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About Bedrosians Tile & Stone

The choice of tile and stone may be challenging, sometimes stressful even enjoyable. For sure, especially for you who are building or renovating your home. There are hundreds of options to consider. 

Bedrosians Tile & Stone Review: About Bedrosians Tile & Stone
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Whether you agree or not, the first thing you should consider is how it will look. Well, let’s start with your favorite decor. Either stone mosaics, Sahara, or Magnifica Porcelain might be your option. Anything else? Of course, there are plenty of designs for tile & stone only at Bedrosians Tile & Stone

Bedrosians Tile & Stone is one of the largest and the biggest suppliers and distributors as well for porcelain tile and stone import. This company is headquartered in Canada with more than 40 office branches within the United States. 

Bedrosians Tile & Stone is a place for designer’s tile heaven. It provides tiles in the top designer styles at an unbeatable price. Bedrosians has countertops and wall tiles for every style and budget, as well as a backsplash and floor tiles for the inside and outdoors. 

You can find out all the collections from Bedrosians only at our Bedrosians Tile & Stone Review. We’ve already gathered all the information about the brand to make it easier to get in touch with them. 

Overview Bedrosians Tile & Stone

Ready for Bedrosians Tile & Stone journey?

Let’s start with the story behind them before going to the next chapter review. Starting in 1948, Bedrosians Tile & Stone begin supplying tile and set materials to contractors and builders in Central California.

From now on, Bedrosians already has over 40 offices in California, Colorado, Florida, Oregon, Georgia, Idaho, Texas, Utah, Washington, Nevada, North Carolina, and Arizona, with national and international customers. 

Bedrosians Tile & Stone has established itself to become one of the country’s biggest independent porcelain tile and stone suppliers and wholesalers. However, their concept remains the same now as it was when the founder, Ed Bedrosian, opened the doors in 1948.

Bedrosians believe in and strive to give the finest level of service as well as the best design assistant, technical support, brilliant product quality, and reasonable price. The vision is to be the most customer-focused tile business in the US.

While the mission is to provide customers with a store to buy the most innovative tile and stone items available on the market for a great shopping experience. They appreciate and apply social responsibility to support staff development, cherish employee & customer relationships, and enjoy acknowledging teamwork. 

Review Bedrosians Tile & Stone

Bedrosians Tile & Stone offers some products to you including tile setting material, blades, polishing pads, tilling tools, masonry & concrete tools, clamps, cutting & fabrication tools, installation materials, power tools, hand tools, Jobsite gear & supplies with the featured like Stone Mosaics, Sahara, Magnifica porcelain, Remy, Paseo, and Sequel Encore

Bedrosians Tile & Stone Reviews: Review Bedrosians Tile & Stone
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Not only that, but Bedrosians Tile & Stone also has several tile collections of backsplashes, floor tile, shower tile, decorative tile, shower tile, porcelain, stone tiles, vinyl flooring, commercial, slabs, by look, and outdoor in great quality and available in multiple colors. 

Because of the variety and quality of Bedrosians lines, they can fulfill the demands and performance requirements of any project whether it comes to commercial, institutional, industrial, or residential in the United States or around the world. The strong purchasing power, Bedrosians are able to ship the products that are well within a project’s cost limits.

If you live near one of Bedrosians stores or service centers, they urge you to come in and browse the extensive product line. The purchasing department is dedicated to obtaining and supplying the most recent modern design in porcelain tile & stone materials.

Come meet the professional customer service and showroom staff, as well as the architectural representatives, who are eager to help you with your next project. Also, Visit Bedrosians Tile & Stone Gallery here to look further into the collection or browse the inventory at a Slab Gallery near you. 

How Porcelain Tile is Made?

Are you curious about how actually porcelain tile is made?

We’ll bring you to discover the story of porcelain tile in Bedrosians Tile & Stone. Alright, the process of porcelain tile went into 6 steps methods: mix & grind, dry, form, dry, glaze & screen, and bake. 

Porcelain tiles use grinding beads which beads help in the grinding of raw materials. At first, a quality tile just like cooking at home needs the right combination. In a large mixer, raw materials and water are mixed with grinding beads to get the right consistency.

Some of the water must be evaporated in a drier before the tile is formed. Remove the water from the combination in a stronger, more durable tile.

