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About August Co.

Did you know that the typical individual who has periods consumes between 5,000 and 15,000 pads and tampons during their lifetime? Menstrual products wind up in landfills, our seas, and rivers in addition to adding up to what is known as the “Tampon Tax.” Numerous of those goods include chemicals that are potentially dangerous to our health and the environment, such as chlorine and dioxin. Additionally, most tampons’ plastic applicators take hundreds of years to break down.

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There is a rising movement to urge people to adopt more sustainable decisions in their daily lives as the consequences of climate change become more severe. This movement is open to everyone, including you girls! Read this August Co. review to learn more about environmentally friendly period products.

Overview of August Co.

The August Co., located in New York, was established this year with $1.95 million in initial money and a roadmap for organizing and guiding its many social and environmental commitments. The cofounders of August Co., Nadya Okamoto and Nick Jain, delivered on their campaign pledges by outlining the company’s commitment to sustainability, giving back, and democratizing access to period care.

The company’s organic cotton is produced ethically in Mesin, Turkey, and it has a carbon-neutral supply chain that balances CO2 emissions with the Sidrap Wind Farm in Indonesia. It also includes built-in quarterly 10 percent profit sharing and product contributions to NGOs in the period advocacy field.

This degree of diligent accountability also applies to the brand’s marketing and community outreach initiatives. In favor of a strategy that acknowledges the variety of individuals with periods, Jain and Okamoto sought to move away from the typically “feminine” or muted patterns they observed on other menstruation products. Continue reading this August Co. review to learn what this brand has to offer.

August Co. Reviews

Beginning in January 2020, August Co. To find gaps in period care, the creators began bringing together the gen z community. In the last year, August Co. has worked to democratize access to period health information, find solutions for more environmentally friendly and pleasant period products, and create relationships with the #InnerCycle community.

August Co. wants to do their share to stop the loss of global environmental sustainability. Starting at the very beginning of the supply chain, sustainability is at the heart of how the business has created August period care.

August Co. believes that companies should continuously strive to be better for people and the environment. Every purchase made through August Co. directly supports programs aimed at decreasing period poverty and fighting the “tampon tax,” a charge levied on period-related goods. August Co. is dedicated to everyone who menstruates, regardless of gender, color, culture, social status, or ability. Continue read this August Co. review to learn more about this brand.

August Co. Pads Review

August Co. launched their movement with the introduction of their very plush, entirely biodegradable, and organic cotton August pads. These pads can end up being the best option for both the environment and you. Decomposition of most pads takes 500–800 years. Within a year, August Co. pads are completely biodegradable.

August Co. Review: August Co. Pads Review
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The pads from August Co. are really cozy. They are softer than the typical pharmacy pads, according to the pleased clients. It occurs as a result of the lack of plastic in the pads. There isn’t any of it here, in contrast to other disposable pads that have the capacity of up to three plastic bag equivalents.

The organic cotton fibers used to make the pads have not been harmed by pesticides. These materials are thicker and longer, and the surface of the pad has densely spaced, microscopic pores that make them supple, durable, and permeable. The biodegradable backsheet material employs cutting-edge technology to wick away moisture and any remaining heat, keeping you cozy for hours. This increases the absorbency of the pads and keeps them from becoming damp and squishy after prolonged usage.

August Co. Tampons Review

For your menstruation, August Co. also sells biodegradable tampons. Tampons by August Co. are made entirely of organic cotton and are completely biodegradable. They have recyclable plastic long-applicators installed. These tampons are healthier for the environment and you.

August Co. Review: August Co. Tampons Review
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Tampons from August Co. feature long, recyclable plastic applicators for simpler insertion. The most comfortable and absorbent tampons are those that expand axially, or like a pair of angel wings, to best match the natural shape of your vagina. All the sustainability and all the capacity for absorption.

Pesticides, herbicides, scents, polyester, rayon, deodorants, dioxins, dyes, and other chemicals are not present in the August Co. goods. Tampons and even the tampon strings are created from 100 percent organic cotton in these items.

August Co. Liners Review

The liners that are available for minor periods, breakthrough bleeding, or the last few days of your cycle. As usual, August Co. liners are made of organic cotton, which is both soft and sustainable. These complement the organic August pads just well. To feel more at ease during your periods, use these panty liners.

August Co. Clamp Review

When friends cramp together, they clamp together. A limited run of the Nimbus hair claw in the distinctive August lavender & red has been made available to you thanks to a collaboration between August Co. and AAPI created business, Chunks. They create an ideal hairpiece to represent your menstrual clan all summer long.

All hair types may benefit from using this hair clip. You can be confident that you are using a clamp that is safe for your hair since it has a cellulose acetate body and tested nickel-free hardware. Get these 5″ long by 2″ broad claw earrings for your period fashion.

August Co. Hoodie Review

In addition to producing period products, August Co. also influences fashion trends. You may get hoodies that you can wear throughout your periods to express yourself. Look through August Co.’s hoodie selection; you may choose from the August Bold, Human, and OMP hoodies. Black Lavender, Sand, and three more hues are available for each of them.

