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Barstool Sports Store Review 2023 → The Highest Quality Merchandise From The #1 Most Influential Media

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About Barstool Sports Store

Who doesn’t know Barstool Sports? For over 20 years, Barstool Sports has been a popular American digital media and blog site company that produces content about pop culture and sports.

Barstool Sports Store Review: About Barstool Sports Store

If you’re a fan of this channel, you might be interested in its merchandise. As we know, Barstool Sports has official stores such as One Bite, KFC Radio, Pardon My Take, Barstool Golf, and many more.

As time passes and the level of popularity increases, Barstool Sports presents the Barstool Sports Store. This official Barstool Sports store specializes in selling merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, hoodies, etc.

Presenting a variety of up-to-date and high-quality fashion, Barstool Sports Store has managed to attract many event fans with its merchandise products.

This is shown by its social media accounts with many followers, including its Instagram account, with 28.2k followers, and 11k followers on Twitter.

But are they worthy of their popularity? We will review the brand, including best-selling products, what customers say, shipping and return policies, and more.

So stick with us to find out if their merchandise is worth buying!

Overview Of Barstool Sports Store

Barstool Sports Store began as a leading digital sports media brand that established a highly influential and authentic voice of Barstool Sports.

They create innovative content with massive distribution across multiple platforms, including web, podcasts, radio, apps, video, social, pay-per-view, events, subscriptions, and TV, to highly engaged audiences.

One of America’s most influential lifestyle brands has been in the industry for 20 years and has reached a highly engaged audience of 66+ million monthly unique users. As a result, it put Barstool at the top of the charts.

With its increasing popularity, Barstool wanted to bond with its audience by presenting a store specializing in selling merchandise from its various programs.

But not just any merchandise. They have a team of experts who manage to design their merchandise products with the best quality and eye-catchy designs. Thus, Barstool Sports Store was able to achieve success by selling a high number of fashion merchandise products.

Even with high demand, Barstool now offers wholesale sales for bulk purchases. In addition, they also offer custom orders for customers who want to design their merchandise to their preference.

Before moving on to the product review section, check out the Barstool Sports Store pros and cons below:


  • Up-to-date fashion merchandise styles
  • A wide selection of sizes starting from S to 3 XL
  • High-quality products with premium materials
  • Easily available online and offline
  • Worry-free returns for 30 days
  • International shipping available
  • Great customer service


  • Free shipping is unavailable
  • Worldwide shipping for selected products only

Barstool Sports Store Review

Now that you’ve learned about the brand’s history, what’s next? Well, let’s talk about the products! 

Barstool Sports Store Reviews: Barstool Sports Store Review

As mentioned a few times, the brand sells fashion merchandise from various popular Barstool Sports programs.

Here are the merchandise collections:

  • Apparel: Footwear, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Jackets & Vests, Jerseys, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Socks, T-shirts, etc. 
  • Accessories & Hats: Golf bags, Drinkware, Stickers, Pet accessories, Totes & Bags, Wall art, Baseball hats, Beanies, Trucker hats, and more. 
  • All brands & Pondcast: A New Untold Story, Barstool Golf, KFC Radio, One Bite, Million Dollaz Worth Of Game, etc. 
  • Cities & Sports: Arizona, D.C., Chicago, New York, Baseball, Gold, Basketball, Hockey, Racing, and more. 

Based on many product collections, it is impossible for us to discuss all the products in detail. Therefore, in this Barstool Sports Store review, we’ll only focus on the 3 best-selling products. Let’s begin!

Barstool Sports Store Dad Imperial Rope Hat Reviews

You’ll agree that a hat is one of those fashion items that can take your look to the next level. But it’s not just for enhancing your look. It also protects from the sun’s heat and when your hair is in bad shape.

Barstool Sports Store Review: Barstool Sports Store Dad Imperial Rope Hat Reviews

It’s not just women who experience the worst hair day. Men also experience times when their hair is unruly and messy. Well, a hat is a perfect solution to the problem.