Later on, at almost 5,000 pounds per square inch, the materials are pressed into a form by machine. The high pressure hardens the tile and gives it its renowned strength. Then, the porcelain tile has to be dried once again to eliminate any residual wetness. In freezing temperatures, tiles made with a tiny quantity of water are less prone to fracture.

It’s time to put the finishing touch! The finishing means painting on the tile to give it a particular design, and a glaze is added to make it stain resistant. For the last step, the tile is baked at 2,500 °F to fix the glaze and remove any remaining water. Various tiles need different baking temperatures and times, just like you do when baking at home. Voila! Porcelain tile is ready!

How Natural Stone is Made?

Moving forward, Natural Stone is not made by humans, rather it builds overages by water, minerals, and lava. Some stones for instance travertine is formed by the progressive accumulation and stacking of elements. Other stones like marble are generated when rock undergoes tremendous pressure and temperature transformation.

Bedrosians Tile & Stone Review: How Natural Stone is Made?
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In the end, stones like granite are generated when rock is heated by magma and changed into stone when chilled. However, The beauty of Natural Stone comes from the different variances in color and veining in some processes like extraction, removal, transportation, cutting, bookmatching, and finishing.

Let’s start with the extraction, diamond-coated saws are used to cut giant blocks from quarries. Big cuts are excellent for increasing efficiency and creating large, continuous slab surfaces. Diamonds provide the necessary strength to cut through stone, while saws are used for clean and regular cuts.

However, it is not easy to remove the blocks from the quarry. The blocks may hold up to 40,000 pounds, which is almost the weight of four African elephants! It’s freaking crazy! but yeah,  blocks are gently rolled down with heavy machines till leaving the quarry. 

Loading and securing these massive blocks into trucks for shipment to the plant needs an extra effort. It’s not always simple to go to the factory. Some quarries are in rural locations, distant from paved roads. Once the blocks arrive at the factory, the blocks are cut through the sizes of the final result. The way a stone block is cut has a significant effect on the appearance of the final stone.

Over millions of years, the stone is produced as sediment layers accumulate and solidify. Whether cutting across or along the layers make different patterns. There are two types of cuts used in making natural stones – Cross Cut and Vein Cut. A cross-cut is a large patch of colorful variation while a vein-cut is a technique that involves slicing through the layers to reveal the lengthy veins of color.

The next step from natural stones is bookmatching. Once the stones are cut, the order is maintained properly. This enables customers to purchase multiple cuts from a single block of stone. Such slices may be stacked on top of one another to create a mirrored effect with a smooth transition, a technique known as bookmatching. While not many suppliers of natural stone provide bookmatched slabs, Bedrosians Tile & Stone is happy to offer a diverse selection of bookmatched slabs.

For the final touch, the top of the stones is finished with different effects.  Typically, the surface is carefully sanded to provide a smooth, polished appearance. When the surface is sanded less, a smooth matte finish known as honed is created. Furthermore, the stone may be treated in a variety of ways to create more dramatic textures, including hammered, brushed, split-faced, or tumbled.

Bedrosians Tile & Stone Decorative Tile Review

One of the best collection tiles in Bedrosians Tile & Stone is Decorative Tiles. With decorative tile, fill your house with your character and personality. Bedrosians Tile & Stone has a wide collection of decorative tiles and decorative tile trim with your project in mind. Each tile is specially chosen to enhance and maintain your kitchen, bathroom, gateway, and other areas.

Discover Bedrosians Tile & Stone extensive selection of tile colors, finishes, patterns, and shapes to transform the appearance and feel of your living area. Bedrosians Tile & Stone Decorative Tile is available in eight categories, for instance, porcelain, decorative ceramic tiles, stone, decorative glass tiles, resin, glass & stone blends, cement, and other accessories.

A lot of products there might make you confusing. Here’s what you need to do, look on the left of your screen and filter the products as you like. Easy, right?

Makoto 2.5″ x 10″ Matte Ceramic Wall Tile in Shoji White, is one of the best seller items. It is a collection of decorative glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles designed for ornamental purposes. Choose from a range of sizes and shapes, including 2.5in. x 10in. wall tile, 10in. x 11.5in. hexagon tile, 0.5in. x 8in. miter edge trim, and 2in. circular mosaic.

