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About Angel Watch

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Angel Watch is a brand on a quest to produce a distraction-free gadget that can keep kids safe without requiring them to have a mobile phone and expose them to all of the risks that come with it. Angel Watch offers their Series R watches for kids, and also for seniors with Assist model.

Overview of Angel Watch

Angel Watch company has been started in in November 2019 and were ready to sell their products by February 2020, all with the same great 6-person team, (Alex, Melinda, Johnny, Ezra, Steph, Les). It’s been a long road, with many ups and downs, but with each passing month, Angel Watch grow better.

Angel Watch Reviews

The Angel Watch is jam-packed with many features. It’s a GPS tracker for kids, a smartwatch, and a fitness tracker all wrapped into one—yet it’s still less expensive than some of its rivals.

Angel Watch Reviews

What we like from the Angel Watch is its health monitoring capabilities, quick SOS button, and unobtrusive audio and visual check-ins, but if it is your first time with the watch, you may need some practice to its communication settings.

It allows your kids to explore the neighborhood without going too far with its Geo-fencing features. You can also track and monitor your kid’s daily activity with step tracking and calorie burn. SOS button is very useful when something went wrong and your kids push the button, it will call us quickly.

Angel Watch Series R for Kids

Angel Watch Series R Features

Independent Call and Message

Angel Watch Review: Angel Watch Series R for Kids

The wristwatch has a nano SIM card port on the left side of the wearable. It has two-way cellular + video calls as well as 4G LTE connection. Your children may send messages straight via the wearable. The GMS network allows for global GMS interoperability. With its built-in speaker and mic, as well as its high-definition camera, it also offers voice and photo communications.

Safety Features For Kids

Aside from direct connection with your children, you may also make video calls at the same time. With Angel Watch, you can listen in on the babysitter so you can go out securely on Saturday night, go out for dinner, and simply a fun gadget for them to talk directly to each other.

Health Functions

The Angel Watch smartwatch, is one of the kids smartwatch that is loaded with health FEATURES. It is equipped with heart rate monitoring, blood pressure as well as blood oxygen monitoring. Aside from that, the wearable is also loaded with body temperature monitoring.

Real Time GPS and Historic Tracking

Learn the current location of your child. See where your kids is located via GPS built in the device. Built-in connection to the worldwide satellite network for exact position tracking with Geo-Fence Out-of-Bounds Alerts, three months of movement history, and our favorite feature – LBS for tracking within solid structures.

GEO Fencing

Get alerted when your kids goes out of the specified border specified by you. Its like an electronic fence, to keep your kids safe, alerting you in real time if your child roams outside of the safety zone.

Sport and Sleep Function

To keep your kids health and fit, the smartwatch also supports step counter, distance as well as sleep monitoring. The step and sleep function, monitors your sleeps automatically.

Secure Parent Controlled Phone Book

No one can add a new phone number to the wearable. There is a security feature that parents can only edit, and add contact numbers in the device.

SOS Emergency Calling

It is one of the most important feature for the safety of your kids. The smartwatch has a shortcut button that kids can press in times of emergency. Its an SOS button, that kids can press to initiate SOS emergency calls.

To activate the emergency call cycle, your child simply has to push the Angel Watch’s SOS button for three seconds. This is far quicker than other watches, which need you to push the SOS button for 5–10 seconds.

We especially like that the Angel Watch contacts three emergency contacts in a row. If the first individual does not answer, the watch calls the next, and so on. Then it tries all three connections again.

Option 9-1-1

Most kid’s smartwatches will not allow you to choose 911 (Police contact number) as an SOS contact, but the Angel Watch does. That’s fantastic and incredible —a it’s perfect back-up in case the first two family contacts don’t answer.

If you choose to set up the SOS button in this manner, you have to make sure that you educate your child the dos and don’ts of dialing 911. Keep in mind that false alarms may result in penalties in some towns.

Automatic fall detection

The Angel Watch even has fall detection, which is often designated for senior medical warnings. If the watch detects a fall (a quick downward acceleration followed by no movement), an alarm is sent to SOS contacts.

Even if your child is injured and is unable to touch the SOS button, you will be notified. You may then contact them, utilize the check-in tools, and follow their whereabouts to determine your next step.

