Allegiance Flag Supply Review

Allegiance Flag Supply Review

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About Allegiance Flag Supply

The flag represents a togetherness as one country under God. It symbolizes the independence from any colonial masters and the new road which have chosen to create on new fronts, with economic, human capital, and infrastructure development as important causes of change, all of which are supported by the National Flag.

Allegiance Flag Supply Review: About Allegiance Flag Supply
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Well, as we’ve mentioned above, we can say that flags are an important part of American culture and heritage since they express the ideas, symbols, and history–from the red stripes to the 50 stars on the flag to the blue field of white. 

If you want to get a copy of yours, then you can hit Allegiance Flag Supply, which sells flags of all sizes and varieties that are sewn in the US. But where do you get them? Are they cheap or expensive? Are there any discounts? 

Take it easy, now on this occasion, we want to give insights about this excellent brand on our Allegiance Flag Supply review that may help you to get the information about this brand. Let’s find out!

Overview of Allegiance Flag Supply

Located in North Charleston, SC, United States, Allegiance Flag Supply is a company that creates hand-sewn American flags. They claim that the flags are sewn by a seamstress who comes from a family that has been sewing for three generations and that they pay meticulous attention to every single line, thread, and stitch.

They made it their purpose to search the whole nation in order to locate the American-made materials, sewing procedures, and accessories of the finest possible quality so that the buyer would not have to.

They started working with a family-owned company that was in its third generation not long after the company was established. Many of the factory’s seamstresses had lost their employment as a result of the outsourcing of textile manufacture from the US.

Allegiance was formed as a result of continuous testing of materials and exploration of stitching methods to make the ideal flag. Along the road, the development of Allegiance contributed to a rebirth in the manufacture of American textiles.

They are a group of fun-loving patriots who are devoted to their nation. That is precisely who they are, as their close friends and coworkers can attest to when you ask them.

Making an American flag, on the other hand, is a serious business and a duty that they do not take lightly. Every stitch. Every hem. Every thread. They are the most vital component since, taken together, they make up the whole.

Allegiance Flag Supply Review

If being patriotic to you means hanging an American flag, then you should check out Allegiance Flag Supply since they manufacture and sell flags with the American flag’s design.

Allegiance Flag Supply Reviews: Allegiance Flag Supply Review
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They claim that their flags are constructed using high-quality materials. They provide free delivery on all purchases that are more than a specific predetermined value, which is determined by the website.

They sell flags made of 400 Denier nylon, a durable fabric that is light enough to fly. At the top, there are two gold medals to provide assistance in hanging the flags. They manufacture flags of superior quality for patriotic people.

They also claim to use high-quality textiles in their flags. Flagpole brackets, headgear, spinners, accessories, and boat flags are among the products available. All purchases above a specific amount are eligible for free delivery. The American flag’s huge, beautiful form is well-known.

Allegiance Flag Supply Pre-Assembled 3' x 5' American Flag Set Review

Celebrate America with a Pre-Assembled 3′ x 5′ American Flag Set. This American flag set is made from the highest quality materials and offers a protective coating to shield it from the elements. With a pair of non-tangle flag pole spinners made from anodized aluminum and designed with a bearing to spin around the pole, this set will provide years of service.

The cast iron flagpole bracket assures a sturdy connection from base to pole, so you can enjoy your favorite country in style!


  • The flag measures 3′ x 5′ and has embroidered stars.
  • Flagpole with a 1″ diameter and a 6′ length with a white ash finial
  • 1″ diameter spinners
  • Black-finished cast iron bracket (Includes 3 Mounting Screws and 3 Plastic Anchors)

Allegiance Flag Supply Pre-Assembled 3' x 5' Betsy Ross Flag Set Review

Betsy Ross‘ reputation is still alive and well. The Betsy Ross Flag Set from Allegiance features everything you’ll need to display this highly detailed flag.

Most significantly, the flag is manufactured entirely in the U. S. by highly talented sewers, many of whom have lost their jobs as the textile industry in the U. S. has relocated offshore. They are ecstatic to be bringing that job back, providing priceless value for them, the customers, and a great nation.

Flag Set Includes

  • Betsy Ross Flag, 3′ x 5′: made entirely in the U.S. by highly skilled seamstresses using the best quality materials.
  • Vermont White Ash Flag Pole: it’s as tough as it gets, and it’s protected from the weather with a protective covering.
  • Pair Of Non-Tangle Flag Pole Spinners: the flag is constructed of anodized aluminum and has a bearing that spins around the pole when it is blown in the wind. The persistent inconvenience of your flag wrapping around your pole is no longer an issue.
  • Cast Iron Flagpole Bracket: ensures a strong connection between the pole and the base.  This thing isn’t going anywhere.


