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We must constantly strike a balance between job, recreation, and family. Relaxing after a long day at work is crucial to keep you encouraged and inspired for the next task. You should always prioritize your mental and physical health equally since only by being mentally well can you deal with job stress.

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Outdoor activities might help you feel better and relieve stress. Fishing is one of the most comfortable and peaceful hobbies that brings satisfaction, and people who like fishing are constantly looking for the right fishing apparel and other accessories to help them perform effectively and enjoy their time.

Here, we can show you a brand that meets your need! Introducing BASSDASH, a company that offers a platform where you can shop for all types of fishing apparel, gadgets, and equipment.

Now with a better understanding of BASSDASH’s products and services, you can see the BASSDASH review online here at Shopranker. Without waiting any longer, let’s check it out!

Overview of BASSDASH

BASSDASH is a fishing tackle brand that specializes in supplying a variety of fishing gear, equipment, and fishing suits. The company is headquartered in China. The company was founded with the goal of providing high-quality fishing equipment to fishermen and fisherwomen at great prices.

While BASSDASH identified a demand for affordable, high-quality outdoor gear and accessories. They’re also fishermen and hunters, just like you, so they appreciate the value of durable outdoor gear. They establish high standards in all elements of their company, from design to manufacture to sales, in order to provide the utmost in comfort and performance, whether you’re on the river or in the woods.

Exclusive sales from their factory to you are the emphasis of BASSDASH. They want their consumers to pay for the product’s quality rather than the cost of marketing and delivery. They stand behind every product they create and are dedicated to offering industry-leading customer service.

As BASSDASH expands, they will keep their promise to you by supplying high-quality outdoor products at a reasonable price. They are excited to join you on your next outdoor expedition.


It’s not only the equipment for catching fish that’s important; we also need other essential gears, as well as any supplies we might require for a day on the water or walking the banks. BASSDASH has integrated this quality into its most recent range of products, with essential features that you would thank for.

It offers a wide choice of items for men, women, and children. Waders, jackets, rainwear, shirts & hoodies, trousers, layers, boots, hunting, gear storage, lures & baits, nets, terminal nets, flies, hooks, boxes, ice fishing, and more are among the items supplied by BASSDASH.

From our review that mostly their products have a solid price-quality balance, which means they supply customers with high-quality products that are both affordable and convenient.

Here we have several products that you may be interested in. Let’s take a look down below.

BASSDASH Men's Veil Camo Wader Review

The waders are comprised of three layers of waterproof and breathable shell fabric (WPR=15,000mm H2O, MVP=5000gr/m2/24hrs, Water Repellency=80 points, and more).

BASSDASH Review: BASSDASH Men's Veil Camo Wader Review

Anatomically constructed 4.2mm neoprene stocking feet with self-fabric gravel protection are available. It constructed rubber boot feet with deep tread patterns for optimal grip, and a firm bottom that protects your feet if you walk on a sharp item by mistake.


  • 3 layers of waterproof and breathable shell fabric (WPR=15,000mm H2O, MVP=5000gr/m2/24hrs, Water Repellency=80 points, and more).
  • New Zealand’s patented DESOLVE Veil Camouflage disturbs the animal’s visual identification process rather than replicating the surroundings, resulting in a significantly more adaptable camouflage pattern that thrives in a broad range of situations.
  • Suspenders with elastic adjustability for optimal comfort; 1.5-inch wide full-elastic belt with quick-release clasp;
  • YKK waterproof zipper closure on large chest storage compartment; YKK waterproof zippers on the reach-through fleece handwarmer pocket; For convenient access, the inside chest zippered pocket folds out. Gear attachments on the chest using D rings.
  • Front leg seams provide unrivaled mobility and remove seams in high-wear areas of the inner leg. Rubber boot feet with anatomical engineering.
  • Anatomically constructed rubber boot feet; front leg seams provide unparalleled mobility and remove seams in important inner leg wear zones.

Men's Veil Camo Breathable Wader Size Guide

Size Chest/Waist Hipline Inseam Outseam US Foot Size EU Foot Size Outsole Length
Small 44.1″ 45.7″ 35″ 54.7″ 8-9 38/39 10.63″
Medium 47.2″ 48.8″ 36″ 56.7″ 9-10 40/41 11″
Medium King 50.4″ 52″ 36″ 56.7″ 9-10 40/41 11″
Large 50.4″ 52″ 37″ 58.7″ 10-11 42/43 11.42″
Large King 53.5″ 55.1″ 37″ 58.7″ 10-11 42/43 11.42″
X-Large 53.5″ 55.1″ 38″ 60.6″ 11-12 44/45 11.81″
XX-Large 56.7″ 58.3″ 39″ 62.6″ 12-13 46/47 12.2″

BASSDASH FV08 Fishing Vest Review

This fishing vest is made from premium, durable yet lightweight polyester construction with maximum storage capacity. It has features with a 10-pocket design with several internal and external storage pockets to keep all your gear organized, including one big zipped chest pocket for fly boxes and another with an open mouth for a water bottle or zoom lens, among other things. Two smaller front zippered compartments for tippet spools and fly boxes. Two mesh pockets on the front for leads or other supplies.

