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About Atlantis Sleep

When you spend eight hours or more in your bed every night, it’s worth investing in a mattress that offers the best support for your body. A good mattress is essential to have a good night’s rest. Also, a good night’s sleep is essential to remain healthy and active throughout the day.

Atlantis Sleep Review: About Atlantis Sleep
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In fact, according to research, people who don’t get enough sleep are at an increased risk of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and even heart disease. This Atlantis Sleep Review is here to help you discover a brand and product that will help you to get a quality rest with a customizable comfortable mattress. 

The Atlantis Sleep mattress is one of the most unique and luxurious hybrid mattresses available today. The innovative design combines the best elements from various mattress types to create a comfortable and supportive product while also being lightweight, breathable, and eco-friendly.

This Atlantis Sleep Review will discuss some informational sections that help your shopping journey. In addition, this review will examine the product review, shipping information, return policy, discount code, and FAQ. Let’s get started!

Overview Atlantis Sleep

Atlantis is manufactured with just the highest quality materials to produce a luxurious feel while employing environmentally responsible materials and procedures. Atlantis Sleep uses high-quality and environmentally friendly called Seaqual yarn. It is a high-quality 100% post-consumer recycled polyester yarn made with Seaqual Initiative’s Upcycled Marine Plastic.

Seaqual yarn has nearly equal physical qualities to normal recycled polyester and is available in several sizes and finishes in continuous filament and staple fiber. Seaqual yarn can be found in many products, including garments and accessories, contract and vehicle upholstery, home furnishings, and technical textiles.

The remaining 90% of Seaqual yarn is post-consumer PET from terrestrial sources, with about 10% being upcycled marine plastic (from marine litter).

Atlantis Sleep Review

Atlantis was created to provide your body with the best possible feeling. Firm, medium, or soft are the options. Split the stiffness between the two sides of the bed to make it more interesting. Don’t worry if you don’t like your choice. Atlantis Sleep will give you a complimentary comfort layer so you may customize it to your liking. All of this is provided without charge.

A hybrid mattress such as the Atlantis Sleep mattress will generally consist of several layers. These layers all work together to provide the benefits you expect from each category while combining them into one high-quality product.

When purchasing a hybrid mattress, it is important to understand what makes each type of material effective in this construction. Each layer serves a specific purpose in creating an optimal sleeping experience. Not only are they high-quality mattresses it also emphasizes their eco-friendly material.

Atlantis Sleep Mattress Review

This Atlantis Sleep Mattress is made from a wonderful Seaqual fiber (produced from salvaged plastics from our oceans) and is combined with sustainable Tencel in our Sea-Soft top cover. These fibers are woven together to create an incredibly soft, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that is both soft and environmentally sustainable. To eliminate body imprints and promote ventilation through the mattress, we blend and quilt this with Australian Hypersoft foam.

Atlantis Sleep Review: Atlantis Sleep Mattress Review
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Because of their conforming capabilities, Atlantis Sleep Mattress‘s sophisticated blend of premium comfort layers is designed to deliver the ultimate pressure relief and support. Their open cell structure also provides mattress breathability for a more ideal sleeping temperature and a better night’s sleep. All of their foams are created in Australia and are GECA certified, ensuring their quality, durability, and long-term comfort.

Furthermore, Atlantis Sleep‘s revolutionary self-adjustable comfort technology is made in Australia and enables customized comfort for a better night’s sleep. Each side of your mattress may be customized across three different comfort levels (Firm, Medium, and Soft), allowing each person to choose the firmness that suits them best.

What’s more, this Atlantis Sleep Mattress has A premium pocket spring support system that contours the body while causing minimal partner disruption. The multi-zone support system in the double tempered spring system allows for firmer support where you need it most. A stiffer spring is used around the perimeter of the mattress to provide more edge support and expand the sleeping surface.

Atlantis Sleep Bed Base Review

The Atlantis bed base was created with an award-winning Atlantis mattress in mind. It is easy to construct and provides good support under any Atlantis mattress. Don’t worry, it was designed by specialists and has been thoroughly tested for durability and proved to withstand years of sleep.

Atlantis Sleep Bed Base is composed of excellent wood that has been upholstered with cushioned polyester from a Melbourne mill. The lightweight base, designed for the award-winning Atlantis mattress, arrives flat-packed and requires simple self-assembly.

  • King: 203cm x 183cm x 23cm, 26kg
  • Queen: 203cm x 153cm x 23cm, 26kg
  • Double: 188cm x 137cm x 23cm, 13kg
  • King Single: 203cm x 107cm x 23cm, 13kg
  • Single: 188cm x 91.5cm x 23cm, 13kg

Atlantis Sleep Returns Policy

If you are unhappy with your Atlantis Sleep mattress after the first 21 nights and within the 100-night warranty period, you can return it for a full refund. All Atlantis Sleep mattresses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth are eligible for free return shipment. The 100-night trial is still available for all regional and rural deliveries, but return shipping is not included.

Remember that you must return the mattress to an Atlantis returns fulfillment center in one of the following cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, or Perth. The mattress must be wrapped for the return, so save the plastic bag.

Atlantis Sleep Shipping Information

In all metro areas, Atlantis Sleep aims to ship your mattress within 5-7 business days. After you place your order, you will receive an email confirming your order and delivery date. All rural purchases may take up to 21 days to arrive. Good news for you because the Atlantis Mattress is available for free delivery in all metro regions, except the Northern Territory and Tasmania.