While it’s nice to have fall detection on a kid’s wristwatch, you should still emphasize the buddy system. Technology for detecting falls is never perfect. It is prone to false alarms and does not detect “slow falls,” such as when your kid leans against a wall and slips to the floor.

Discreet Remote Listening

A “Sound Guardian” feature, where parents via the built in mic of the smartwatch can listen discreetly is happening around the child.

Additional Functions that your Kids will Love:

Watch Faces – the can personalized their smartwatch with preloaded watch faces

Camera – take pictures in high definition, and store it in the gallery section of the device

Match – arithmetic challenges available to entertain as well as challenge your kids

Translate –with the Google Translate, a support for multi-language translation by text, voice

Add Friends – with WIFI connectivity, kids can add each other as friends. Send voice, and picture messages, Angel Watch to Angel Watch directly to another

Gamify Good Behaviour – they can receive heart rewards with good behaviour achieve by the child

Other Functions Included in the Device

Additional functions included in the smartwatch are Do Not Disturb mode, watch faces, multiple alarm clocker, weather, language support, schedule and more.

Additional Details Regarding your Angel Watch, A Kid smartwatch

  • The smartwatch is full compatible with Worldwide GMS compatibility
  • It comes with complimentary SIM card – partnered network are Red Pocket Mobile (Contract free service through AT&T)
  • Uses secure Angel Watch app in iPhone and Android platform
  • Multiple Language Support at least 16 languages are supported

Angel Watch Series R - Assist for Seniors

The Angel Watch is available in two models: Series R (for children) and Series R – Assist (for older adults). Each Angel watch comes with a free Red Pocket Mobile SIM card, which operates on the same cellular network as AT&T. A Red Pocket Mobile membership costs $10 per month, but you may use any GSM cellular provider’s SIM card.

Angel Watch Review: Angel Watch Series R - Assist for Seniors

Angel Watch also offers a smartwatch designed for individuals suffering from dementia or other specific needs. It has a few additional characteristics that encourage independent living:

  • Fall detection (important)
  • Medication reminders on audio
  • Reminders to move (if you’ve been sitting for too long)
  • Text that is larger
  • A bracelet made of leather

It costs around $190, which is just $10 more than the original Angel Watch Series R for kids. There is no timetable option on the Series R – Assist since adults don’t (typically) have a class schedule, but there is a separate calendar app.

All of the Series R kids watch’s important functions remain on the Series R – Assist, allowing you to track vital signs, conduct video calls, and monitor for fall alarms and SOS calls.

If your loved one becomes disoriented, you may see their position on the companion app and know precisely where to meet them. If they need immediate assistance, the SOS button notifies emergency contacts.

The key difference between the Series R and Series R Assist (for Seniors) series is that the one for seniors features medication reminders and sedentary reminders, but it lacks the class scheduling function that the kids series offers.


Angel Watch Pros & Cons

Angel Watch Review: Angel Watch Pros & Cons


  • Communication that is secure
  • Tracking and history of locations
  • There is no internet, app store, or games.
  • There is no web browser or app store.
  • Health checkups
  • 3-second SOS button for health monitoring
  • Audio and visual check-ins are discrete
  • Global functionality


  • The default settings are not suitable for children
  • Long-distance family members have fewer options for setup.
  • Not particularly long-lasting

Shipping & Delivery

Angel Watch offer a free shipping option that usually takes between five to eight days to ship throughout the USA. All anticipated transit times, both free and paid, are calculated from the date of fulfilment, not the date of order. Typical fulfillment periods are 1-2 days.

Angel Watch Review: Shipping & Delivery

Standard shipping charges for the rest of the globe will be shown throughout the checkout process. Depending on the target country, this may take a bit longer to arrive. Shipping to nations outside than the United States of America might take anywhere from 15 to 40 days.

For all delivery options, your tracking number will be given to you within 4 days of making your purchase. Please double-check the email address you provided and add us to your spam whitelist.

Returns & Refunds

Angel Watch offer 14 days to experience their products and see whether it is suitable for them or not. The 14-day trial period gives you a totally risk-free and cost-free chance to investigate Angel Watch and determine if it is ideal for you and your family.

Keep in mind that the 14-day risk-free trial period starts from the date of delivery, not the date of purchase, to guarantee that your trial period is not jeopardized by shipping delays.

Where to buy Angel Watch?