  • The flag measures 3′ x 5′ and has embroidered stars.
  • Flagpole with a 1″ diameter and a 6′ length with a white ash finial
  • 1″ Diameter Spinners
  • Black-colored cast iron bracket (Includes 3 Mounting Screws and 3 Plastic Anchors)

Allegiance Flag Supply 16" x 24" Boat Flag Set Review

The American Boat Flag Set from Allegiance offers everything you’ll need to show your patriotism on the water. The 16″ x 24″ flag is made from tough nylon and completed with zig-zag and bar-tack stitching for added stability in strong fresh or salt water winds.

Allegiance Flag Supply Review: Allegiance Flag Supply 16" x 24" Boat Flag Set Review
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A 4′ flagpole is included with the package, which fits into any fishing rod holder. This pole is incredibly durable and designed to withstand strong winds and rocky rides. It’s made of 1/2″ fiberglass and has a gimbal base, adjustable clips, and a bungee rope for added safety when racing at fast speeds.

What’s the best part? Everything is created in the U.S.A.

Allegiance Flag Supply Trucker Hat Review

You may demonstrate your loyalty by wearing a trucker hat with the Allegiance brand that comes equipped with a patch of the American flag and an adjustable snap clasp. This hat has been sourced and produced entirely in the USA and also by American seamstresses.

Allegiance Flag Supply Pros & Cons

Every brand has its pros and cons for its products. So is Allegiance, they have something that may benefit their customers and also disadvantageous ones. Here we have some information that may give you insight before you buy the products from this brand.


  • Top-quality construction
  • High-quality flags
  • Proudly 100% USA-made flags
  • Durable materials
  • Support military causes
  • Hand-sewn by master seamstresses


  • A bit pricey
  • Not available in any big marketplaces
  • Shipping time takes a long process

Allegiance Flag Supply Key Values

As we’ve reviewed some of the Allegiance Flag Supply products that are worth considering above, these are the key values of what Allegiance Flag Supply can give to you.

  • Hand-sewn by master seamstresses
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Support military causes
  • Hiring American jobs

Allegiance Flag-making Process

When Allegiance Flag Supply initially began operating, it broke the flag-making process and rebuilt it into what it is today: the greatest American flag from sea to shining sea. They next explored their vast region for Vermont white ash poles, anodized aluminum spinners, cast iron brackets, and other items. Only the wind was missing.

Allegiance Flag Supply Review: Allegiance Flag-making Process
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They took care of everything so you didn’t have to. Vermont white ash flagpoles, which are finished with a double-coated polyurethane to protect them from the weather, are part of their accessories team.

Their flagpole spinners are constructed of heavy-duty anodized aluminum and are guaranteed to last a lifetime. When your flag is blown in the wind, it will rotate and whirl around your pole. This keeps your flag from winding and tangling around your pole, which is a common problem with many home flags.

A robust cast iron bracket completes this fantastic cast. If they’ve already started it, it’s worth repeating: that thing isn’t going anywhere.

When the forefathers and mothers constructed anything, they did it in America, and they built it to last! Allegiance wanted to restore that degree of excellence, so here’s how they make sure their flags are always a cut above the rest:

1. Every flag needs a sturdy foundation. Allegiance flags start with a 200 denier nylon that is made in the US. Strong enough to endure the weather yet light enough to capture the wind.
2. Each flag is reinforced with double-needle lock-stitching, ensuring that even if one stitch breaks, the flag will not unravel.
3. For increased stability, bar tacking is used to strengthen stress spots.
4. Strong, mold-resistant grommet strip to maintain the flag’s left side and extend its life.

These four layers of reinforcement are a crucial distinction and proof of Allegiance‘s dedication to excellence. They are the functional characteristics that distinguish them from the rest.

Allegiance Goes Well Beyond Flags

Quality American Jobs
They are dedicated to the process of developing employment opportunities for Americans. Because of this, every flag in the great state of South Carolina is sewn by hand by seamstresses who have been in their families for three generations.

Exceptional Customer Service
They don’t employ customer support representatives to accept calls on another continent. Would you want to speak with one of the three founders? Simply dial the number. Their best interests are the same as yours.

When you purchase a flag from Allegiance Flag Supply, you are contributing to the development and preservation of American pride, employment, and the American dream.

Allegiance Flag Supply Shipping & Return Policy

Allegiance Flag Supply is proud of the quality that goes into their products, and they treat you with the same respect. Your pleasure is critical to their success. If you are dissatisfied, please contact them right away, and they will do everything possible to make things right.

On purchases over $65, they are pleased to offer free shipping.