Another best-selling item, Zenia 2.5″ x 9″ Matte Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile in MoonThe Zenia Collection, inspired by the colors of the solar system, available in milky mattes to dazzling darks with names inspired by the solar system. The Zenia Collection, available in 2-1/2″x9″ field tile or 2″x6″ mosaic in gloss or matte, is aimed to provide heavenly happiness to any indoor or outdoor environment.

Each shape provides a matte finish in Shoji White, Tatami Beige, Kumo Grey, Umi Terracotta, Momoiro Blush, Mindoro Green, Arashi Blue, and Kuroi Black. However, Makoto Collection is designed and manufactured in Spain and Italy.

Bedrosians Tile & Stone Floor Tile Allora Review

Use floor tiles to build amazing space in your home.  A tile is an excellent option for indoor, outdoor, commercial, and residential flooring due to its utility, adaptability, and beauty. Allow natural stone, ceramic, or porcelain’s diversity and durability to quickly enhance the appearance and feel of your home. Thus, one of the best-selling Floor Tile in Bedrosians Tile & Stone is Allora 8.5″ x 10″ Matte Stella Hexagon Deco Porcelain Tile.

Bedrosians Tile & Stone Review: Bedrosians Tile & Stone Floor Tile Allora Review
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Allora, an Italian-made matte porcelain tile comes in three shapes: rectangle (3″x24″), rhombus (7.5″x12.75″), and hexagon (8.5″x10″) which will add geometry to your floors and walls. Available in neutral colors including white, gray, and black that fit well in any interior design.

The hexagon shapes are also available in three other deco options: Fiore (floral design), Stella (star pattern), and Telaio (hexagon pattern). Create a solid-colored appearance, a whole patterned design, or your own style by combining the solids and decor.


  • Material – Porcelain
  • Series Name – Allora
  • Series Color – Stella
  • Actual Size – 0″ x 0″
  • Nominal Size – 8.5″ x 10″
  • Thickness – 3/8″
  • Country Of Origin – Italy
  • Shade Variation – V2
  • Shape – Hexagon


  • Water Absorption: ≤ 0.50% (result) C373 (ASTM#)
  • PEI Rating: N/A (result) C1027 (ASTM#)
  • MOHS (Scratch Resistant): 6.00 (result) MOHS (ASTM#)
  • Frost Resistant: N/A (result) C1026 (ASTM#)
  • Breaking Strength: > 600 lbs (result) C648 (ASTM#)
  • Chemical Resistant: Unaffected (result) C650 (ASTM#)
  • DCOF Acutest: ≥ 0.4200 (result)N/A (ASTM#)

However, porcelain tiles have low porosity, are durable, and need a little cleaning. Polished and sharpened porcelain tiles must be sealed with an impregnating or penetrating sealer before grouting. Otherwise, a grout release must be used. Common domestic spills may be cleaned quickly with warm water, a mop, and a pH-neutral cleaner. Harsh chemicals and acid-based cleansers should not be utilized.

Before installing any polished glazed ceramic/porcelain, polished ceramic/porcelain, and honed ceramic/porcelain tiles, the manufacturer recommends using a grout release or sealer. The manufacturer also requires the grout should be the same color as the prevailing color of the tile. Acidic cleaners should not be used on polished glazed ceramic, polished ceramic/porcelain, or honed ceramic/porcelain tiles.


Product samples and images are examples of a product’s possible characteristics. There is no warranty that the image or product sample will be exactly the same as you received. It is possible that the field and trim tile will not be a perfect match. We have the right to modify product details at any time and without notice. Color, shade, size, surface roughness, and polish may all vary in tiles.

To ensure an equitable distribution of color spectrum, the installer must combine tiles from many distinct boxes before installation. Prior to installation, the installer must do a dry mock arrangement under suitable lighting circumstances. To guarantee satisfaction, it is the consumer’s obligation to check the product prior to installation. The product is considered acceptable after it has been installed.

For installation, outdoor usage, care, and maintenance information see more recent TCNA Handbook, ANSI, manufacturer’s standards, and the Bedrosians Tile & Stone Care & Maintenance guide. Please keep in mind that incorrect installation, application, and/or usage will invalidate the warranty. 