With so many different types of hats to choose from, the Rope Hat is a simple and timeless hat that is perfect for everyday use, so we recommend the Dad Imperial Rope Hat.

This hat is from Taylor Lewan of Barstool Sports and Will Compton of the Bussin With The Boys podcast. Who’s a fan of theirs? If you are, then get it now!

The Dad Imperial Rope Hat is made from a performance poly fabric with inherent stain-resistant qualities. Typically, this material has water resistance, stain resistance, mold resistance, UV blocking, antimicrobial, and durability. Therefore, hats with this material are great for everyday use.

Despite using the best durability and long-lasting materials, this hat is still comfortable to wear. It is usually made for lightweight, cool, and breathable use.

In addition, to protect from the sun, this rope hat has a snapback that is the perfect size to protect you. It also has a high crown front panel that gives a beautiful look to the front area of your hat.

Moreover, the detailed text Dad makes this hat suitable for fathers and family men who really love their families. Is it you?

Well, for the price, it’s available at $35 with 6 color options that you can customize to your style and favorite color.

Barstool Sports Store Sleep When You're Dead Tie Dye Hoodie Reviews

Appearance is the main thing you should pay attention to because it really describes who you are. No need to worry! If you are lazy to dress up or not good at choosing a cool style, you can try wearing a hoodie to improve your appearance.

Barstool Sports Store Review: Barstool Sports Store Sleep When You're Dead Tie Dye Hoodie Reviews

It has become a common thing that the hoodie becomes one type of fashion item that has many fans. Even this type of clothing has become a trend among men and women.

A hoodie is a type of jacket that has a hood or head cover that is the most versatile fashion item. So, you can mix and match freely with your other fashion items. Whether denim, cargo pants, pleats, skirts, or shorts.

In addition, since hoodies usually have a thick material, it is very functional to give you warmth to the body. Therefore, the use of hoodies is very suitable for winter.

So, if you are a hoodie lover, then you can choose the Sleep When You’re Dead Tie Dye Hoodie to be one of the additions to your hoodie collection.

The Tie Dye Hoodie is a Barstool collection from Brianna Chickenfry of Barstool Sports’ PlanBri Uncut. So, if you’re a loyal follower of her podcast or blog, then this hoodie could make you happy!

True to its name, this Tie Dye Hoodie goes through a hand-dyed and washed process to give it a superior look and feel. Thus, making it unbeatable. Its manually made process makes it have different results for each item. Interesting, right?

This hoodie has a soft texture when you wear it because it is made from a blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It is also printed on a premium pre-shrunk Colortone unisex sweatshirt, which makes it durable and gives it a premium look.

The sizes range from S to 3XL, and 3 color options of Green, Pink, and Black that you can adjust to your body size and favorite color. This hoodie is priced at $65. However, you can now get it for only $39.

Barstool Sports Store Barstool Golf Flag Pocket Tee Reviews

Do you love viewing and listening to the Fore Play Podcast? Trent, Riggs, Frankie, and Rapaport are the cast members of the podcast sitting at the bar watching the coverage, weighing in on professional gossip, and venting about the game’s difficulties. In addition, they talk about all things golf.

Barstool Sports Store Review: Barstool Sports Store Barstool Golf Flag Pocket Tee Reviews

You can find a wide range of their merchandise at Barstool Sports Store, such as the Barstool Golf Flag Pocket Tee.

Pocket Tee is very comfortable because it has a smooth material made of 100% ring-spun cotton. Besides being comfortable to wear, it can also enhance your appearance with a blue polka dot design and red golf clubs arranged into a flag shape.

It’s printed on a unisex Comfort Colours Tee, which makes it wearable for both men and women. The color choice is quite neutral. You can choose navy, white, or red with adjusted colors on the design details.