Allegiance Flag Supply Contact

Allegiance Flag Supply is very open to you their customers who want to ask about anything related to the products you’ve already bought, or you may buy. You can go to the Contact page on their official site and fill in the form as well as your basic information. After giving them your message, kindly wait 24 hours for them to reply.

Or there is another option for you to contact them:

Where to buy Allegiance Flag Supply?

Decided to make a purchase on this brand’s products? We highly recommended that you visit Allegiance Flag Supply’s official site and get your own USA flags which depends on your need!

But if you want to find this brand product on any marketplaces, unfortunately, they aren’t selling it there. So you may buy this brand’s products only on their official website and claim the discounted price that they offer to you!

Allegiance Flag Supply Promo Codes & Coupons

Currently, Allegiance Flag Supply offers their customers win FREE Pre-Assembled 3′ x 5′ American Flag Set! It’s simply by signing up to their subscription list and then waiting for them to inform who’s the lucky customer to get the grand prize!

They also offer FREE shipping on orders above $65 so you don’t have to worry about additional costs that charge you when you buy this brand’s products.

Any other promos? Come and see a reliable website that provides you with many coupon codes that you can use to get a discount price on buying this brand’s products. How? Just click the button below and you will get directed to the website.

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Allegiance Flag Supply

Allegiance Flag Supply Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Customers usually ask the following questions when searching reviews for Allegiance Flag Supply. We help to answer and making it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Do Allegiance flags fade?

Each and every flag that is produced by Allegiance is made out of a long-lasting material called 400 Denier nylon. This nylon will not fade or break over the course of numerous years, and yet it is still lightweight enough to be flown in the wind.

What makes Allegiance products different?

Allegiance explored the US to look for the best seamstresses and supplies. It’s critical that their flags be hand-sewn by a skilled seamstress, as opposed to mass-produced flags.

They spent years perfecting current design changes to make their flags last longer. These features include a one-of-a-kind, durable, mold-resistant grommet strip, double-needle lock-stitching—so the flag won’t unravel if one stitch breaks—and stress spots strengthened with bar tacking to improve the flag’s stability.

Flagpoles constructed of Vermont white ash, flagpole spinner rings, and cast-iron mounting brackets are among the high-quality, American-made flag accessories available.

How do I wash my flag?

The flag should be washed by hand in cold water using a mild detergent or soap. The most secure way is washing the flag by hand.

Hanging the flag from a clothesline or a drying rack will allow it to dry in the fresh air. There are certain dry cleaners in the US that will provide complimentary cleaning services for American flags.

What is the best way to dispose of a flag?

Here are 3 great options for disposing of your American Flag:

  1. Burn the Flag- First, fold your flag correctly. Make a large enough fire to guarantee that your flag burns fully once you’ve folded it correctly. When your fire is ready, set your folded flag on top of it with reverence. You may observe a minute of quiet or recite the Pledge of Allegiance if you like. The fire must be carefully and totally extinguished when the flag has entirely burnt. Gather your ashes and bury them.
  2. Bury the Flag- To bury your flag properly, fold it first and then lay it in a respectful box. You may then bury the flag after uttering a few words.
  3. If you’re concerned that you won’t properly burn or bury your flag, consider donating it to your local American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Boy Scouts, or Girl Scouts. Each of these groups will hold a ceremony to properly dispose of the flag at no cost to the public.

Do you make other flags besides the American flag?

They are currently concentrating on producing the greatest quality 50-star American flag, but they plan to produce additional flags in the future!

Signing up for the Allegiance email list on the official website is the easiest way to be informed about new sizes and flags.

Ask a question?

Allegiance Flag Supply Expert Reviews

“Allegiance employs American workers to produce high-quality flags.”

Full Review
Allegiance Flag Supply Review: Expert Reviews
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“Top quality construction”

Full Review

“Flags manufactured in the USA and fashioned in the same manner that our forebears would have.”

Full Review

“Purchase a patriotic Boat Flag that has been hand embroidered in South Carolina for the person who finds the most joy on the water.”

Full Review

“Quality is what an American flag should be. Very very happy with the purchase. Highly recommend.”

Shirley W. at FOX NEWS
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Conclusion of Allegiance Flag Supply Reviews & Ratings

Now we’ve come to the conclusion on our Allegiance Flag Supply Review. If you are looking for a good place to get your USA flags, then this brand is the right place for you. This is a genuine company that sells American flags at an affordable price. The prices of the flags are not so expensive that even every person can afford to purchase them.

Allegiance Flag Supply Review: Conclusion
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With the help of this American flag, you can show your patriotism and nationalism. Proudly 100% made in the USA so when you buy a flag from Allegiance Flag Supply, you’re helping to develop and preserve American pride, employment, and the American dream.

What are you waiting for? Go to their official website and get your own flags to be placed at your home!


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