Bedrosians Tile & Stone Cloe Tile Review

Still in the product review of Bedrosians Tile & Stone Floor Tile, we’re moving to the next collection – Cloe 2.5″ x 8″ Ceramic Tile in White. The Cloe Collection is a glazed ceramic wall tile with vibrant colors, a smooth gloss surface, fascinating colors, and tones variations. Available in eight colors which include black, white, grey, baby blue, pink, creme, green, and blue, can be combined in an incredible way.

Cloe’s two sizes, 5″x5″ and 2.5″x8″ fit both contemporary and traditional aesthetics. Bedrosians Tile & Stone already included 5″x5″ black and white Loire deco for a flash of a pattern. The ½”x8″ Jolly Miter Edge Trim in a gloss finish is ideal for finishing your projects. Take a look at the specification down below:


  • Item Code:  DECCLOBAB28G
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Series Name: Cloe
  • Series Color:  Baby Blue
  • Actual Size: 0″ x 0″
  • Nominal Size: 2.5″ x 8″
  • Thickness: 3/8″
  • Country Of Origin: Spain
  • Shade Variation: V4
  • Shape: Rectangle

Billing & Shipping Policy

Online Billing Policy 

Bedrosians Tile & Stone accepts forms of payment such as VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, PayPal, and E-Checks. At the time of order, debit and credit cards will be approved and charged, and E-checks will be processed.

Please keep in mind that Bedrosians have the right to request further identity or proof before accepting or processing any purchase. If this is required, they will notify you by email or phone. Bedrosians reserve the right, for any reason, to accept or reject your order.

Shipping Policy

Your order is delivered from the Distribution Centers in Anaheim: California or Jacksonville, Florida with the shipping options standard parcel,  standard freight, expedited parcel,  and overnight parcel using UPS, FedEx, or UPS Freight. 

Products will be shipped within 1-3 business days. Shipping times may be longer than normal because of high order volume. Bedrosians is dedicated to ensuring that you get your purchase as soon as possible. Check the table here for shipping methods and shipping time.

Expedited orders submitted before 10:00 a.m. PST Monday through Friday will be processed and sent the same day unless there is an exceptional circumstance. Any expedited orders made after 10:00 a.m. PST Monday through Thursday will be processed and shipped the next business day. Orders made for expedited shipping on Friday –  Sunday will be sent on Monday.

All orders may not be approved for immediate processing, resulting in unforeseen delays to the specified periods. Prior to processing or sending your purchase, they may request further verification.

Bedrosians Tile & Stone Warranty

Surprise! Bedrosians Tile & Stone gives you a one-year limited warranty. Bedrosians ensures to the immediate customer and no one else, that manufactured first choice quality items will be defect-free for one year from the date of purchase. This warranty is only valid for installations performed by officially licensed and active tile installers.

Bedrosians Tile & Stone Review: Bedrosians Tile & Stone Warranty
Image:Bedrosians Tile & Stone@fb

A defect is described as a failure of a product to perform to specifications as reported in product documentation, within industry acceptable tolerances as established by the Tile Council of North America (TCNA), the American National Standard Institute (ANSI), and the Marble Institute of America. This warranty is the exclusive warranty granted by Bedrosians for customers.

It supersedes any legal warranties to the greatest extent permitted by law. It is the obligation of the customer to check any merchandise prior to installation. Visual flaws or nonconformities that are reasonably visible and that the customer is aware of or should be aware of prior to installation nullify this guarantee since installation is considered acceptance of the product.

The warranty is only available in the following below:

  • Order in the Official Website Bedrosians, as verified by an invoice.
  • Purchases of first quality products are made quickly and in whole, as confirmed by an invoice.
  • The guarantee is valid only in the product, not the installation 
  • Products are installed by fully licensed and working tile installers.

For detailed information, just click the form here. 

Bedrosians Tile & Stone Customer Service

Do you need assistance or have inquiries with Bedrosians Tile & Stone? One step closer to getting in touch with complete the form of contact information with your personal data and drop your message there. For fast response, call them at toll-free: 1-800-760 or 1-800-760-8453 during their office hours from Monday – Friday 7.30 AM – 4.00 PM PST.  

Where to buy Bedrosians Tile & Stone?