BASSDASH Review: BASSDASH FV08 Fishing Vest Review

More BASSDASH FV08 Fishing Vest Features

  • Ultimate comfort and breathability are provided by the lightweight mesh inner lining and cushioned shoulder straps.
  • Shoulder and waist straps may be adjusted for a precise fit; sternum strap with buckle fastening for rapid release.
  • Reflective stripes, loop side of hook-and-loop for attaching fly patches or stickers, molle web gear lash, rod holder or accessory attachment loops, D-ring on the rear for attaching a fishing net, and holder for floatants or sinkants are among the other features.
  • The FV08 Chest Pack Vest, which combines the flexibility of a fishing vest with the comfort of a chest pack, is excellent for the short-session fisherman who wants to travel light; it’s also great for use with waders or fishing in the summer.

BASSDASH Tactical Bag Review

This high-quality tackle backpack from BASSDASH comes with a separate insulated lunch bag that can be removed for added convenience. There is sufficient space for you to keep not only the tackle and accessories, but also your lunch and beverage, as well as your clothes, camera, phone, and other personal items like a wallet, etc.

This backpack comes with or without trays that you can use depending on your need. Build with Premium 600D polyester construction makes this bag has a strong and durable texture. You can select your own styles as your preferences such as the bag color that you like; green, camo, or khaki.

BASSDASH Tactical Bag Features

  • The movable clapboard in the main compartment allows the main compartment to be subdivided into two independent inner compartments, making the main compartment customizable.
  • Personal items may be stored in the top compartment. The lower compartments have the capacity to carry up to three big utility boxes measuring 3600.
  • The large front pockets and roomy side pockets are designed to handle the majority of box shapes and dimensions, as well as additional accessories or personal items.

BASSDASH UPF50+ Fishing Gloves Review

It’s difficult to get enjoyment from being outdoors when you are unable to feel your fingers. Because of this, the women’s gloves that are produced by BASSDASH are designed to provide performance, protection, and comfort, regardless of whether you are going fishing, kayaking, hitting the slopes, hiking trails, or simply going for a morning jog in chilly weather.

BASSDASH UPF50+ Fishing Gloves Features

  • UPF50+ UV protection, 4-way stretch, and rapid drying fabric Poly-Spandex; Synthetic Microfiber Leather; Toxic-free fabric and color.
  • The gloves have a UPF 50+ rating and protect your hands and wrists from harmful UV radiation.
  • Lightweight, breathable fabric that keeps you cool and dry – helps with grip when your hands are sweaty.
  • The non-slip, long-lasting synthetic leather palm keeps your hands stable whether using your fishing rod, reel, paddle, or gardening tools.
  • Because of the increased demands, BASSDASH is glad to present the traditional 3/4 finger length, which will protect your hands from sun damage, small abrasions, cuts, and scrapes while allowing you to maintain good dexterity thanks to the open fingers.
  • The ULTIMATE Women’s UV Gloves provide UPF 50+ protection for your hands and are suitable for a variety of outdoor activities like fishing, cycling, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, boating, and yard work.

Sizing Guide

Size XS S M
Palm circumference (in) 5-3/4 ~ 6-3/4 6-3/4 ~ 7-1/2 7-1/2 ~ 8-1/4
Palm circumference (in) 15 ~ 17 17 ~ 19 19 ~ 21

The measurements correspond to the wearer’s body size, not the dimensions of the garment.

BASSDASH UPF 50+ Fishing Shirt Review

The BASSDASH Long Sleeve Performance T-Shirt provides the optimal balance of comfort, defense, and panache all in one convenient package. The fabric, which is made from innovative Poly-Spandex, is very gentle on the skin while also assisting in the regulation of body temperature. As a result, it will keep you cool and protected while you are outside.

BASSDASH UPF 50+ Fishing Shirt Features

  • Features cutting-edge UV protection woven into the fabric Fabric composed of 84 percent polyester and 16 percent stretch spandex.
  • You are protected from the burning rays of the sun by the long sleeve design and 50+ UPF protection offered by the garment.
  • During a long day of fishing, the moisture-wicking fabric will help you stay dry and comfortable by managing your sweat so that it doesn’t build up.
  • When you’re active in the heat, you’ll stay cool thanks to the improved breathability provided by the mesh back and undersleeve.
  • The elasticity of the cloth allows complete freedom of movement, making it ideal for the activity that takes place on the boat or near the water.
  • Fantastic for casual wear in most settings, not just on fishing trips; it will look great at a barbecue, casual lunch, or during a presentation at your local fishing club; Unisex fashion; looks great on men and female anglers alike.