This short-sleeved tee has a fairly wide size. They range from S to 3 XL. So you who have a fairly large body shape can use it by choosing the largest size.

The Golf Flag Pocket Tee is $35, which is well worth the top quality and design.

Barstool Sports Store Size Guide

Before buying fashion products online, you need to pay attention to the size if you want your order not to disappoint and fit you. But, of course, this is not an easy thing!

Barstool Sports Store Review: Barstool Sports Store Size Guide

Fortunately, the brand prepares a size guide on each product page. Because each product must have a different size, we will provide a size example for the Barstool Golf Flag Pocket Tee product in this section.

For Golf Flag Pocket Tee, the brand states that the size may be slightly larger. So keep in mind as you select, your preferred size may be slightly larger for you.

Need help to measure your chest? The brand has tips so you can get your best size.

First, place the measuring tape flat around the fullest part of your chest from armpit to armpit. No need to puff out or flex your chest. Just relax or stand normally. Then, double the number to determine the total chest size.

Who Is Barstool Sports Store For?

Since Barstool Sports Store specializes in selling merchandise from Barstool Sports programs, it is obvious that its products will be of great interest to Barstool Sports programs lovers.

Barstool Sports Store Review: Who Is Barstool Sports Store For?

In addition, its program discusses various sports news, and the design of its fashion merchandise also leans towards sports style. Some of its merchandise is very suitable for sports, such as basketball jerseys and shorts, baseball hats, golf shoes and polo, and even hockey gloves.

Besides that, the concept and design of the clothes are more suitable for outdoor use rather than indoor use. Also, more towards a casual look.

Is Barstool Sports Store Legit?

When it comes to its Barstool Sports programs, it’s certainly legit with its popularity in America. But is the Barstool Sports Store as legit as its programs?

Thus, Barstool has become one of America’s most influential lifestyle brands. They have a loyal and highly engaged audience that you can’t compare to any other program.

Thus, its various merchandise products are also much sought after by lovers of its programs. Nevertheless, the brand is not careless in creating and ensuring the safety of every customer who orders its products.

Even in 2020, the brand received around 90,000 orders during its Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. But it didn’t stop there. In 2021 the brand received about 87,000 orders for its Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.

Although the number was lower than the previous year, Barstool still received some sales through other sites. They even have a Balls Beachwear store separate from their main store.

A large number of orders and gaining customers’ trust from year to year prove that Barstool Sports Store is legit.

Is Barstool Sports Store Worth It?

As we’ve said before, Barstool doesn’t just sell merchandise. They also pay a lot of attention to the quality of their products. You can even see just from the pictures that the quality of the fashion items is very premium.

Barstool Sports Store Review: Is Barstool Sports Store Worth It?

So, we think Barstool Sports Store is very worthy of your purchase. Moreover, its outstanding services, such as customer service, being ready to reply to your questions within 24 hours, and worry-free returns, provide comfort when shopping.

In addition, up-to-date product designs, diverse color choices, and a wide range of sizes from XS to 5XL make it easy for anyone who wants to wear its products.

Barstool Sports Store Shipping Policy

Each item of your order has a different processing time. However, the brand ships most stock orders within 3-5 business days (Monday-Friday). Moreover, since the brand offers domestic and international shipping, the shipping details will vary by region.


  • Standard Delivery
    • 3-8 business days 
      • 48 continental U.S.
      • Ships USPS first class or UPS Surepost
    • 7-14 business days
      • A.K., HI, P.O. Boxes
    • Up to 4 weeks 
      • APO/FPO
      • Ships UPS mail innovations
  • Faster Delivery 
    • The brand doesn’t currently have expedited shipping options available at checkout.

Except for the above shipments, shipping orders to Hawaii and Alaska takes 7-14 days, and to APO/FPO military bases takes up to 4 weeks.

Lightweight packages (under 1lb) are shipped using USPS First Class Mail, while heavier packages (over 1lb) are shipped using UPS SurePost. 