It’s possible that after reading our Bedrosians Tile & Stone review, you’ll want to know where you can get the high-quality tile suppliers and wholesalers tile by Bedrosians Tile & Stone. Certainly, all items are available when you order at their Official Website.

Start with a Bedrosians sample with click Order Sample on every product page. Another option, you can purchase them on Amazon only on selected items. 

Need to shop in-store? Bedrosians Tile & Stone open a store in more than 40 office branches in the United States including any city in Canada, Florida, Nevada, and many more.

Take it easy, you can search their branches that are near your location by entering the city, state, or zip in here. Well done!  Your Bedrosians location is almost there. 

Bedrosians Tile & Stone Promo Codes & Coupons

Ready for the biggest sale? Certainly, after you’ve got the detailed information for the product review above including the collection and the components, you have to know how much discount Bedrosians Tile & Stone has offered to you.

Everyone loves discounts, right? Alright, Bedrosians Tile & Stone gives you some promo code down below:

  • BEDROWELCOME10 – Claim 10% off on your first orders
  • CLEARANCE15 – Take 15% Off Everything
  • NEW10 –  Earn 10% off on selected items

Oh, make sure to subscribe to their newsletter to obtain the newest information on product arrivals, design tips, and trends. 

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Bedrosians Tile & Stone Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Bedrosians Tile & Stone. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

How to clean Cloe Tile?

Cloe Tile is made by Ceramic Tile. One thing to be sure, ceramic tiles are very sturdy and need little maintenance. Just clean them with a mop, a pH-neutral cleaner, and warm water. Avoid using acid-based cleaners and strong chemicals.

How long before you can walk on new floor tiles?

It is recommended that you wait at least 24 hours after installing the tile before walking on it to prevent damaging the flooring.

Ask a question?

Bedrosians Tile & Stone Expert Reviews

Bedrosians Tile & Stone, a tile maker, and distributor has been in business for well over a half-century, mostly on the West Coast. Bedrosians has a physical presence, with stores in many locations. It also has a large number of customers around the world. Bedrosians is a true success story in the tile industry, having transitioned from a solely brick-and-mortar company to a well-known internet presence. Bedrosians has successfully transitioned from a tiny tile enterprise to a significant participant while maintaining its small-company-style customer care. It’s also raised the ante with a sophisticated and user-friendly online tile shop.

the spruce
Full Review
Bedrosians Tile & Stone Review: Expert Reviews
Image:Bedrosians Tile & Stone@fb

Bedrosians stone flooring and tile are very durable and may be used for an extended period of time. Additionally, they are scratch-resistant and provide a stunning background for your home or business. Then, Bedrosians granite tiles are similarly robust, resilient, and available in a range of hues. Granite is the ideal material for a variety of uses, including bathrooms, kitchens, walls, fireplaces, and floors, and it can last a lifetime. Additionally, these tiles are resistant to damp, fading, and are easy to clean because to their bright, hard surfaces.

Express Flooring
Full Review

Before bringing my customer in to discuss flooring options, I had never dealt with Bedrosians Tile & Stone. I called early to ensure that our appointment went well. Michael was wonderful! He was an excellent communicator, attentive without being obnoxious. Our visit went perfectly. We received our sample and placed our purchase within a few days. Everything was delivered on schedule. Michael was very conscientious regarding the order and delivery schedules. My customer got her carpet laid within a week of closing on their property! Such a simple purchase with no hiccups. In the future, I will bring all of my customers to Bedrosians! And I’ll make certain Michael is present when I visit! Excellent experience, content designer!

Castle House Designs
Full Review

Conclusion of Bedrosians Tile & Stone Reviews & Ratings

Overall, with the quantity, variety, and quality of Bedrosians Tile & Stone lines, they are able to satisfy the demands and performance requirements of any project in any environment, whether it’s in the United States or worldwide, whether it’s a commercial, industrial, institutional, or residential project.

Bedrosians Tile & Stone Review: Conclusion
Image:Bedrosians Tile & Stone@fb

Because of the significant purchasing power, Bedrosians Tile & Stone is able to deliver items that are well within the cost limits of a project.

Also, in our Bedrosians Tile & Stone Review above, we’ve already reviewed some of the best-sellers product with the hope will help you to make a decision purchase.

So, what are you waiting for? Add to your cart now and enjoy your shopping at Bedrosians Tile & Stone


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