BASSDASH SwimPanfish Hard Swimbait Review

The Bassdash Swimbait is a topwater lure that mimics natural fish colors and movements. The 3.5in / 8.8cm long swimbait has a temperate body profile and a look at the nose of the bait, giving this swimbait the ability to crank down in depths from 1ft to 3ft while maintaining its stability on the water’s surface.

You can choose from the six available Swimbait colors based on your preference. Or, you can pick the pack options.

BASSDASH Pros & Cons

We have insights about the pros and cons of this brand which might help you to consider before you purchase any products on BASSDASH. Here is the list:



  • High-quality materials
  • Strong construction on gears
  • Have many designs based on customers like
  • Have many size options on t-shirts, vests, etc
  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to maintain


  • A little expensive
  • Several products are often out of stock
  • The color of products may fade with time
  • Shipping delay times frequently vary
  • Doesn’t have a live chat on their website



It usually takes 1-3 business days for them to complete your order. Once your purchase has been shipped, you will get a shipment confirmation email. After 3-5 days, you can track your order.

Most of their products are shipped from their factory in China, however certain heavier products will be fulfilled by BASSDASH Amazon, which means you may get double shipments in some cases, which they apologize for.

Shipping Method

United States & Most European Countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, etc.

1. Standard Shipping:

  • Orders ranging from $0.00 to $59.00: Postage is $3.99.
  • Free shipping on orders above $59.00
  • 9-15 days is the standard delivery time. During epidemic periods, transportation times will be 15-30 days, and the pandemic may cause delivery delays.

2. Express Shipping:

  • Express shipment costs $21 in postage.
  • 4-7 days for expedited shipment. During pandemic periods, transportation times will be 10-15 days, and the epidemic may cause delivery delays.

Tracking your orders on the website below


BASSDASH Waders Warranty

A six-month warranty is included with every Bassdash waders. If your waders leak within this time due to material or workmanship issues, they will be replaced promptly and at no cost. Normal wear and tear, accidental damage, corrosion, and general negligence are not covered by this warranty.

Each pair of Bassdash waders is thoroughly tested in a tank to verify that they are completely waterproof. If a leak does develop as a result of an unintentional puncture, please fix it using the materials and instructions provided in the supplied repair kit. Please keep in mind that waders aren’t indestructible and should only be worn for the sort of fishing for which they were intended.

BASSDASH Nets Warranty

The BASSDASH 30-day guarantee will cover most failures caused by typical fishing circumstances if you are the original owner. If your net breaks due to faulty materials or workmanship, they will replace it for free.

If they discover that it was broken as a result of abuse or overuse, they will contact you and give you a replacement at a fair cost. Please keep in mind that nets are not indestructible and must be used for the sort of fishing for which they were intended.

BASSDASH Rod Warranty

The 30-day guarantee will cover most failures caused by regular fishing circumstances if you are the original owner. If your rod breaks due to poor material or workmanship, they will replace it for free.

If they believe the rod was broken due to abuse or overuse (for example, if you damaged it fishing a 50lb braid on a 10lb rod or hauling a monster fish into your boat using just your rod), they will contact you and provide you a replacement at the the a fair cost. Please keep in mind that rods aren’t unbreakable and should only be used for the sort of fishing they were intended for.

Bassdash Backpacks Warranty

A 30-day limited warranty is included with all BASSDASH backpacks. They will replace your backpack for free if it fails to fulfill its intended function due to material or workmanship problems.

Normal wear, abuse, misuse, or neglect are not covered by the warranty. In this case, they will contact you and provide you with a replacement at a fair cost. Please keep in mind that the backpacks are not indestructible and must be used appropriately for the sort of fishing intended.

BASSDASH Apparel Warranty

A 30-day limited warranty is included with every BASSDASH gear. They will replace your clothing for free if it fails to fulfill its intended function due to faults in materials or workmanship.

Please keep in mind that this guarantee does not cover damage resulting from an accident, poor care, carelessness, regular wear, or the natural degradation of colors and materials through time and usage.

BASSDASH Return Policy

BASSDASH hopes you enjoy your new purchase! However, if you are not completely satisfied with the products, the following is the return procedure to be informed of:

Simply return your item to them within 30 days after receiving it if you are not completely satisfied. Exchanges are also possible within 30 days after receipt. However, they are not liable for the cost of returning the box unless the item is proven to be damaged as a result of their error.