We’ve researched online, and the most reliable online stores where you can buy Angel Watch is directly from official manufacturer store and from marketplace like Amazon. We suggest you to purchase directly from official store in order to get free shipping, free trial, BOGO discount, extended warranty, and discount codes to save big.


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Angel Watch Review: Promotions & Discounts

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Angel Watch Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Angel Watch. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

What's in the box of Angel Watch?

  • Angel Watch
  • SIM card (United States purchases only)
  • Charging cable
  • Mini screwdriver
  • User manual
  • SIM card pusher

What features should the Angel Watch has?

The Angel Watch doesn’t lack anything in terms of safety measures. Here are a few entertaining features seen on other children’s smartwatches but not on the Angel Watch:

  • In addition to the selfie camera, there is a rear camera.
  • Streaming music and stories
  • Text to Speech
  • Games
  •  To-do list

Does Angel Watch work with AT&T, Verizon and T-mobile?

Yes, Angel Watch works with AT&T & T-mobile, but avoid mobile plans from Verizon or Sprint since they are unsupported. Angel Watch worked hard to locate the least priced, lowest commitment, and most suitable service to give a simple plug-and-play experience for consumers in the United States, and we highly encourage utilizing the SIM supplied.


Is Angel Watch waterproof?

Yes, it is waterproof. Angel Watch is IP67 certified, which means it is theoretically dust and water resistant for up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. However, they do not advocate immersing the device or wearing it while swimming, diving, or showering.

How to charge Angel Watch?

The Angel Watch comes with its own magnetic charging wire. To charge it, you’ll need to connect it into a USB wall adapter (not supplied). Check that the pins on the charger match the pins on the Angel Watch. The magnet aids in guiding it into position.

What is Sound Guardian feature on the Angel Watch?

Sound Guardian refers to the Angel Watch’s inconspicuous audio check-in function. You may use the watch’s speaker to learn about what’s going on around your youngster.

What to set before using Angel Watch?

The Angel Watch comes with a free-dialing keypad as an option. To restrict outgoing calls, disable this option in the companion app. We also suggest using the companion app’s Reject Strange Calls function to ensure that no one calls your kid without authorization.

Does Angel Watch work outside the US?

The Angel Watch operates on a global scale. Because the Red Pocket Mobile SIM card only works in the United States, you’ll need to activate a SIM card with a local operator that utilizes 4G/GSM/LTE cellular connections.

The Angel watch offers Google Translate app and multilingual UI, available in at least 18 different languages: Arabic, Czech, Danish, French, Dutch, German, Indonesian, Italian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Malay, Polish, Malay, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Vietnamese


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Angel Watch Expert Reviews

My children and I can remain in touch all day long thanks to the Angel Watch’s safety features. My kids are less distracted by their devices but still have access to family in an emergency thanks to clever programming. This watch is wonderful for youngsters and grandparents since it monitors their health.

Full Review
Angel Watch Review: Expert Reviews

I had been hunting for a watch for years and was so disappointed by the flaws of previous watches that I nearly gave up. I thoroughly evaluated Angel Watch before giving it to my child on the first day of school.

We are quite pleased with our watch. The features that set this watch apart from the others are (1) real-time customer support, (2) all-day battery life, and (3) real-time messaging to permitted contacts rather than merely transmitting audio recordings back and forth. All the stated features (video calls, GPS, geo fence, SOS, pedometer, etc.) function once you are inside!

I’m glad it’ll keep me from asking for an iPhone for many years. We hated exposing our kids to the internet for their own safety, but today it’s not an issue. Angel Watch, thanks!

Julie S.
Full Review

Conclusion of Angel Watch Reviews & Ratings

The Angel Watch has all of the safety features that not only enable us to keep track of my children but also allow us to communicate throughout the day. The health monitoring functions, makes this watch is ideal for both children and grandparents. Because to smart programming, children are less distracted by their gadget while yet having crucial access to family in the event of an emergency.

We examined the Angel Watch user guide from cover to cover, chatted with customer support, and read hundreds of user reviews for our Angel Watch review. We utilized our experience with competing kids smartwatches to determine if the Angel Watch provides competitive features at a reasonable price. We have done our Angel Watch review, it’s your job now to go to the store, purchase directly at Angel Watch Co official online store, and bring the safety GPS watches for your kids.


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