August Co. Review: August Co. Hoodie Review
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The August trademark is boldly displayed on the August Bold Hoodie. In this sweatshirt, you are portrayed together with your worry about periods. Let everyone see and feel the love of the community. August, which means magnificent dignity, perfectly embodies what the company stands for. August Co. was founded to assist everyone who menstruates in their quest to feel utterly deserving and richly worthwhile.

The Human Hoodie has the slogan, “Periods Make Human Life Possible.” Everyone should wear this sweatshirt to show their support for and recognition of people who menstruate. Give them a topic to discuss before revealing the August logo on your sleeve.

Any females will connect to the final OMP hoodie. This sweatshirt is made entirely of cotton, so relax. #onmyperiod is a way of thinking that entails being honest about talking about your period as well as presenting yourself to the world in full, unapologetic form. wearing a shirt with the August emblem on it.

August Co. Customer Service

You should not worry if you have any inquiries for August Co.; all you need to do is contact customer service for assistance. You may reach August Co. customer service at the addresses provided below.

  • Email:
  • Text:  243-41
  • Address: 1 S 1st Street, Brooklyn NY 11249

Where to buy August Co.?

August Co. provides a variety of unique menstruation products that may be useful to many girls. You may purchase August Co. items from a number of online retailers, including papaia, mayple, shopwellth, and Fihri, if you’re interested in doing so. If you want the greatest pricing, you should buy August Co.’s items from their official website. This is so that you may take advantage of the different promotions that August Co. provides on its website. This August Co. review also includes how to get the best price from the brand, check the section below for your shopping tips.

August Co. Promo Codes & Coupons

The official August Co. website offers a variety of promotions, as was previously noted in this review. One of them is that just by subscribing to the mailing list, you may get a 10% discount on your purchase. Additionally, August Co. offers FREE SHIPPING on all subscription boxes and orders worth more than $30. You simply have to pay the product charge, then. Additionally, using promo codes will still get you additional savings. Numerous promo codes from the internet have already been included in this August Co. review. Use the promo codes in the area below to receive even greater savings.

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August Co. Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for August Co.. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

August Co. Review: Questions & Answers
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What country makes your tampons? What material do they have?

August tampons are produced in Germany using Turkish-sourced, 100 percent organic cotton. They open axially after being inserted and feature a plastic-based applicator. Additionally, every item from the August timeframe has FDA approval.

What payment methods does August accept?

All popular credit and debit cards, as well as Apple Pay, are presently accepted by August!

How come August is the name of the company?

August represents respect and decency, which are lacking in the period space. The business thinks it can do a better job of looking out for your wellbeing. And August wish to assist menstruators in realizing their full potential during the whole month, every month, by restoring dignity to a normal and powerful process and by functioning from a position of inclusivity, shamelessness, honesty, and caring. This August Co. review already includes all the positivity brought by this brand.

How can I keep up with the launch of innovative products?

Joining the inner cycle or following August on social media (@itsaugust on Instagram and @itsaugustco everywhere else) is the best way to be informed about new product launches.

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August Co. Expert Reviews

In September 2021, I placed my first purchase from August, and I fell in love right away. Their goal really speaks to me, and all of their things are SO soft and cozy. I’ve tried all of their period products without ever being let down. I’m aware that some have had problems with adhesion, but because it makes the pads simpler to remove, I really like them to be less sticky. The tampons are really great; the technique they use substantially lessens the amount of leakage. I just can’t say enough good things about the company!

mae p
Full Review

August pads are organic, biodegradable, compostable, and comfy, which is why they’ve become so popular on social media. They may be ordered to be delivered directly to your home, contain no plastic, are more ecologically friendly than regular pads, and even have biodegradable wrappers today. Additionally, they are very soft and absorbent.

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I purchased their “create a box” after coming across this company on TikTok and being interested. When I received my period the first day, I knew I was hooked. I HATE using pads, but these were a whole other breed. They dry fast, don’t cling to your vagina, are soft, and DON’T SMELL! The tampons are quite comfy to use and don’t upset me at all. Both the liners and the remaining pads dissolve into your underwear. However, the overnight pads are seriously UNDERRATED! Again, I detest pads, but they have saved my life. They don’t wander around or create a noise like you’re carrying a plastic bag while you walk thanks to the double butterfly strap! This company and all they stand for are fantastic! I’ll be calling your name out loud to everyone with a gushing vagina, LOL! I adore you two!

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Full Review

This business is great in every way. the accessibility, inclusiveness, and most importantly the product. Amazing comfort, particularly with the pads! They give you the impression that you are sitting on a cushion. No tampon tax, either! Products from August are also less expensive than those found in stores, particularly if you purchase subscription boxes. The merchandise feels wonderful, and customer service is delivered quickly! They really do care!

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Conclusion of August Co. Reviews & Ratings

Sustainable period care products that genuinely work were produced by August Co. You can trust August Co. to provide you with ecologically sustainable items in addition to pleasant period products. August Co. will stand by your side to declare that having periods is nothing to be ashamed of. Thank you for reading our August Co. review. Please check out some of our other reviews.


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