Keep in mind that: (a) used products cannot be returned or exchanged; (b) custom ordered items cannot be returned or exchanged; and (c) washed clothes cannot be returned or exchanged.

To begin a return, please email and explain the products you want to return as well as your reasons for doing so. If your return or exchange is approved, they will email you a return form; please fill it out and attach it to your shipment, then send it to:

Dr. 601, BUILDING 5, 145 YUEHUA RD.
Huli District, Xiamen, China
Postal/Zip Code: 361006

Please insure the shipment for its full value and acquire a package tracking number for your safety. They shall not be held liable for any missing or damaged packages returned or exchanged to them.

Please retain all packaging, manuals, warranties, and accessories in good condition. A 10% restocking charge will be applied to products that are missing or substantially damaged packaging, manuals, warranties, or accessories. We will not be held liable for any damage to objects caused by improper use or failure to follow mentioned instructions or accepted practice.

Items that are returned to them without first requesting a return will be rejected.

Damaged Or Lost Items:

Please indicate the damage on the carrier’s freight bill or receipt if you get a product that is visibly damaged. Make a copy of the invoice or receipt. Kindly preserve the original packaging and all packing materials and components intact once they have been received. Within seven calendar days of receiving a damaged shipment, kindly contact their Customer Support Team through email at

If you feel an order has been misplaced in transit, please notify their Customer Support Team immediately through email at


Within 5 business days of receiving your product, they will provide a refund to the original method of payment used to make your transaction.

Because they are non-refundable, they will not include the original delivery price.


BASSDASH‘s Customer Service Team will patiently and professionally answer any of your questions. Don’t hesitate to contact BASSDASH if you have any questions or complaints regarding their services or products. They’d be excited to hear from you!

Get in contact with them:

Or visit them at their store:

  • Address: Unit 702-G, Nantou Rd. #3, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian, China

Where to buy BASSDASH?

Ready to purchase some items on BASSDASH? You can go directly to their official website and shop for all that you need there. Another place that you can find BASSDASH items is you can visit big marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, or Aliexpress.

But mostly their items are out of stock so we highly recommend that you purchase BASSDASH items directly at their official website.

BASSDASH Promo Codes & Coupons

BASSDASH offers many discounts and promotions on most of their products through their official website. They also give you a chance to win a nice big fat discount by spinning a wheel.

But first, you have to sign up on their subscribe list and try your luck! If you’re lucky enough, you will get up to 25% OFF your purchase, FREE shipping, and also up to $5 OFF.

Another option is to use the coupon code shown below before checking out your order, may this coupon code(s) give you a discounted price.

View All Coupons

BASSDASH Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for BASSDASH. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

What should I look for in waders?

Consider the wader’s warmth in proportion to its breathability. The thicker the wader, the more warmth it provides while breathing less. Warm waders are appropriate for cold, if not freezing, water and weather, but they may be cumbersome to pack.

Are all waders the same?

All you need to do is understand the wader’s material. There are four basic material kinds to select from rubber, canvas, neoprene, and breathable fabrics such as GORE-TEX. Each substance has its own set of pros and cons. The price also depends on the material itself.

How do you pick out waders?

1. The waders must breatheable.
2. A stockingfoot wader should be used instead of a bootfoot wader since they are more adaptable.
3. Waders should be as lightweight as feasible.
4. Unless you routinely fish in near-freezing or sub-freezing temperatures, there is no need to invest in an insulated wader.

Should you size up in waders?

So if you wear a size 11 boot, you should use a size 11 bootfoot wader. If you want to wear thicker socks beneath, consider going up a size. Bring the socks you want to wear to the store with you while trying on the waders.

Ask a question?

BASSDASH Expert Reviews

I would personally recommend this brand. All of the products are of excellent quality and are reasonably priced. When you’re in a hot climate, you’ll need something like. It lets your skin to breathe while still shielding you from the sun!

Full Review

BASSDASH is the place to go if you’re seeking for high-quality gear that will withstand the rigors of fishing. Each fly has been carefully picked and classified, allowing even the most beginner angler to determine which flies would perform best in any given circumstance.

Full Review

Conclusion of BASSDASH Reviews & Ratings

Finding high-quality fishing equipment that matches all of your requirements might be difficult. With so many possibilities, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and unsure of what you want.

BASSDASH Review: Conclusion

There are, however, certain things that genuinely stand out. As an example, consider the BASSDASH products.

Based on our BASSDASH Review above, we can say that all of the items are designed to provide excellent value for money while also being quite functional during your fishing adventures. Their products come with a variety of useful features you can rely on. Strong construction and high-quality materials are also used to promote overall comfort.

If you’re looking for the best fishing equipment, the BASSDASH products won’t let you down.


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