registered within 30 days of purchase. Free product exchanges are not eligible for registration again. Visit this page to register your products.

BIG MAX Contact

You may get in touch with customer service right away if you ever have any queries or concerns about BIG MAX goods. To contact customer service, please fill out this form. The following addresses can also be used to contact BIG MAX customer service.

Where to buy BIG MAX?

BIG MAX offers a wide variety of golf accessories that can catch your attention. If you’d want to buy one of their items, you may do so by going to several online stores. Amazon, Costco, eBay, and Rock Bottom Golf are a few online stores that carry BIG MAX products. Additionally, you may purchase BIG MAX products from the official website, where you may find a number of discounts and offers.

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BIG MAX Promo Codes & Coupons

On its website, BIG MAX provides a number of deals. One of them is that any order over $39 qualifies for FREE SHIPPING. Additionally, utilizing discount coupons is the only way to get discounts on the website. You should look at the part below if you don’t have one. There are various discount coupons featured in this BIG MAX review that you may utilize.

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BIG MAX Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for BIG MAX. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

BIG MAX Review: Questions & Answers
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What should I do if my cart isn't moving forward properly?

BIG MAX also included an Allen key with each cart. You can find instructions on how to operate it in the attached user manual or by selecting “User Manual” from the menu on the internet page for the trolley in question. You may ask customer service for assistance if your basket is no longer available for purchase on the website.

Does a larger putter handle fit in my cart bag?

An extra-large putter compartment is a feature of BIG MAX cartbags. There is currently no known putter handle that would fit.

What if my Travelcover is broken while I'm traveling?

According to the Montreal Convention, the air carrier is responsible for any fault in the destruction, loss, or damage of checked luggage.

How do I handle a defective product?

Use the complaint form to get in touch with BIG MAX. When filing a complaint, personal contact may be crucial. For this reason, each merchant where you made the transaction should have all the information required to handle a complaint.

How long will my electric cart be covered by a warranty?

Your electric cart has a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. A two-year guarantee is also included with your battery and charger.

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BIG MAX Expert Reviews

The Big Max IQ+ cart is simple to fold and unfold, and it has a small compact footprint. It has a ton of features and is quite simple to use. It is quite robust and rolls easily. With a larger stand bag or cart bag, it will function best. Big Max push carts, in my opinion, have a place in the USA. Golfers will be drawn to the variety of services they provide as hopefully more players begin to play the game using push carts. This cart is so simple to use that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist.

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BIG MAX Review: Expert Reviews
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From a practical standpoint, I thought the BIG MAX Blade IP push cart was great. The bag system was amazing, and the Blade IP was extremely smooth throughout the course (and by throughout the course I mean EVERYWHERE). I like how easily the Blade IP can be carried, transported, and stored. BIG MAX opted for a dual foot brake mechanism in order to preserve the Blade IP’s sleek and uncomplicated look. The cart is securely locked in position with a fast flick of the foot on each wheel. The Blade IP is a simple and useful push cart that significantly improves life for walking golfers.

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Although the Big Max Blade IP is great to use on the golf course, my favorite usage for it is folded. I always have no trouble fitting it into the trunk, and I believe the folding/unfolding mechanics to be really well designed. The Blade IP was simple to push around the course. The cart was solid and straightforward to move and handle. I like having a foot brake at each wheel for mobility. A pull up releases the brake after a toe tap sets it. I can see why Big Max is the top trolley manufacturer in Europe, and the Blade IP is certain to pick up a lot of traction in the United States.

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When folded down, the Blade IP is very compact and can fit in even the tiniest areas, such as under a vehicle parcel shelf or below a set of golf equipment in the trunk. It doesn’t let you down after everything is put together either. It is simple to push up modest slopes without exerting too much effort since it is lightweight, smooth, and surprisingly robust with a user-friendly grip. It can accommodate various bag types with ease, and the foot brake keeps it still when playing a shot even on the steepest incline. The free ball marker and hidden scorecard storage are also great touches, and the wheel bearings ensure a comfortable ride.

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A premium push cart with a sleek, appealing appearance and a small folded size is the Big Max IQ. The IQ is incredibly simple to maneuver around the course because to its lightweight construction. Our tour bag fit well, and it moved without any problems along the fairways. It was simple to maneuver the trolley throughout the course thanks to the broad, cushioned hand grip. The clubs from the bag were considerably closer to your hand and the organizer panel on the IQ since the handle portion is a little bit shorter than on the AutoFold or Wheeler trolley.

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Conclusion of BIG MAX Reviews & Ratings

BIG MAX provides everything you need on the golf field. You may now more thoroughly enjoy your round of golf thanks to their fantastic push carts. You can rely on the quality of BIG MAX’s products. We appreciate you reading our BIG MAX review. Please read our other review as well before you depart.


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