  • Canada, U.K. & Australia
    • 8-14 business days
      • It Ships to FedEx International & is fully trackable.
      • Additional duties, taxes, and fees are automatically collected at checkout.
      • No additional duties are required at the time of delivery.
  • Faster Delivery
    • The brand doesn’t currently have expedited shipping options available at checkout.
  • Rest of world
    • A limited assortment of items is available for worldwide shipping.
      • Shipping will be noted in the description of each eligible product.

You can check the detailed information about shipping on the shipping policy page.

Barstool Sports Store Return Policy

Lucky you! You can request a return or exchange if you are not satisfied with your purchase within thirty (30) days of purchase if the item is in original and unused condition.

In addition, the brand also offers free returns or exchanges within the U.S. But unfortunately, the brand doesn’t give free returns or exchanges for those outside the U.S.

Then, once the brand receives your return, they will check the return and refund the purchase amount to the original form of payment or issue store credit to your email on record. The brand processes refunds within 1-3 business days.

If there is anything about returns that is still unclear, you can visit the return policy page or contact the customer service team.

How To Contact Barstool Sports Store

To serve its customers the best, Barstool Sports Store has great customer service that is ready to answer all your questions.

Here are some Barstool Sports Store customer support channel options:

The customer service team will always reply to your email within 24 hours, but usually sooner. Email support is usually available from 8 am to 8 pm EST, 7 days a week.

Follow their Twitter account for the latest updates on the brand and also to interact with the team via DM.

Where to buy Barstool Sports Store?

Getting Barstool Sports Store fashion item products is very easy. You can buy products through the official website to order available products or custom according to the design you want.

But if the product you want is sold out on the official website, you may find it at retailers such as Amazon, Locker Room by Lids, and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Moreover, since the Barstool Sports x Lids collaboration brand is exclusively new, you can shop offline by visiting a specific Lids store location. Check local stores ‘near me‘ for full details.

Barstool Sports Store Promo Codes & Coupons

If you feel that Barstool fashion items are not within your budget, then there is no need to worry. The brand has partnered with GovX to offer a special discount for you. However, there are some conditions to fulfill this special discount:

  1. Military spouses & dependents
  2. Current & former US military
  3. First responders, including law enforcement, EMS, and fire

So, if you are one of them, then you can click the button on the Military, Medical + First Responder Discount page to verify your affiliation with GovX ID. Then, after verification, you’ll receive a one-time discount code to apply during checkout.

Even for future purchases, you can unlock new promo codes by simply logging in with your GovX ID.

Then, what if you aren’t one of them? Then the brand offers 20% off for sweatshirts. If you want other products, you can visit the official website and open the Sale menu to get collections that are on promo.

Also, since the brand doesn’t offer free shipping, you can click the button below to get a free shipping code to claim your purchase.

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Barstool Sports Store

Find promo codes and coupons for Barstool Sports Store in other countries

Barstool Sports Store Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Barstool Sports Store. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Who owns Barstool Sports Store?

As a Barstool Sports merchandise brand, of course, this merchandise store is owned by the brand owner, Penn Entertainment.

Who manufactures Barstool Sports Store?

Barstool Sports Store has a team of experts who design their fashion merchandise with special designs. However, they do not produce their own merchandise. Instead, the Touchstone company produces most of the products Barstool sells on its website.

Does Barstool Sports Store ship internationally?

Yup, they do international shipping to Canada, U.K. & Australia. However, as for worldwide shipping, it is only available for limited items.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Barstool Sports Store Reviews & Ratings

Our Barstool Sports Store review is coming to an end. But, before it does, we want to reassure you that the merchandise in this store is worth it for those of you who are fans of Barstool Sports programs.

Barstool Sports Store is the right choice to spend on merchandise to support your favorite program. You can find fashion items ranging from clothes, hats, shoes, and even sports equipment with the best quality.


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