Atlantis Sleep Review: Atlantis Sleep Shipping Information
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Before checkout, you can use the shipping calculator to assess prices for non-metro areas. Except in the Northern Territory and Tasmania, Atlantis Sleep provides free metro delivery. You must also use the shipping calculator at checkout if you are not in the metro area.

Best way to choose the firmness

The Atlantis Sleep mattress firmness is part that you need to concern about. because choosing the wrong firmness can make your sleep uncomfortable, in contrast, if you choose the right firmness you can have a restful sleep. The following factors should be considered while choosing the optimal feel for your body, based on years of industry feedback from the general public.


Recommended for back sleepers or those who have lower back problems. While this mattress has a firmer feel, it still provides a comfortable support.


The medium mattress is recommended for side sleepers and combination sleepers (stomach, back, and side), since it allows the mattress to conform to your hips and shoulders, reducing pressure spots.


Its high level of comfort ensures that your hips and shoulders experience the ultimate pressure relief while resting on a cloud. It’s recommended for people who usually sleep on their side.


Recommended for couples with various tastes and don’t want to give up their chosen comfort level. Firm, medium, or soft options are available on either side of the mattress.

Where to buy Atlantis Sleep?

Atlantis Sleep is a company that sells high-quality mattresses and bed cases to help you enjoy a good night’s rest and good for our planet. Learn more about Atlantis Sleep numerous products, including Atlantis Sleep Mattress, which can be customized firmness and bed case, by visiting their Atlantis Sleep website.

There you can find informational articles which can assist you in determining why you should purchase their products. You’ll also find all the necessary Atlantis Sleep promo codes, shipping, and return policies.

Atlantis Sleep Promo Codes & Coupons

Prepare for the most crucial section!

We all know that the price is another thing worth considering before buying a new product besides a review about the brand or product. Budgeting is the key, but how about if you get your favorite product at such a low price? Well, the discount codes are the answer.

Unfortunately, there are no discounts currently, but you don’t have to worry; click the button below to get an Atlantis Sleep discount code! Furthermore, Atlantis Sleep provides free shipping when you buy one of their mattresses. You can also join their subscription emails to obtain new products, tips, and more!

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Atlantis Sleep Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Atlantis Sleep. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

What is the meaning of 100 days guarantee?

The Atlantis mattress is a premium Australian-made mattress that is entirely configurable and manufactured with only the finest materials and local craftsmanship. Atlantis Sleep is convinced that you will fall in love with their mattress.

Thus, if you aren’t satisfied with your mattress for any reason within the first 100 nights, Atlantis Sleep will provide you with a complete refund of your original purchase price at no cost to you during this time, as well as free pickup from all Metro locations.

Atlantis Sleep also provides a free comfort adjustment to personalize the feel of your mattress if it’s just not right for you. they only ask that you try the mattress for 21 nights first because it takes time for your body to acclimatize to a new feel.

Is it possible for you to remove my old mattress for me?

If you selected Atlantis Sleep‘s old mattress removal option during your purchase, their delivery partners will take your old mattress from your home at the time of delivery; however, they will only remove one mattress per mattress purchased.

This service is only accessible in major cities, and the mattress must be in good working order.

What kind of payment options are available?

To make your purchase as simple as possible, you will be given the following payment options at checkout: credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express), Afterpay, and ZipMoney.

What kind of bed base should I get?

We recommend using the Atlantis Mattress with a strong bed frame (such as the Chiropedic Bed Foundation) or a sturdy ensemble base, as we do with most mattresses (with the slats no longer than 8 cm apart).

A bed frame (with flexible slats) may still be sufficient, but the distance between each slat should be less than 8 cm once again. A mattress guarantee will likely be void if it is used with an unsupportive mattress foundation.

It’s worth mentioning that the firmness, performance, and longevity of mattresses vary depending on the bed base.

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Atlantis Sleep Expert Reviews

The Atlantis Mattress is a fantastic mattress with a unique and customizable design. It’s Australian-made, and in 2022, it was named Australia’s “Best Value” Mattress.

This product has an eye-catching, customizable design. This customization allows you to choose your preferred hardness level, making it one of the most adaptable mattresses on the market.

The Seaqual fiber used in the Atlantis Mattress is created from salvaged plastics from our oceans. Non-toxic foams are also used in the mattress.

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Conclusion of Atlantis Sleep Reviews & Ratings

The Atlantis Sleep mattress is ideal for anyone looking for a mattress that provides excellent support while being light, breathable, and environmentally friendly. You’ll enjoy the free shipping and significant savings from your purchase.

Atlantis Sleep Review: Conclusion
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Well, this Atlantis Sleep review has provided you with informational details on the Atlantis Sleep mattress and bed base to assist you in determining whether or not it is the appropriate mattress for you.

The best thing about this mattress is how it can be customized based on your preferences, making your sleep more comfortable. Visit the Atlantis Sleep website to order your mattress and bed base that can help you have a restful sleep. You can also discover why you need to buy their product there. Save your planet start by the smallest with this customizable and eco-friendly mattress. Have a good sleep!

What’s more, you can also visit our ChiliSleep Review, where you can see the review of a device that can control and alter the temperature where you sleep, so your sleep becomes more quality.


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